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Just what we need!

Posted by kata

What's up with that VO?

Posted by Lashe

That's a super strange read on that VO.

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@kata said:

What's up with that VO?

I think it's supposed to emulate the way the worms talk.

Posted by deltaalphabravo

Is that the woman from the IT Crowd?

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Man... what a weird trailer. Looks great though!

Posted by ThatOneDudeNick

Was Clan Wars much different than Revolution? All of these Worms games seem identical (but fun). This would be fun with friends on PS4. Even if it's just another copy of Revolution.

Posted by Glottery

I'm glad/surprised to see, that there's still an audience for Worms. The last one I played properly was Armageddon from...15 years ago, if you count from the release date of this. Christ, where's the time gone again...

Posted by jayc4life

Worms games have gotten progressively worse since Reloaded. Armageddon remains the pinnacle of the series anyway, but this PR person narrating the trailer is doing nothing to help sell this game at all. I know your company's basically lived off the same game for the past 20 years now, but a bit of enthusiasm wouldn't hurt.

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Finally! The reason I bought a $500 machine

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Man, Worms got really ugly....

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This was such a great party game back in the day.

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@yummylee said:

@kata said:

What's up with that VO?

I think it's supposed to emulate the way the worms talk.

Sounds more like they are trying emulate the speech patterns of wartime British newsreel narrators.

Posted by Kung_Fu_Viking

Is that the woman from the IT Crowd?

I think you're right. Katherine Parkinson is her name.

I fail to see what is really new about this version? Is it just that it's now on the new consoles?

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Is that the woman from the IT Crowd?

It would make sense. The actor who played Douglas Reynholm did the voiceover in Worms Revolution.

Speaking of which, this looks pretty much the same thing as Revolution but with a few more weapons. The water and physics were neat in that game but frustrating. The single player campaign mode was absolute BS though and was way too hard. It felt like a chess match with random physics thrown in. And of course they still haven't fixed the problem where the CPU will throw grenades that take six bounces off corners and land right next to you.

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The modern worm games have all felt empty and bland to me. The environments have been boring and there is far less of the crazy domino shenanigans that I used to love when playing the original.

Posted by PimblyCharles

This was a wasted opportunity for Worms Vs. Lemmings

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Can someone please tell me who is buying all these Worms games? I never hear anyone talk about playing or buying them, and yet it feels like a new one is coming out every six months.

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The last game did have Matt Berry, which I think was at its best. MATT BERRY.




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Came here to comment on how I've never played a Worms game and probably never will, but then I read Matt Berry in the comments and realized that IS Katherine Parkinson and now I guess I HAVE TO play them... Fuck me.

Posted by Catlicker

Will the IA be doing anything more than throwing grenades, aiming bazookas, shooting the shotgun, prodding the TNT and skipping turn? That's something that always annoyed me on these games. 50 weapons and a limited IA.

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Wow, that's their 3rd full Worms game in a year and a half. COD doesn't seem so bad when you look at this release pattern. I bought Worms Revolution on a Steam sale but as someone said already, who the hell is buying Worms games? I never hear any talk of them at all....

Also the campaign in that game suuuuuucked and the online matchmaking was broken.

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Loved Armageddon, and might check this out when it releases. But judging from the trailer, it doesn't look like it's progressed much over the years...

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This is just clan wars for consoles basically.... Now that the consoles have the power to run the new worms engine properly, think is a really good game to have on your console, lots of fun are carnage with humorous ways to die with wacky stuff!

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The worst trailer, but I cold do with a new Worms games.