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One of the largest problems with the WiiU eShop at the moment is that you can't see the download size of a game till after you've added funds to your wallet, which I feel is a huge oversight, especially since some of these games are kinda big.

So Patrick's review convinced me to grab ZombiU. I figured out that you can back out of the purchase flow after adding funds but before you buy the game. Which gave me enough funds to see the final screen of the purchase flow for every game which lists the download size. So here they are:


Download Only

Edit: Added links for all the games.

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I'm amazed Warriors Orochi is 16GB.

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Sing Party is 12Gb? Jesus who's invited, all of Japan?

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@msavo said:

I'm amazed Warriors Orochi is 16GB.

That's the one I'm least surprised at.

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@msavo said:

I'm amazed Warriors Orochi is 16GB.

There's a lot of content in that game.

A hell of a lot.

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