Thousand Master

Games I have completed (or, for those games which can't be completed, games I consider myself to be experienced in). My aim is to add a thousand games to this list!

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Posted by RagingLion

Interesting idea - good luck with that.  How much older do you reckon you might be by the time you finish, though?

Posted by 5parrowhawk

Heh, I dunno. I have to update this list though - completed a few games since the last time.
I figure it'll take maybe 20 years?

Posted by Symphony

Ohh nice list. I'm super jealous you've gotten to play Idolm@ster. I created an Japanese account, bought points and got shot down when trying to buy it since my xbox is Region 1 *sighs*
Close to completing any games not on the list yet?

Posted by 5parrowhawk
@Symphony: Ha, I wish. :) Monster Hunter is a ludicrous timesink. I've recently been chiselling away at the solid mass of rock that is Etrian Odyssey II, but that's still a really long and grindy game (fun in a masochistic way, though).
If I really put my mind to it, I could probably finish SRW OG Gaiden or SRWZ pretty quick - am about halfway through both - but lately I have been experiencing this odd reluctance to actually take the disc out of the case and mess around with swapdiscs. Also, I actually try to read the dialogue when I can, even though my reading comprehension in Japanese is half-baked at best.
I have this strange desire to get the new(ish) Prince of Persia game, but I also know it'll just be adding another thing to my "To Play" pile.

BTW - I picked up one of the Im@s games for PSP as well - of course it isn't nearly as pretty, but it's quite close to the Xbox version gameplay-wise. If you have a PSP then that might be worth it. I can't vouch for the DS game though.
Posted by Phobos

You have all the Xenosaga games here, but, my god man, have you never played Xenogears!?!

Edited by 5parrowhawk
@Phobos:  My excuse is that I was a PC- and handheld-only gamer until the PS2 era. I ought to see about getting some points on the Japanese PSN to pick that up, but it's likely to be a big timesink... and the story's likely to be even more convoluted in Japanese.
^Edit: until the late PS2 era.