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Thats a lot of doody for a monday morning. Must have been a good weekend.

YAY Patrick!

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never sleep again a 4 hour doc on nightmare an elm st from the first all the way to freddy vs jason

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While I was working and living in Singapore I marathoned the Elm Street, Friday 13th, Hellraiser and Puppet Master series

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Worth Spookin'?

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That music is sooooooooo good.

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Never Sleep Again and Crystal Lake Memories (6 hour doc on the Friday the 13th series made by the same people) are two of my favorite things in the world. Crystal Lake Memories is also narrated by Corey Feldman, which is pretty fantastic. Now if I could only get a 4-hour documentary on the Phantasm series, I can die a happy man...

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That first 12 minutes was really rough to watch!

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I feel like Patrick follows a lot of weird indie developer tumblr blogs. Not a bad thing just making a statement.

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Man, I've had that stupid Spooky Ghost Wheel Town music stuck in my head all day, thanks Scoops >_>

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The Spooky Ghost Wheel Town music reminds me of a Tom Waits song.

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The problem with "Worth Playing" is that the games are often not worth playing

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welp, i couldn't make it past the first five minutes

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The problem with "Worth Playing" is that the games are often not worth playing

They're "indy"

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@daedaluss: He's addressed this problem in the past, but these definitely didn't feel like they were worth playing in the least. This was actually one of the hardest ones to watch. No offense, Patrick.

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@stimpack: Not really a matter of the game not being worth playing, i feel it's more that the segments are drawn out way longer then they should be. What we have is 22 minutes of two games that i "got" within the first minute of each. I've been scrubbing through the Worth Playing videos lately to get an idea of each game and haven't been watching them as a whole.

I think Worth Playing would be better with shorter segments. The segments should be short enough to leave some intrigue to motivate the audience to check the games out for themselves, or as a live show with more audience interaction.

Just a suggestion. As is, i appreciate a look at what's going around the indie scene but i'm content with scrubbing through the videos if i have to.

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The Expendables but with horror monsters/slashers. For seriously.