Lost Ambition Recruiting

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Lost Ambition is a Destruction guild on the Open RvR server Dark Crag.  We are looking to become one of the elite guilds of the server, and so far we are doing pretty well.  We are one of the top guilds on the server in terms of renown per member.  This means we only accept skilled players who know how to adapt to situations in RvR.  We win about 90% of the Scenarios we que for.  We are a friendly guild, who won't rip your head off if you make a mistake.  Its a new game and we understand that their will be bumbs along the way, since we are all new to this game.  We have a 50 man vent server with a high quality codec and we are very active in using it.  At 5am this mourning their where still 5 people in vent having a pretty good conversation.

If you feel like you would be a good fit in the guild please apply at Lostambitionwar.guildlaunch.com.

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