Anybody else pick this up?

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So did any of you guys pick this up? 
I'd say go for it, its pretty much a £5 game and I'm here to tell you here now that it has the best use of the Wii Mote ever. Its this mini game where ghosts fly out of the screen into where you are standing, so the ghosts are floating litterally around you, you have to move the around yourself looking for the ghosts. I really don't understand how it does it but it even is able to detect how far away it is, there is a beeping noise emitting from the Wii Mote and it gets louder as you get nearer, you may even have to walk a few steps backwards untill you get it. To aid you the Mii's onscreen will look in the direction that the ghosts are in outside of the television and tell you that its above you or behind you or that its moved, yeah towards the end the ghosts are constatnly moving. When you have a ghost you hold B and go all Luigi's mansion on it y sucking it up then putingit back into the TV.  So yeah I really enjoyed that, and the rest of the game is alright too, I reccomend it and review forthcoming. 

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Naw I'll have to pass.

#3 Posted by Hizang (9360 posts) -

Man IGN's review off this seems like it's written by a 10 year old.

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It's a shame this minigame didn't feature in the Quicklook, but that's really Nintendo's fault.
I will never understand why anyone who developes a mini-game collection would feel the need to lock-out most of the mini-games. Especially the good ones.
Fuckin' madness.

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