Viking: Battle for Asgard for 20$ Should I go for it?

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Also please comment your choice. Thanks for the help, i'm a bit on the fence on that one and the reviews are not helping, then again, the reviews were when they were asking 60$ for that game.

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I have the game and I rather enjoyed it.  The gameplay does get repetitive but, the games concept is really neat.  For $20, it's a solid deal.

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Looks like theres lots of similarities with God of War, is it the case? Loved GoW 1

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@demonbear said:

Looks like theres lots of similarities with God of War, is it the case? Loved GoW 1

Well I just came off Dark and Demon Souls and decided to give this game another whirl. Yea there are some similarities with God of War. There are some QTE battles against mini bosses, but there are not any huge monsters to fight or climb up like GoW or Shadow of Colossus, or more recently Dragon's Dogma ( which I have yet to play ) For the battle climaxes instead of your typical one on one boss fight, you participate in a huge siege of a major Viking city or fort. This battle stars you and a cast of thousands! You and your liberated Viking allies, scores of them, attack and overcome the enemies who are defending the captured city. The game actually changes gears and goes from a more traditional hack n slash to something like a RTS game. You are given an overarching view of the battle and options for carrying out the battle plan. There is even a dragon you can call in to the battle, as a kind of aerial attack, that wreaks havoc with his fiery breath. You assign him a target and watch him wipe out dozens of enemy!

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