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Both teams get ready for a face-off.

Monday Night Combat is a downloadable class based third-person shooter developed by Uber Entertainment for the Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live Arcade) and the PC (via Steam). It was originally released for the Xbox 360 on August 11, 2010 for 1200 MSP ($15) as the fourth game in Microsoft's Summer of Arcade 2010 promotion. It was released for the PC on January 24, 2011 for $15 and also included both dedicated server support and a level editor.

The game is set in a sci-fi utopian world, where players fight to the death in a futuristic game show environment to earn money, fame, and prizes. The gameplay borrows heavily from both Team Fortress 2 and Defense of the Ancients (a popular custom scenario for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos), as the game focuses on one or two sides, each with multiple players (called Pros), defending their own "Moneyball" from enemy computer-controlled robots (called Bots).

Both versions of the game includes 12 achievements (worth 200 gamerscore for the Xbox 360 version), ranging from completing the different Blitz scenarios to achieving special goals in Crossfire matches. There are two avatar awards in the Xbox 360 version that can be obtained within the game, each requiring little effort. The mask of Bullseye, the Monday Night Combat mascot, is obtained by meeting the mascot in the tutorial level. Completing Exhibition Blitz mode earns you a black t-shirt with the game's logo on it.

Uber released a free downloadable content package for the Xbox 360 version on December 1, 2010 (and will include it in the PC version) called the "Spunky Cola Special", which includes a new Crossfire arena, two new Blitz arenas (one including a new Blitz scenario), new game options for private matches (including class limits), a prestige system similar to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, new ProTags/Career Milestones, clan tags, and a new random drop item (Churros, which give an instant burst of health and skill regeneration), as well as various bug fixes and balance changes.

The PC version was released on Steam on January 24, 2011. Team Fortress 2 players who bought the game before Feburary 1st were given promotional hats, as well as TF2-themed bonus items for the game.


The focus on Monday Night Combat is to protect your "Moneyball" from enemy computer-controlled robots. There are two game modes: Blitz and Crossfire. They can be played on two player-split screen on the same Xbox 360 console, both online and offline. The second player can play as a Guest online and does not need a paid Xbox Live gamertag.

  • Blitz - Puts up to four players on the same team, defending their Moneyball from waves of computer-controlled robots. There are different types of Blitz scenarios, each increasing in difficulty.
  • Crossfire - Pits two teams of six against each other.Players must destroy the other teams Moneyball by escorting bots to it while defending there own in the process.

During the game, players earn money. This money can be used to upgrade their class skills, build turrets, upgrade turrets, and buy access to special equipment scattered around the map.


Monday Night Combat features six unique classes with different weapons, skills, and upgrades. Players can also use the their cumulative in-game money to buy custom class slots which allow them to use different endorsements with one of the six unique classes. Each class has three endorsements, which increase the effectiveness of certain attribute of players. There are endorsements for the following attributes:

  • Armor
  • Clip Size
  • Critical Shot
  • Health Recovery
  • Juice Effect
  • Reload Speed
  • Rate of Fire
  • Skill Recovery
  • Speed
  • Weapon Accuracy

The three endorsements per class are ranked Gold, Silver, and Bronze, with Gold having the highest increase and Bronze having the lowest increase.


The Assault Class

An all-around class designed to be a standard run-and-gun character. The Assault has an optimized jetpack for better maneuvering.

Default Endorsements

  • Gold: Rate of Fire
  • Silver: Clip Size
  • Bronze: Skill Recovery


  • Assault Rifle - A standard, fast firing assault rifle. Holding down the secondary fire button aims down the sights for better accuracy at the expense of slower movement. When the Assault skill is upgraded, it adds the chance of causing a Critical Shot.
  • Grenade Launcher - Fires grenades that can be bounced off of walls and explode for area damage. The secondary fire button does the Assault's grapple attack.

Skills and Upgrades

  • Bomb - Throwable bombs that can be remotely detonated and attached to enemies. Upgrading this skill increases the damage and radius of the explosions.
  • Fly - Optimized jetpack that allows the Assault player to fly for a short time. While flying, the Assault cannot be grappled. Upgrading this skill increases the flight time. Can also be activated by double-jumping and unactivated by the jump button.
  • Assault Charge - Simple charge attack that damages everything in the Assault player's way. The first upgrade increases the damage of the charge. The second upgrade allows him to grapple and throw his opponent while charging.
  • Assault - Passive upgrade that increases jump height and critical shots with the assault rifle.


The Tank Class

A gruff, crude grunt, the Tank has the highest defense in the game. He carries a powerful flamethrower for short-ranged and mid-ranged combat and an accurate railgun for long ranges. He can also hover in the air by double-jumping.

