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Fragging Good Time!

Highly Recommended!!

I had been watching for this game on Facebook for a little while and was so excited to see that it had finally arrived! I immediately went to download it from the XBOX Live Arcade and started playing.

First impressions

  1. It is not as easy as you might think. The challenges take A LOT of concentration, memory and hand-eye coordination.
  2. It is horribly addictive. You WANT to keep playing, even though you know it can't last forever.
  3. Has a nice "Portal" feel to it. You "wake up", escape, are guided by an unknown ally - the best difference is you get to kill people.
  4. Not for children. Unless those children know all the curse words and are used to bloody violence. :)
  5. Instant Classic. This is one of the best XBOX Live Arcade games I have played in a year. It is right up there with Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and LIMBO. Seriously.

It is worth all 800 Points and 1.2 GB download to get the full copy. I don't know what the trial looks like, but you will be hooked and need to by it anyway. Get your copy today!

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