Warframe Launch Title on PS4

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Warframe, Digital Extreme's sci-fi third-person co-op shooter that recently entered open-beta on the PC, will be coming to the PS4 at launch. The current demo, set to be shown next week at E3, is running at 1080p and uses the touchpad to activate player skills.

Accompanying Warframe is an iOS and Android app called Warframe Nexus that can alert players to in-game events and potential mission rewards.

The game will retain its free-to-play model and, according to IGN, microtransactions as well. No word yet on cross-play or account migrations.

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Planetside 2 and DCUO also were announced.

It's certainly interesting, hopefully it's a more fleshed out game by then.

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If I can use the same account between the two platforms, this is a huge selling point for a PS4. I love this game, but I wouldn't ever want to start from scratch.

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Is it just me or does this game have a large "Infinity Blade" look to it? I guess the main characters just look like Infinity Blade characters to me. Eh, it's free to play so no real reason not to check it out if it's any good.

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This game looked boring from the QL, but it's free so I guess that's something.

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@zombie2011: The game has changed a lot since that quick look. It didn't even have any of the wall running in it at that point. I can only assume by the time the PS4 is released, it'll be a much more complete game as it's still a beta.

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