Do I need to play World of Warcraft?

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I have a copy of World of Warcraft sitting on my shelf, with the free trial sitting in there too. I have never played WOW before, I also enjoyed the hell out of Runescape. I also want to not be playing this when all the AAA games come out this fall, should I play WOW?

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No, don't play it. I hear it's addictive, and being addicted to an MMO is not a good thing. It'll suck up all of your free time, and even your important time, if you're not careful. 

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I gave it a try last month and couldn't stand the combat, although I recall loving Runescape when I was younger.  I only played it for 3 days, which is much shorter than free to play mmos I have previously decided to try out.  If you're curious I say give it a go. If you think about other games while playing WOW you know it's not going to be for you, and should just stop.

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Sure, there's really no harm in at least giving it a try.

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It's a fine game, but jumping in now will not be worth it. I love(d) WoW, but for the last two expansions I've only played it for the month the expansion came out--mostly due to pretty dull (by today's standards) gameplay and the horrible, horrible community.

#6 Posted by JJOR64 (19572 posts) -

I thought you started playing FarmVille?

#7 Posted by Irvandus (3105 posts) -

Give it a shot, it can be pretty fun if you can find good people to play it with and don't mind good content getting nerfed until a baby can play it. But I'm bitter so ignore that last bit.

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@RaikohBlade said:
No, don't play it. I hear it's addictive, and being addicted to an MMO is not a good thing. It'll suck up all of your free time, and even your important time, if you're not careful. 
Cool bandwagon bro.
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@Hizang: I think you should play it just to know what it is. Whether you end up liking it or not, it is a very useful point of reference for the MMO market.

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Give it a shot, if you like it... keep track of your time. Hours will FLY in that game. I would play but i don't feel like the expansions after BC are worth it.

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It's pretty much the most refined MMO experience available today. 
Personally, I wouldn't have been able to play it without a group of friends. it can facilitate coop play pretty well, but I don't find the solo play engaging.

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you don't NEED to but go for it I guess I never liked runescape or mmo's the core mechanic of what you do does not seem appealing.

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I don't think there is a game you NEED to play, They all optional as far as I concern.

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I am right in the middle of my free month. I got a character to level 21 and am bored as shit.

#15 Posted by Djstyles92 (967 posts) -

Nah fuck WoW

#16 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5904 posts) -

Sure? Just make sure you max out the trial level limit, because that's when the gameplay gets interesting. And try the different classes. Maybe not everything, but at least a lock or mage or druid, a priest, a pally or warrior, a rogue, and probably a shaman. They all feel really different, especially now. Also, check out the starting zones, some of them are pretty cool with the cata upgrades.

And if you get into it, you NEED a good SOCIAL guild.

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Yeah, if you've got the time.  Why not?  Thing is, it was a pretty big investment tinkering with classes and such just to get started.  Not to mention downloading the patches.  Glad I got a good idea what it was about though.  I'd suggest using a druid or a rogue.  Rogues for their ability to sneak around cloaked and druids for their versatility and their ability to transform instantly into their animal forms (no cast time like there is summoning your mount. Also, no need to buy one).
#18 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

You might as well check it out. It isn't nearly as fun without a bunch of people to play it with though.

#19 Posted by Galiant (2216 posts) -

You already made this exact topic a while back.

#20 Posted by Vexxan (4625 posts) -

You have to try it, it's the law.

#21 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

No blizzard is a meth dealer. Dont take the first hit.

#22 Posted by jetsetwillie (882 posts) -

WoW is great imo. but you have to chose between WoW and other games. if you going to play WoW then that all you will pretty much play and you wont have time for other games, at least i did not. i chose other games and have not played WoW in over a year and will most likely never touch it again. 
also you really want to be joining with friends. its sooooo much better if your travelling around with a couple of buddies and leveling up together. i had 3 mates that i played with pretty much all the time. and we hit 80 together. but then 2 stopped playing and the other started playing a lot less and after then it stopped being a fun as it was. 

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HELL YES!  If you don't, the WoW demons will come get you at night when you're sleeping!
...nah, you don't NEED to play it.

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Try it if you have other people to play with. The time goes by much faster and the game is much more enjoyable when you have others that you know to play with.

Also you don't HAVE to play it but since it is a super popular game just giving it a shot wouldn't hurt. Also you don't get addicted to it and let it ruin your life unless you let it. If you do end up liking it just play in moderation and you'll be fine.

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Try it, but the path you will tread on will demand caution. If you lose your track of time, the world as you know it might change... Forever.

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I have no idea how WOW is like now since its been years since I've last played but try it out. Its worth experiencing.

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@Hizang said:

I have an oz. of black tar heroin sitting on my shelf, with the free needle sitting in there too. I have never booted black tar before, I also enjoyed the hell out of Oxycontin. I also want to not be rolling on this when all the AAA games come out this fall, should I chase the dragon?

There we go, fix'd.

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If you've already got a copy sitting there and a free trial it wouldn't hurt to take a look.  It will probably take sometime to install though considering all the patches and updates that need to be added above the base game itself.  That's really what holds me back from any random MMO, but I've got a below average broadband connect, so it's a real commitment for me.

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