Tentacles out for Windows Phone 7 - Warning: It Good

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And completely free of in-game microtransactions! Kind of why I skipped last weeks Beards n Beaks-or-whatever game entirely. Anyway, in Tentacles you are an organism- a horrible product of bad science. A mistake lands you inside of the body dolphin/man freak-hybrid; you spend the game working through his insides- using your tentacles to avoid obstacles, collect crap, attack enemies- and beat some speed goals. There's 40 levels, each with a max-three star performance rating based off of speed, collecting everything, and not dying. The game looks pretty slick- animates well, and is fast to boot up.

Priced a little steep at 4.99 imo. 2.99 is generally what you see for games of this depth/quality on iTunes but the field isnt that crowded for WinPhone7 yet so its not like people will be split over this app or another game out this week.

Edit: Here's a link that describes the game in more detail. My opinion of this game goes up the more I play it- WORTH 5 bux now imo...


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Saw some gameplay, looks good.

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I agree. This game sucks you in from the very start. Very well made.

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Cool, had the trial sitting on my phone for a while and now I'll go try it out right now, hoping for a sleeper-hit on my new wp7 phone, need more than Uno and Puzzle Quest 2 Microsoft!!

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Omg i played it today expecting it to be an okay game and found myself engrossed in it...i cant put it down

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