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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning 2

When you talk about the MMORPG market, one name sticks out in everyone's mind, and that's World of Warcraft. The worldwide phenomenon that sports over 10 million subscribers has continued a three-year trek that will see its second expansion coming out a few months from the time of this review.  If you sit back and think about it, three years isn't a very long time...unless you are Warhammer Online.Going down the laundry list of problems with the development of Warhammer Online, you'll realize th...

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There is a WAR calling 0

There was a withdrawn sigh from my lips as I gazed upon the encampment of Chaos, here I was again, looking at NPCs with bubbles above their heads, question marks replaced with open tomes. Here I was again, participating in a MMO, a practice of mine dating back to Ultima Online and it makes me feel as old as the toon I had made looks, as tired as his bones must be, he continues and so do I.I venture into the grim yet somehow gorgeous wilderness with little knowledge of the lore, the classic high ...

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WAR: Age of Awsome 0

Quick Review Good: Great Quests, public and rvr (pvp) very fun and easy making grinding tolerable.The Public Quests are fun and easy ways to meet people and get loot.Quests have a tracker on the map to making finding one's way much simple.RvR is extremely approachable with a good combination of control and competition while its easy to have fun in other large battles chaotic awesomeness. Lot of problems from other MMO's no longer exsist.Bad: Game lacks in innovative ideas.Grapihcs are nothing sp...

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Good game to try out but nothing groundbreaking (anymore) 0

 Nothing new to see here, move along. It’s boring mmo talk which no one with a “cool” social life really wants to talk about anyways. I’m talking about Warhammer Online developed by Mythic. I mention Mythic because nerdboys tend to have developer hate. I’m included in that statement. Anyhow, I found out about this game a long long ways ago because of everyone’s constant complaining about “wow is too ez” and theres this shiny new game that BE A WOW KILLER. Of course the curious cat in me d...

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Peerless PvP/RvR!! Everything Else? Not so much.... 3

First and foremost, this is the best PvP/RvR experience to date since Dark Age of Camelot, and that makes a lot of sense for obvious reasons. The PvP in this game is fast paced, action packed, accessible and well integrated. This is where to come for epic  pvp action. Hands down the best MMOPRG PvP available.     However, the accolades for WAR pretty much end there. The graphics are absolutely atrocious! They are one step above World of Warcraft, which is all fine and dandy, except for the fact ...

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Brings WAR And Epic To The Next Level! 7

Warhammer Online is the new MMORPG from Games Workshop, which will literally, blow your fucking mind! Now, i have played every MMO from Ultima to Everquest to WoW. Im a pretty huge fan of the genre and have spent many all nighters playing. Warhammer Online, is by far, the greatest & funnest MMO. The first question on peoples mind, "Is it better than WoW?". Short answer: Fuck Yes. World Of Warcraft revolutionized the industry, and was truly a phenom in the MMO world. Warhammer Online is now...

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An amazing experience for PvP fans. Others, not so much. 0

Before I start, let me say this:If you like going around killing monsters, returning quests and hate PvP. Then this game is not for you!If you like killing monsters and real players at the same time. This game is your game!I hated World of Warcraft because the PvP was so horrible, so I went to Warhammer and its giving me a freaking blast. I cant really say more than that. Its graphics are so polished and good, gameplay is awesome, sounds are cool, so generally, this game is kickass!So, without f...

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