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Good 'o Tekken.

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The new additions to Tekken Tag 2 for Wii U look pretty cool. Gonna hold out for that version even though I don't plan on buying a Wii U any time soon.

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Cheeseburguers and fries. It's all we want.

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Tekken Ball is back, I can sigh with relief.

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The Tekken Ball song is amazing, does anyone know where to find a rip of it?

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That music was fucking amazing.

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Yo dawg this vid's smooth as hell.

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someone get this music please

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Button mashing pro's...haha...you dont need to mash that fast

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Tekken Ball!

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oh god that song

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Between this video and the latest Site Design vid, it looks like the HTML5 player might have some audio sync issues with 60fps video.

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Tekken is fucking weird.

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Oh my god I was losing my mind with that music! what was that!?

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@AngelN7 said:

Oh my god I was losing my mind with that music! what was that!?

Oh my god im uncontrollably laughing. Cheese burgers was the trigger point, that was some of the weirdest stuff ever.

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I can't fucking wait to get this on the 30th.

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Glad I didn't decide to check in on the stream as the Tekken Ball segment was happening. I think two Heihachis dressed as Marios punching a volleyball back on forth while an insane duet plays would have been too much to handle.

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great framerate

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The constant mashing pleases me, and I play Tekken pretty seriously. Might consider re-upping on TTT2 when I get a WiiU >_<.


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when i get a wii u thats the game i get!

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I can't tell if it's some kind of placebo effect making me want the Wii U version to be better or something... But that frame rate is markedly better than the 360/PS3 versions isn't it?

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Now this how you do a Wii U port.

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What the... What am I even... man. Does this mean I'm getting a Wii U?

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@Xymox: Yes. Yes it does.

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This game looks PRETTY awesome...

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The fight at 3:22 is basically a plot summary of the Super Mario Bros. movie.

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Namco's back. They got that absurdist thing going on with their properties again. That's healthy.

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The nintendo costumes are pretty great.

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I have a sudden urge for cheeseburger and fries.

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This game is like Tekken...ON SHROOMS!


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That music--what the heck?

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For April Fools Day next year, they should rename the site to GiantBear.com

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Beckon Bag Burn A Mint Boo

For the Wuu.

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oh. my. god.

where can i download that cheeseburger song at???????