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Unreal Tournament is an arena-based first-person shooter developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes and published by GT Interactive for the PC in November 30, 1999. Originally planned to be a multiplayer add-on to the original Unreal, Unreal Tournament became a fast-paced multiplayer-oriented spinoff that spawned its own series of games.

Primarily a multiplayer game for up to sixteen players, Unreal Tournament includes a variety of game modes, including standard Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch (with up to four teams), Last Man Standing (Deathmatch with limited respawns), Capture the Flag, Domination (where up to four teams must maintain control of three control points), and Assault (a two-team mission-based mode). The game also includes a single-player campaign where you must progress through over 40 matches to reach the final battle with the tournament champion, Xen (who is unlockable when you win the tournament).

Game Modes

Unreal Tournament offers a variety of different game modes consisting of classics such as Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, but also brought an entire new game mode onto the table with Assault.


Classic free-for-all gameplay. Reach a target number of frags to win.

Team Deathmatch

Similar to deathmatch but with teams. The first team to reach target number of frags wins.

Last Man Standing

Similar to deathmatch but with a limited number of lives. Last player alive wins.

Capture the Flag

Teams compete to capture the opponent's flag and return it to their base. First team to reach target number of flag captures wins. If the score is tied when time runs out, the match enters into a sudden death mode where the first team to capture wins the match.


Similar to the well known "King of the Hill" mode in other games, Domination maps contain three control points that must be captured and held by teams in order to gain points. First team to reach target number of points wins. Each control point is scored and controlled separately, so teams need not control all three to begin scoring.


The closest thing UT99 has to missions, assault mode tasks each team with a set number of objectives. One team is attacking while the other is defending and trying to prevent the attacking team from completing their objectives. If the objectives are completed within a time limit, the attacking team wins, but if the time runs out without the objectives being completed the defending team takes the win. After every round, attacking and defending teams switch sides. If the attacking team wins within the time limit, when the sides switch, the new attacking team must complete all the objectives faster than the previous team in order to win.


One of the most interesting parts of Unreal Tournament is its weapons. Each weapon has a primary and secondary fire that can work together to create devastating combos.



Classification: Personal Teleportation Device
Primary Fire: Launches the destination module. Throw the module to the location you would like to teleport to.
Secondary Fire: Activates the Translocator and teleports the user to the destination module.
Techniques: Throw your destination module at another player and activate the secondary fire and you will teleport to your opponent's exact position, killing them instantly.
Description: The Translocator was originally designed by Liandri Corporation's R&D sector to facilitate the rapid recall of miners and equipment during tunnel collapses and other emergencies.

Impact Hammer

Classification: Melee Piston
Primary Fire: Charges up to smash opponents for massive damage.
Secondary Fire: Damages opponents at close range and has the ability to deflect bullets.
Techniques: Fire at the ground while jumping to increase jump height.
Description: The Impact Hammer was originally designed for sub-surface drift mining but numerous mining accidents demonstrated the Hammer's devastating effects on the human body and it was adopted into combat use.


Classification: Melee Blade
Primary Fire: Hold down trigger to rev up the chain covered blade. Drive this blade into opponents to inflict massive damage.
Secondary Fire: The revved up blade can be swung horizontally and can cause instant decapitation of foes.
Techniques: The chainsaw makes a loud and recognizable roar and can be avoided by listening for audio cues.
Description: A chainsaw.


Classification: Light Pistol
Primary Fire: Accurate but slow firing instant hit.
Secondary Fire: Sideways firing mode, shoots twice as fast and half as accurate as primary fire.
Techniques: Collect two enforcers to dual-wield for twice the damage.
Description: The Enforcer pistol was designed by Axon Research Corporation and has become known for it's dependability in battle.

Bio Rifle

Classification: Toxic Rifle
Primary Fire: Wads of Tarydium byproduct are lobbed at a medium rate.
Secondary Fire: When trigger is held down the Bio Rifle will create a much larger wad of byproduct that will burst into smaller wads which will adhere to any surfaces.
Techniques: Byproducts will adhere to walls, floors, or ceilings. Chain reactions can be caused by covering entryways with this lethal green waste.
Description: The GES Bio Rifle is one of the most controversial weapons in the Tournament. Loved by some, loathed by others, the Bio Rifle has long been the subject of debate over its usefulness.

Shock Rifle

Classification: Energy Rifle
Primary Fire: Instant hit laser beam.
Secondary Fire: Large, slow moving plasma core.
Techniques: Shooting the secondary fire's core with a primary beam will cause a small spherical explosion, killing most nearby opponents instantly.
Description: The ASMD Shock Rifle sports two firing modes, and while these modes are each deadly in their own right, used together they can neutralize opponents in a devastating shockwave.