Default Endorsements

  • Gold: Armor
  • Silver: Health Recovery
  • Bronze: Reload Speed


  • Jet Gun - A short range flamethrower that does massive damage up close and sets enemies ablaze for continuous damage. Secondary fire is an attack known as the 'Death Blossom Spin' where the Tank spins around rapidly, burning everything near him. This attack uses up his remaining ammo clip, forcing him to reload.
  • Rail Gun - A powerful long range weapon with precise aiming and the ability to penetrate through enemies. Secondary fire performs the Tank's grapple attack.

Skills and Upgrades

  • Product Grenade - Standard frag grenade. The first upgrade allows it to temporarily blinds enemies with advertisements. The second upgrade allows it to split into four separate grenades on impact.
  • Tank Deploy - Deploys the player into a stationary turret which takes less damage, recovers health faster, and increases the range of the Jet Gun. The first upgrade improves health recovery while the second upgrade adds ammo regeneration.
  • Jet Charge - Powerful charge that knocks enemies away. The first upgrade improves the damage done by the charge while the second upgrade knocks down enemies upon impact.
  • Tank - Passive upgrade that increases maximum health and health recovery.


The Support Class

The Support class can heal allies (and leech health off his enemies), strengthen turret defenses, and can even turn enemy turrets against them.

Default Endorsements

  • Gold: Skill Recovery
  • Silver: Armor
  • Bronze: Health Recovery


  • Heal/Hurt Gun - Similar to the Medigun from Team Fortress 2. Fires a blue beam that automatically locks onto ally Pros, Bots, or turrets, healing them (or over-healing them past their max health). Secondary fire fires a red beam that automatically locks onto enemies, stealing their health.
  • Shotgun - Powerful at close range. Secondary fire does the Support's grapple attack.

Skills and Upgrades

  • Hack - Used on friendly turrets and Firebase turrets to increase their effectiveness. Upgraded this skill increases the range and rate of fire of hacked turrets as well as hack enemy turrets, claiming them as your own.
  • Firebase - Mini-turret that can be deployed by the player. The first upgrade increases the armor and damage of the Firebase. The second upgrade allows the Firebase to heal nearby allies.
  • Air Strike - Throws a beacon that calls in an air strike. Throwing a beacon onto a Pro or Bot will attach it to them, ensuring a direct hit from the strike. (Unless they are below a bridge or roof) Upgrading this skill increases the radius of the beacon and allows the Support to toss out several Air Strikes in shorter succession.
  • Support - Passive upgrade that increases maximum health, improves health recovery, and develops an aura that increases the strength of friendly bots.


The Assassin Class

The only female class of the bunch, the Assassin has a weak defense and relies on stealth grapples and evasive techniques.

Default Endorsements

  • Gold: Speed
  • Silver: Critical Shot
  • Bronze: Skill Recovery


  • Dagger - A melee range weapon that deals quick hits. The alternate fire performs the Assassin's grapple move, which results in an instant kill on most classes if performed from behind. The reload button will perform a lunge attack. Fully upgrading the Assassin skill switches it for a longer-ranged sword.
  • Shuriken Launcher - Fires off shurikens in quick succession. Although weak, they do possess the ability to ricochet off walls. The alternate fire of the Shuriken Launcher is also a grapple (but not instant kill).

Skills and Upgrades

  • Dash - When activated, it allows the Assassin to move more quickly. It does not degenerate cloak any faster when running. Upgrading this skill increases the skill's duration.
  • Cloak - Cloaks the Assassin, making her invisible until she approaches an enemy. The cloak is much easier to spot while the Assassin is in motion. She will also become visible if frozen or on fire. The first upgrade allows for a faster recharge while the second upgrade recharges the cloak when she is not moving.
  • Smoke Bomb - Temporarily blinds all enemies within its attack radius while allowing her to jump incredible heights. Upgrading this skill increases both the radius and recovery time of the bomb's effect.
  • Assassin - Passive upgrade that decreases fall damage and increases the Shuriken Launcher's clip size. Fully upgrading this skill replaces the dagger with a longer-ranged sword.


The Gunner Class

Slow and not as tough as the Tank, but carries a powerful minigun and is able to do an effective ground slam. The Gunner can also hover in the air by double-jumping.

Default Endorsements

  • Gold: Clip Size
  • Silver: Reload Speed
  • Bronze: Speed


  • Minigun - A devastating minigun that can be revved up by holding down secondary fire. Any enemies under fire will be significantly slowed down.
  • Mortar Launcher - A long range explosive that explodes on impact, damaging groups of enemies close to the blast. Secondary fire does the Gunner's grapple move.

