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Worth watching!

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Isn't John Maracheck from Aliens? The guy they killed removing the face hugger?

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So glad Stasis is in there. Was really looking forward to seeing what's up with that.

Also, @sefared are you for real? Never was an Alien guy, but if that's true it's a pretty cool nod!

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@sefared said:

Isn't John Maracheck from Aliens? The guy they killed removing the face hugger?

Yep - "Maracheck, John J.".

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I'll be the first to say "HAHA!" to your quick pie reference.

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Wow, that last game was awesome.

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I've only watched the first three minutes, but I think I need to play Stasis for myself. I love some good synthesized voicework.

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Megaman 2.5D; could you bind player 1 to a left analog stick and player 2 to the right and play it like Brothers?

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This gives me some Sanitarium vibes. I will definitely check this out

I see you made your scare cam much smaller, @patrick . Looking good, man.

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Stasis looks pretty amazing, surprised I haven't heard of it before. It looks like an infinity engine game (as far as the engine goes) in all the right ways.

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Sanity and that last game were pretty sick. I'd probably watch some streaming of Sanity.

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Sweeet! Thanks for playing Sentris, Patrick! FYI for the Giant Bomb community, you can find my Sentris Kickstarter campaign here. All backers receive the prototype that Patrick played on the video :-)

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Man, everyone's loving Stasis right now. I just need some free time to play that demo!

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Well I'll be buying Stasis when it's released.

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Oh, man, I've been following Stasis for about 2 years now. It's good to see it finally!

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Stasis totally reminds me of Sanitarium, its really a pity I never finished that game. I had it on disc from the retail release when I was in high school and got stuck in the puzzles in an era before online breakthroughs were A Thing.

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I love that Statis title screen. Is that a 3D model or a 2D composite?

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@morello said:

@sefared said:

Isn't John Maracheck from Aliens? The guy they killed removing the face hugger?

Yep - "Maracheck, John J.".

Good call..glad I'm not the only one who knows that nerdishly obscure bit of Aliens knowledge!

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Megaman 2.5 sounds rather neat, but why would they make it co-op only? I recognize it's a fan game but that seems like a questionable way of going about things. And Stasis is creepy as fuck.

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I've been looking forward to Stasis for years; it's really interesting to see the game suddenly being on a lot of people's radars :o

I'm glad Patrick understood what was happening in the last game...

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It does look that way. Not sure if it still holds true, but it is actually built with Visionaire Studio (the other known game in this engine is the Deponia series). Pretty impressive what the author is able to do with it, having gone through one full project with the tools myself I know from first hand.

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Turn this space ship around! we have to return this fire axe to get a refund! it will greatly help with are budget problems.

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Also from the Stasis-Alien(s) callout section, Rebecca and Ellen, who the main character calls out to at one point? Newt and Ripley's first names (the little girl from Aliens and Sigourney Weaver's character respectively).

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Good lord, the sound design on Stasis is incredible!

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Wow, Stasis looks really god damn cool, it gives off a lot of Planescape: Torment vibes.

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gross. unnecessary

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Damn, Stasis looks really cool. Those alien/robotic voices are terrifying.

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The plug suit voice is Stasis is so unsettling. I love it.

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I haven't decided whether to back this, but, either way, I'll be watching its progress!

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Sentris looks/sounds great!

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Mega Man 2.5D: Better than Brothers :P

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"I'm a video game." -Patrick Klepek

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Sentris...a frustration-free puzzle game?!

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@assinass said:

Sentris...a frustration-free puzzle game?!

I like it!!

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