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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is the first third person action game of the Warhammer series and they sure have done a fantastic job at building the game. But that doesn't mean they made it an entirely fun experience.

Albeit a very, very linear world with lots of grey and brown what they have created looks very sharp. The game mechanics feel smooth and work well within the game as well as the fluidity of character action and movement. This space marine journey will offer around a 7-9 hour experience and I ran into not a single bug.

The story, well it's a bore fest... they did just enough to make it not appear you're playing a horde mode or something. All the characters in this game are rather forgettable not to mention most are meat head religious fanatics. The game is about a third too long as the entire first part of the game was literally walking through waves of low end monsters with your team only to see no real story or character development. Speaking of your team they are less than useless. You can be getting gang raped by guys and they will just walk by you at times.

If not for the entertainment offered by the solid combat which mixes both brutal melee and range of firearms, beautiful graphics *on PC played through a 60 inch LED* the massive amounts of repetitiveness and lack of story would not be worth enduring. Thankfully for the Warhammer crew they got the most important parts right.

I cannot recommend this game at current retail prices, but a rental or at a much lower price point it would be worth a romp around with if you like WAAAAGHHH and brain splattering.


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