superxash's War of the Monsters (PlayStation 2) review

A sadly overlooked gem

I like movies about giant monsters, and some of the most fun movies about giant monsters tend to involve two or more giant monsters savagely fighting amidst a city.

We've had some of these types of games before (the fondly remembered King of Monsters series, and the Godzilla fighting games just to name a few), but for me War of the Monsters was the first of it's kind to get the tone, the feel and the fun of the concept right.

From the makers of Twisted Metal, this game takes place in an alternate 1950's/1960's in the immediate aftermath of humanity's victory over the Zorgulons, a race of would-be alien conquerors. But the chemicals that power these aliens' ships have unforeseen mutagenic effects and soon the whole world is experiencing an outbreak of giant monsters. And as most giant monsters are wont to do, a battle for supremacy is soon to follow.

Basically one big love letter to classic (and some not-so-classic) b-movies. You have your tribute monsters that are clearly inspired by the icons of the genre (Godzilla, King Kong, Ultraman, etc) as well as wholly original creations. You battle amidst various cities and "arenas", and just about ANYTHING can be picked up and used as a weapon or thrown projectile. Not to mention demolished.

The controls will take a minute or two to get used to, (especially the lock-on controls) but once you get the hang of it, it's really quite well-done.

Sadly this game didn't sell as well as hoped, and had generally favorable reviews... so it's doubtful that there will ever be a sequel.


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