paterson's World of Warcraft (Collector's Edition) (PC) review

Best MMO hands down

Ok, where to begin with this game? well... to start I played this game for around one and a half years and mainly sticked to the one character, my dwarf hunter. I reached level 68 and finally got bored, but I get bored with every game sooner or later. I started playing because of my cousin and it was my first MMO I played, I immediatly was shocked to how big the game seemed. Nothing in gaming will beat the experience of walking into Stormwind for the first time. Around level 10 I got my friend to join and thats where the fun really began, we started to quest together, do instances and generally prat around. 

I remember going through my first instance (Deadmines) and thats when I fell in love with the game, everything about it was just enhanced by the fact that I was playing with millions of other users. It seemed limitless, nothing could stop us going for that higher piece of gear or staying on for one last quest, it was great. The next great moment was when I purchased my first mount, I felt like a king, riding around Ironforge. As I started getting higher level my focus shifted onto PvP, which this game is especially fun and annoying at the same time. Battlegrounds was where the fun was at, I started to meet other people and so we formed a guild, The Demi Gods. I still believe to this day that the guild is still going and is doing well. Anyway, level 60 was fast approaching and around this time I was thinking "I hope I finish soon, because spore will be out soon" which it wasn't. Damn push backs. My friend and I finally did it on the same day, dinged level 60, we felt great! until we realised that the only fun thing to do now is PvP, which we did for some time and was enjoying it very much.  

 Then, one day my friend tried to log in and it wouldn't let him, he contacted them but they were not much help. So he couldnt play, thats when I decided it was over. But, a few months later, the expansion was released. So I though hell why not, so I bought it and purchased more time on WoW, when I got back to it I was excited about re-playing. I logged in and it did not feel the same, all the fun had gone for me and it felt like I was doing it as a chore rather than enjoyment. I got to around level 65 and stopped again. 
Then... another expansion was released and I though, hell why not, again. I logged in and this time I could tell that the magic had definently gone, I created a death knight and tried to level my hunter up. I reached level 68, bought my flying mount, landed on a floating rock and logged out for the final time. Now there is another expansion coming out, which looks like it has improved WoW a great deal, I will not be wasting anymore money on this game because I know I won't stick it out without my friends. Yes I could make game friends but it's much more fun with real life friends. Anyway, the next expansion looks amazing but I should move on, this game is by far the game I have spent the most time and money on.
Overall this is the best MMO out there in my opinion, a must try. But for me, it's over.

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