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I need to see more infinity engine.

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Jeff's robot noises never get old.

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I wanted to watch the greatest soccer player in the world, Jeff Gerstmann. I heard he's like Pele, but if Pele was from space.

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Gimped American Football. Fantastic.

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The touch screen re-routing actually seemed really cool, but Jeff sending them on the dumbest routes possible sold me on it.

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Jason Campbell is a baller. Wish he was still on the Raiders.

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@ThePickle said:

Jason Campbell is a baller. Wish he was still on the Raiders.

No. He's not.

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In retrospect, I don't know why I clicked on this.

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@NicolasVH said:


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Has anyone noticed, in that infernal Call of Duty Vita ad that plays before every video, the main guy shakes the system like a psycho while playing? Slowly, and to the beat of the music? What the heck is he doing!?! Both in the actual shot, and in the first person, mocked-up, "uses stock photos of hands" shots (which looks even more ridiculous). It is unintentionally hilarious :)


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I'm not interested in this game at all, but I love that you can send your receivers on completely ridiculous routes with the touchscreen.

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They're going to do a FIFA Quick Look in an attempt to recreate that magical PES2013 QL, so don't worry.

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Oh, hello, uncanny valley, Mike McCarthy.

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Snow shower localised to the stadium

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Uhhh, why does the menu music sound so much like the Jurassic Park theme?

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They debuted the Wildshat offense in this game.

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What's with the Uncharted-esque music? I've never played a Madden game. Are they all this... dramatic?

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I'm not sure if Jeff intentionally said "C'mon Man" like the NFL crew

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Did anyone else think the menu music sounded like a "dodged copyright" version of the Jurassic Park theme?

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Bo knows football like nintendo consoles.

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@TonyBlue87: Exactly what I was thinking.

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@Rabid619 said:

Uhhh, why does the menu music sound so much like the Jurassic Park theme?

I thought that too! I was suprised patrick didn't pick up on it.

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The Gerstmann Offense is gonna revolutionize the game of football.

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Oh my christ. Calm down music!

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