Music Games+Nintendo=Millions of $ no matter how much it sucks!!

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Lets face it: Nintendo knows how to make money. Sure, you could point your fingers at GameCube, but havent they already proved that they are past that. They have found that as long as they can attach some sort of weird gameplay gimmick to their console, they can pump out tons of diluted simulations that will sell like hot cakes. Both the DS and Wii are shining examples of that, and it doesn't look like they N Train is making any stops soon. As somewhat of a Nintendo fan boy (sorta kinda) I am sorta hurt by this new tactic, since i fall into their 'hard core gamer' demographic that they apperantly already pleased, but quite frankly, i cant blame them. They are making money, and lots of it. Wii music is just another example of a company saying "Hey, there is alot of money to be made in this rhythm game thing, lets look into that.." and it shows. Ill be honest, everything i have seen shows people havin a great time playin this game, but  then again my dog looks like he has a pretty good time eating his own shit, so i probably shouldnt go by that account.
Unfortunately, at the end of the day, i am still interested in seeing this thing in action, because lets face it, i still want to have faith..

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fuck nintendo. I never owned any console besides the sega genesis and that sucked pc gamers ftw.

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