Best WOW trial?

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What the the longest I can try WOW with no money down?  The official site offers 10 days - I assume you don't need a boxed copy and the client just downloads?
in europe if that matters

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Everything you said is correct

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10 is the max. 

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I should mention that unlike some game trials, there are a few features that are limited, such as, talking to other people (unless they are on your friends list) and trading.

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I think you can only get to level 10 as well, maybe 20.

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@codejunkie83 said:
" I think you can only get to level 10 as well, maybe 20. "
its 20
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thx all, it would be a try it and buy if I like it deal so I am not bother about limited features.
Basically I don't like MMOs and have avoided them ever since I played Ultima Onine when I was 15 'cause some chick I knew was way in to it and I wanted to score with her (never happened).  However so many ppl have tried to convince me that wow is worth a go and with the world changing expansion by the end of the year I figure it is now or never.

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I'm playing a trial right now. It's ridiculously restricted; me and my cousin tried to party up only to be told we couldn't in the trial. Surely partying up with friends is a feature that would sell the full game to you? Ridonkulous.
BUT I'm still loving it and will probably subscribe when I either run out of trial time, or hit level 20. Only problem with it is that it seems really unfriendly. I've bumped into a ton of people on quests, and only one has offered to party up with me. Really annoying now that I'm getting quests where fighting large groups is unavoidable.
By the way I'm in Europe too. If you join the Khadgar server on the Horde side, look up Silomurthian.

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