Windows Phone 7 games recommendations, please.

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I recently acquired a Nokia Lumia 900. The Xbox LIVE enabled games I played before like the Crackdown tower defense game and a couple others seem to have disappeared. Anyway, is there anything I should play on here besides PvZ, Implode, or Flight Control? I wish Drop7 were on here. Love it for iOS.

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Ive played a little of Mush and quite like it. Great art style and music... very cutesy so that may not be everyone's thing. Tentacles is also pretty kewl. They have demos of course so you can try them out.

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Couple of other good ones... ilomilo and de Blob

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Buy Glow Artisan immediately. It's not just a great phone game, it's a fantastic game, period.

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Wordament is a ton of fun and it's free.

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Also, Wordamemt, Minesweeper and Sudoku are all free and have achievements. They're fine time-wasters too, if nothing else.

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full house poker for poker, geodefense is an interesting sort of tower defense game(fun too), solitaire is fine enough, ilomilo is good. The free games are fine but I really hate the ads myself. Max and the magic marker was ok, but a little pricey. I'm in the process of gettin g i love katamari but since I have the vita game, I probably won't buy it. The other thing you do is just try games, since you don't have to buy them.

Also revolution, puzzle quest 2, both decent.

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I really enjoyed a handful of WP7 games. Castlevania Puzzle, iBlast Moki, Doodle God,  Gravity Guy, Feed Me Oil, Plants vs Zombies, Sid Meier's Pirates!, The Harvest,   Tentacles,and Revolution.

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i thought Minisquadron was an ok time waste, outside of that the games have been dry enough that i don't even bother.

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Rocket Riot, Rocket Riot.

Though I mostly just play Wordament or Minesweeper these days.

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