Pulse Gun

Classification: Plasma Rifle
Primary Fire: Fires fast-moving green orbs of plasma.
Secondary Fire: A bolt of green plasma lightning is expelled with limited length.
Techniques: Moving back and forth while using secondary fire increases the damage due to what is known as the "Saw Effect".
Description: The Plasma Rifle has the highest firing rate of any in the game. Due to this, the Plasma Rifle is great for when retreating around corners.


Classification: Ballistic Blade Launcher
Primary Fire: Razor sharp titanium discs are launched at a medium rate of speed. Shots will ricochet off any surfaces for six rimes before disappearing
Secondary Fire: Explosive discs are launched at a slower rate of fire.
Techniques: Aim for the necks of your opponents and shoot around corners if you suspect there's an enemy.
Description: The Ripper launches spinning saw blades that have huge headshot potential. Users are rewarded for accurate shots.


Classification: Gatling Gun
Primary Fire: Bullets are sprayed forth at a fast rate of fire and good accuracy.
Secondary Fire: Minigun fires twice as fast and half as accurate.
Techniques: Secondary Fire is much more useful at close range but can waste a lot of ammo.
Description: The Minigun is a 23mm rotary cannon capable of firing both high-velocity caseless ammunition and cased rounds.

Flak Cannon

Classification: Heavy Shrapnel
Primary Fire: White hot chunks of scrap metal spray out in a wide spread.
Secondary Fire: A flak grenade is launched out of the gun with a high arc, exploding on impact.
Techniques: The Flak Cannon is most useful in close quarters combat.
Description: The Flak Cannon, created by Trident Defensive Technologies, is one of the most popular weapons in the tournament. It is banned from most military conflicts for high incidences of maiming and collateral damage.

Rocket Launcher

Classification: Heavy Ballistic
Primary Fire: Slow moving but deadly rockets are fired at opponents. Trigger can be held down to load up to six rockets into the barrel which can then be fired in either a flat, horizontal pattern or a tight spiral.
Secondary Fire: Up to six grenades can be lobbed from the barrel.
Techniques: Keeping this weapon aimed at an opponent will cause it to lock on.
Description: The Rocket Launcher is extremely popular among competitors who enjoy more bang for their buck.

Sniper Rifle

Classification: Long Range Ballistic
Primary Fire: Fires a high powered bullet.
Secondary Fire: Zooms the rifle in, up to eight times normal vision.
Techniques: Great for long distance headshots.
Description: The Sniper Rifle's high-caliber round is lethal at any range. With a precise headshot, the target will be killed long before they could hear the report.


Classification: Thermonuclear Device
Primary Fire: Fires a huge slow moving missile that will explode on impact, sending out a gigantic shock wave, instantly pulverizing anyone and anything within its colossal radius.
Secondary Fire: Guide the missile using an on board camera. In this mode it can be detonated mid-air or on impact.
Techniques: Shoot down a redeemer missile in midair to cause it to explode harmlessly.
Description: Even your least effective soldiers will earn a respectable body count with this tactical nuclear device.


Powerups can also be collected to give the advantage to the player.


Thigh Pads

Adds 50 points to Armor

Body Armor

Adds 100 points to Armor

Shield Belt

Adds 150 points to Armor

Relic of Defense

Absorbs 60% of damage which doesn't include normal armor.

Anti Grav Boots

Gives the ability to jump higher.

Damage Amplifier

Increases damage of all weapons for a certain amount of time.


Grants the player the ability to become invisible for a certain amount of time.



Humans, although still inhabiting earth, have colonized many other planets.


The Necris are an artificial race of undead Humans from the planet Omicron 6


The robots in Unreal Tournament are human-built and entered into the tournament by the Liandri Mining Corporation.

Skaarj-Human Hybrids

The Skaarj Hybrid is the result of secret military genetic research using both human and Skaarj DNA to create the ultimate military fighting machine.


The Nali are a deeply religious and spiritual race indigenous to Na Pali. After being brutalized and enslaved by the Skaarj for many years, some Nali renounced their pacifist ways and joined the tournament.

Nali War Cow

The Nali Cow is a peaceful bipedal animal native to Na Pali. When the Skaarj occupied Na Pali the Nali Cows were converted into War Cows for fighting purposes.


The different teams in the Unreal Tournament league.

Team NameTeam MembersClassified as...
Black LegionCryss, Freylis, Grail, Kragoth, Malakai, Malise, Necrotic, VisseNecris Commando
Blood ReaversBoris, Graves Jayce, Kyla, Luthor, Mariana, Ramirez, TanyaHuman Mercenary
Dark PhalanxAnna, Blake, Gromida, Gorn, Ivana, Nickolai, Nikita, WhitmanHuman Commando
Iron GuardBrock, Harlin, Johnson, Lauren, Rankin, Rylisa, Sara, ShyannHuman Soldier
Iron SkullAnthrax, Baetal, Entropy, Pharoh, Reaper, SkrilaxSkaarj Hybrid
Metal GuardDrake, Isis, Risa, Tasha, Vixen, Von, WraithHuman Soldier
Raw SteelArkon, Bruce, Kregore, Manwell, SlainHuman Soldier
Red ClawBerserker, Devastator, Dominator, Guardian, Pestilence, PlagueSkaarj Hybrid
The CorruptCathode, Divisor, Fury, Lilith, Matrix, Tensor, Vector, XanCybernetic Warriors
Thunder ClashAnnaka, Aryss, Azure, Malcolm, Othello, Riker, Ryanna, TamikaHuman Marines
VenomAthena, Cilia, Serena, Tara, ZannaHuman Soldier

