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Relive Virgil's greatest Wrestlemania moment of setting up a table in a building near Wrestlemania to sell signed 8x10s

Also they should send Scott Steiner on a press tour with Warrior

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WWE 2K14 cancelled due to ghost problems...

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Yes, that Virgil.

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Also: geez this game looks awful.

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This does look really bad. Makes me sad cause the team working on it has been really nice from all the interviews and they do actually seem to care.

Looking at that clip the animations are all very slow and there is little sense of any real contact or friction. This is another step in the long line of letdowns with this series.

I look forward to a hopeful 3 star review from Alex.

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Like Vergil from Devil May Cry?

Wait, no, that's spelled differently. I'm confused.

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Steiner can cut a promo.

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Still waiting for the NBA2k14 cross promotion DLC

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NWO 4 Life

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I think this game will be good. If yukes got help from visual concepts that will make this game incredible. They added tons of wrestlers and customization options.

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I think it's somewhat likely this game won't be any better than the last one, it's just too soon after the publisher change for any major changes to happen. If they could take a year or two off and start over from scratch on the next-gen hardware they could really make something special, but I'm guessing there's no way they'd be allowed to do that.

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Sit back and let Dusty tell you about 'Hard Times'.

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Scott Steiner is the best!

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How in the hell have the character models gotten WORSE over time?

Yukes should have lost developing rights of this franchise many, many years ago. they've been boring since the PS2.

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We posting our fav wrasslin promos?

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I am enjoying this feed of youtube clips in the comments more then this trailer.

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E'rrbody gonna be Time Rockin'

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I forgot what I was going to post because I kept watching these videos.

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Can't mention Dusty without a bicycle.

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One of my favourites.

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Fucking cornball Road Dogg/K-Kwik get completely owned.


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@larrydavis: Not our favs but the best/worst.

May I raise you the CM Punk version with the SAME EXACT starts and stops, but with Punk's delivery?

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@undeadpool: Yeah I was going to post that just to show how good CM Punk is with promos. He makes that almost believable.

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@klarion18: Yeah, I feel like there's MAAAAYBE not enough awkward pause between the "Yup" and the rest of the promo, but other than that...oh who'm I kidding, I'd listen to Punk read the dictionary and be riveted.

And am I insane or does Jumpin' Jeff look like a young, 70s Drew??

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watching old promos Ric had some great ones in NWA.

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Pretty much one of the only memorable moments in TNA. Few and and far between.

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@undeadpool: Cory what are you doing here??? get back to CV, so you can do podcasts where Tony completely ignores and dismisses your interesting asides.

also there's this.

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@larrydavis: Ooooh, be NICE to Tony! We have a great back-and-forth. Also, my name has an E in it...also, I BEEN HERE FOR YEARS, SON!!!

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Who are any of you to doubt El Dandy?

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This has Faaaandaaangooo AND Scott Steiner. So I'm sold.

I just wish the game looked a little nicer. Michael Cole said last week that it was "the best looking video game I've ever seen," which just leads me to believe that he's never seen a non-WWE video game before. Or even WWE All Stars, for that matter.

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@larrydavis: That's hardcore!. So dirt and oil is how Terry Funk keeps wrestling? Makes sense to me.