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You are correct Patrick, Ghost babel was the GBC game, though in the states it was released under the title Metal Gear Solid. Which is the reason I didn't play it for years, I figured it was a GB port of the PS1 game, which sounded terrible

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I am just guessing here since i have only seen bits of my girl when passing past televisions playing the movie as a child, but wasn't there a whole scene about Mood Rings in that movie?

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My dad didn't let me and my sister see My Girl. It was actually a planned family excursion to go see it but when he read a review he put his foot down. What's funny is I've dealt with death in my family since a very young age, but as I understand it the fact that a child was the one dying was what concerned my dad.

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My Girl certainly made me cry as a kid. (It may have also contributed to my fear of bees and other flying, stinging insects.) Coincidentally, The Good Son is another movie in which Culkin's character dies, but it's not quite as heart-wrenching.

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Genuinely laughed at the end of the Metal Gear game, very meta lol.

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Watchmen was terrible. Overrated.

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BULLSHIT! Real Game Boys had pretty decent battery lives, and when the batteries really started to die, you could darken the contrast to get a few extra minutes.

Why do such an homage and then fuck up your last gag with incorrect info?

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The concept of people making new GB games is actually pretty awesome.

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Speaking of Giger...

I actually live about 20 minutes from Gruyère, home of both the world famous cheese and the H.R. Giger museum. I actually had my wedding dinner there. It was awesome.

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Wow, the My Girl game was one of the more amazing things I've seen in a while. Kudos, Patrick.

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My Girl is still one of my favorite movies, it holds up, that's why I couldn't resist this Worth Playing.

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I'm with Vinny, I watched Robocop way too early in my life to be affected by My Girl.

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SUPERHOT Tag was the highlight for me of this Worth Playing. Does any one know if that was made in HML5 Canvas? If it is, it's nice to see it being used for video games.

I've been messing around with Canvas a lot to create procedural abstract drawings by using randomization on the x, y points of shapes in conjunction with the Fibonacci Sequence ratios. It's a really great tool to create great Flash-like animations but using Javascript and CSS. Works on almost all platforms too unlike Flash.

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i still cry when i watch My Girl. I think it was a mood ring that wouldn't change colors.

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Oh god that My Girl game. Yissss. I love seeing people make games like that, very creative.

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It sucks that Patrick does a better Snake than Keifer Sutherland.

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Should have called this Meta Gear.

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Always glad to see some entertaining stuff in Worth Playing.