Skills and Upgrades

  • Slam - The Gunner slams the ground for an area of effect attack that both deals damage and knocks enemies away. It will also slow any enemies caught in the blast. If he performs this attack while above an enemy he will 'Pancake' them. Upgrading this skill increases the damage and radius of the attack.
  • Gunner Deploy - Much like the Tank, the Gunner is able to transform into a stationary turret. When upgraded the deployed Gunner is more accurate and resistant to damage. The first upgrade increases the Gunner's ability to fire critical shots, while the second upgrade adds armor as well as a head shield to protect the Gunner from Sniper headshots.
  • Gunner Grapple - Grapples a nearby enemy for massive damage (which can be done even if the grapple recovery meter from his standard grapple is not full). The first upgrade increases the damage of the grapple while the second upgrade allows him to throw opponents during the grapple.
  • Gunner - Passive upgrade that increases the Mortar damage and effectiveness by splitting rounds in mid-air and replaces the Minigun with a more-powerful Dual Minigun.


The Sniper Class

Also as weak on defense as the Assassin, the Sniper is lethal at long range with his sniper rifle and is effective in short ranges with his submachine gun and traps.

Default Endorsements

  • Gold: Critical Shot
  • Silver: Weapon Accuracy
  • Bronze: Clip Size


  • Sniper Rifle - A slow firing scoped weapon capable of dealing head shots for instant kills. Secondary fire is a zoom.
  • SMG - A rapid fire weapon that deals moderate damage at close range. Secondary fire does the Sniper's grapple move.

Skills and Upgrades

  • Flak - The Sniper throws out a Flak grenade that damages anyone who enters its radius. Upgrading this skill increases the damage and radius of the effect.
  • Traps - Throws out a trap which, if stepped over, freezes any enemies caught in the blast. Frozen enemies will move significantly slower, though upgraded traps will make them completely immobile and drain their skills. The Sniper can throw out multiple traps with successive upgrades.
  • Sniper Grapple - Grapples a nearby enemy for massive damage (which can be done even if the grapple recovery meter from his standard grapple is not full). The first upgrade increases the damage of the grapple while the second upgrade allows him to throw opponents during the grapple.
  • Sniper - Passive upgrade that adds penetration rounds (allowing the player to shoot through multiple enemies) and explosive rounds to the Sniper Rifle.


Each team is given a set number of turret nubs with which they can dump money into building and upgrading turrets. There are four separate turrets, each with their own unique functions. Upgrading turrets increases both its attack power and range. The Support class can also use his Hack ability to either increase the attack power of ally turrets or take control of enemy turrets.

Lazer Blazer Turret

The Lazer Blazer Turret.


  • Level 1 Build Cost -- $25
  • Level 2 Upgrade Cost -- $50
  • Level 3 Upgrade Cost -- $100


The Lazer Blazer is the weakest of the three offensive turrets, but due to its low cost it is most often used early in the game. It has very little firepower, and is usually unable to stand up to a Pro that is aware of its presence. If used correctly with other turrets, however, the Lazer Blazer is capable of dishing out a decent amount of damage.

Long Shot Turret

The Long Shot Turret.


  • Level 1 Build Cost -- $75
  • Level 2 Upgrade Cost -- $150
  • Level 3 Upgrade Cost -- $300


The Long Shot functions like a mortar, being able to fire shells towards the enemy base (potentially wiping out any enemy Bots or Pros that enter its range). It is a very lightly armored turret and there are only a few nubs on each map where it can be placed effectively, so anyone wishing to utilize one will have to think strategically.

Shaveice Turret


The Shaveice Turret.
  • Level 1 Build Cost -- $100
  • Level 2 Upgrade Cost -- $200
  • Level 3 Upgrade Cost -- $400


The Shaveice is a heavily armored turret that is capable of slowing down any Pros or Bots that enter it's radius. Any cloaked Gremlins or Assassins that pass through the Shaveice's field will also be made visible for a short time. The Shaveice is perfect for stopping a onslaught of attackers right in their tracks which is why it sees most of its play in the Blitz game mode.

RockIt Turret


The RockIt Turret.
  • Level 1 Build Cost: $150
  • Level 2 Upgrade Cost: $300
  • Level 3 Upgrade Cost: $600


The Rockit Turret is the priciest turret of the four, but it is also the most deadly. It packs an extremely powerful rocket attack capable of taking out multiple enemies at a time as well as heavy armor capable of soaking up massive amounts of damage. It is the ideal turret for base defense, though due to their high cost they rarely see much play in the early stages of a match.


