I've been playing video games since I was a small boy, so this list is by no means complete. I started off on the computer with some educational games, before moving onto the Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox and now finally, Xbox 360. So if you see Freddi Fish or Putt Putt in there, I most likely played it when I was 5 - although I'd probably still enjoy it now...

As I've gone through this list I've found that my gaming really does split into two distinct categories. The first is the one where I simply played the game on my own, an innocent age, the age of computers, playstations and the original xbox. This is the age when I didn't always choose the game, but when I found something I enjoyed in it, no matter how bad. I was small and impressionable. Now is a different time. Now I play for achievements, for multiplayer, and I expect the best stories and graphics and features. If I don't, I return it. There's plenty to choose from and I'm not forced to find the joy in games I'm not 100% happy with. As such, I'm a little bit more impersonal with my games and don't have the nostalgic feelings I had with my earlier games. It's a double-edged sword - more variety and better games, but less enjoyment and less time taken to find the good qualities in everything.

In this list you'll find a brief description of my time with it. I'll try to get everything in alphabetical order, but man, there's tonnes of games here!

Notable exclusions: Game demos, any I cannot remember or don't know the names of, games which are only vaguely considered games, and of course most non-console or computer-related game.

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Posted by Wuddel

Hell, of a list. I applaud you!

Posted by SpawnMan

Wow, who the hell wouldn't recommend this list? Some asshole that's who. : (

Posted by mr_me

Nice list. Played most of the more recent games myself... good choices.

Posted by TychoX

How did you manage to only play Sonic throughout the Genesis age?