Ports and Other Versions


The Sega Dreamcast version was converted by Secret Level. Despite coming out earlier, it was actually derived from the Playstation 2 version of the game with more features dropped due to system limitations. The game allowed for online multiplayer for up to eight players by utilizing the Dreamcast Modem or Dreamcast Broadband Adapter sold separately. The game also offered up to four player split-screen multiplayer offline with four controllers. Depending on the amount active players for split-screen modes, certain levels will not be available for selection due to their size and system limitations. Only one player per console can play online. The game also makes use of proprietary Dreamcast Keyboard and Dreamcast Mouse accessories as well as the MadCatz' Panther DC.

The game saw several modifications such as levels altered or sized down due to the system hardware. HUD elements are now represented by health bars and icons rather than numbered percentages. The female, robot and Nali War Cow avatars are removed. The game has also been censored due to standards placed by Sega. For example, the murals of naked women in the training level are redrawn. An exclusive level is available for paying members of SegaNet.

Playstation 2

The Sony Playstation 2 version was developed in-house by Epic Games.The hardware allowed to lift some of the limitations seen on the Dreamcast version such as more complicated geometry, effects, crisper sound and retained the female and robot avatars as well as the Assault gametype. Four player split-screen multiplayer can be played with the use of the multi-tap peripheral or by plugging in USB-compatible keyboard or mouse perhiperals and map them to each player. More than one keyboard or mouse can be plugged into the system with the use of USB hubs. However the port does not retain online multiplayer.

Players can map multiple keyboard and mice for better precision.

Instead this version is compatible with the Playstation 2's iLink Cable. Up to two systems can link together. The instruction manual states up to four systems can link up, however the main menu only allows for two players. To allow for up to four systems to link together, link the systems via an iLink hub, then one player will need to host a server, then during gameplay pause the game and enter the following code:


The game will then unpause and display the "Waiting for Other Players," message. Then the other three players can join the game.


The soundtrack was released November 22nd 1999, there are no particular order for the tracklist.

1."Opening"Alexander Brandon & Michiel Van Den Bos1:23
2."Menu"Alexander Brandon2:00
3."The Course"Michiel Van Den Bos4:28
4."Nether Animal"Michiel Van Den Bos5:00
5."Into the Darkness"Alexander Brandon2:43
6."Mechanism Eight"Andrew Sega6:14
7."Run"Michiel Van Den Bos4:29
8."Mission Landing"Michiel Van Den Bos4:13
9."FireBR (Fire Breath)"Tero Kostermaa & Kai-Eerik Kompaa3:15
10."Lock"Alexander Brandon2:44
11."Foregone Destruction"Michiel Van Den Bos4:14
12."BotMCA #10"Michiel Van Den Bos4:12
13."Razorback"Peter Hajba4:43
14."Cannonade"Michiel Van Den Bos1:55
15."Enigma"Dan Gardopée3:24
16."Save Me"Alexander Brandon1:51
17."Underworld 2"Alexander Brandon3:09
18."Seeker"Dan Gardopée3:26
19."Skyward Fire"Michiel Van Den Bos4:56
20."Colossus"Michiel Van Den Bos4:17
21."BotPack #9"Michiel Van Den Bos4:49
22."Go Down"Alexander Brandon2:59
23."Three Wheels Turning"Alexander Brandon2:25
24."SuperFist"Alexander Brandon1:57
25."Phantom"Alexander Brandon & Michiel Van Den Bos5:50
26."Organic"Alexander Brandon3:03
27."Room of Champions"Alexander Brandon2:15
28."Ending"Alexander Brandon1:09

Original/Official System Requirements


  • Operating System: Linux 2.2.x with glibc 2.1
  • CPU: Intel Pentium II
  • Memory 64 MB ; Recommended: 128 MB
  • Hard Drive Space 550 MB of free space
  • Network Internet connection required for online multiplayer

Windows Minimum

  • Operating System: Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0 (will also run on XP/Vista/7/8 and even server versions without a problem).
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 200 MHz
  • Memory: 32 MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 120 MB of free space
  • Network Internet connection required for online multiplayer

Windows Recommended

  • CPU: Pentium II 266 MHz
  • Memory: 64 MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 605 MB of free space
  • Network Internet connection required for online multiplayer


  • Operating System: Mac OS 7.6 or higher
  • CPU: PowerPC 603e 200 MHz or faster
  • Memory: 64 MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 120 MB of free space

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