The computer-controlled Bots in Monday Night Combat are both your most valuable allies as well as your most annoying enemies, as they are the only units capable of taking down the Moneyball shield. Every bot moves along a set path designated by a trail of illuminated arrows on the floor of each map. Breach Bots are typically only concerned with attacking the Money Ball, while Eliminator Bots will seek out enemies to attack first. There are also several other kinds of bots that deal with unique roles like long-range assault and skill denial.

In Crossfire mode, it is the job of the Pros to escort the Bots to the enemy base. In addition to the generic bots that spawn at set intervals, there are also class specific bots that each Pro can summon for $100 at designated spawn points.


The Slim Bot.
  • Type: Breach Bot

Lightly-armored and fairly weak attackers, the Slim usually ends up as cannon fodder to protect their companion BlackJacks. All classes can take them down with minimal effort.


The Black Jack Bot.
  • Type: Breach Bot

Standard bots with moderate armor and attack power as well as a close-ranged grapple attack. They're one of the few bots that can be grappled. In Crossfire mode, the main objective is to escort these to the enemy Moneyball.


The Buzzer Bot.
  • Summoned By: Assaults
  • Type: Eliminator Bot

Barely visible swarms of kamikaze bots that pilot themselves into enemies and explode on impact. In hectic situations, a group of Buzzers can become a major annoyance. However, they can be taken down by a single hit from any weapon. Three buzzers are spawned per purchase.


The Bouncer Bot.
  • Summoned By: Tanks, Gunners
  • Type: Eliminator Bot

A heavily armored melee-only bot that rush towards the nearest enemy player and immediately go for a grapple. A group of two or more can quickly take down a standard base defense. It is advised to keep your distance when facing the Bouncer, as its grapple attack takes even the most heavily armored players down to half health or below. The Bouncer can also be grappled, though it is difficult to pull off without getting grappled yourself. One bouncer is spawned per purchase.

Note: The Assassin with passive level 3 can one-shot a bouncer with a grapple, giving her an advantage against these otherwise resilient bots.


The GapShot Bot.
  • Summoned By: Supports
  • Type: Artillery Bot

Essentially a walking Long Shot Turret, they continuously shell the enemy base while simultaneously marching closer to it. While they are fairly easy to take down, even if an enemy is guarding them, a good number of them can wipe out most of the enemy turrets (even killing some Pros). The GapShot is also one of the few Bots that can be grappled. One gapshot is spawned per purchase.


The Gremlin Bot.
  • Summoned By: Assassins
  • Type: Eliminator Bot

Weak bots that are able to cloak themselves, much like the Assassin. They will typically converge on a single target in groups and follow it relentlessly until it is either out of their sight or dead. When their attack animation begins, they uncloak and will are immediately targeted by idle turrets. After their animation ends, they go through a short delay before re-cloaking. Three gremlins are spawned per purchase.


The Scrambler Bot.
  • Summoned By: Snipers
  • Type: Denial Bot

A lightly-armored breach bot with the ability to drain the skill charge of nearby enemy players, forcing them to wait longer for their skills to recharge. Two scramblers are spawned per purchase.

JackBot XL

The JackBot XL.
  • Type: Boss Bot

Steel behemoths that are able to soak up huge amounts of damage while dishing it out as well. The JackBot's two primary attacks are energy projectiles and a large-radius Slam move (similar to the Gunner's Slam ability). Snipers and Assassins are able to grapple onto them and temporarily disable them, doing heavy damage in the process. Spawns at 5 minuet intervals (except in Overtime, where it spawns more regularly).



At the center of every map (as of this writing: Grenade III, Steel Peel, Ammo Mule, and Spunky Cola arenas) is a floating "!" within a circle that represents the annihilator. Over time, the annihilator charges up (its progress can be determined by the red ring around it. If it's green, it's ready). A player from either team may activate the Annihilator for $250, which destroys all enemy bots (only dealing heavy damage to Jackbots) and damages enemy players. The Annihilator is a great way to prevent the other team from downing your moneyball if their bots are about to break through.


Ejectors are two-part mechanisms: The activator is a floating "!" that is similar in appearance to the annihilator, but is smaller. The second part is a large, yellow "!" pad somewhere nearby. For $50, any player may activate an ejector, which will immediately deal damage to all enemies (bots and players) standing within the pad's radius, and will cause severe knockback to survivors.

PC System Requirements

    • OS: XP(SP3)/Vista/Windows 7
    • Processor: 2 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c/Shader3.0 compatible, VRAM 512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 series or ATI Radeon X1900)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB of free space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

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