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Crazy Taxi is a humorous take on the taxi driver occupation. Instead of a turban and beat up hubcaps, the player wears trendy clothing and has a blinged-out ride. The goal is to drive patrons from location to location in the hopes of getting the most money possible in a given time limit. The time increases with every pleased patron and there's bonuses for getting patrons to their destination very quickly.


In Crazy Taxi, the player can chose one of four cabbies to pick people up and dive them from one destination to another. They have to get to the destinations as quickly as possible to maximize the amount of money they get from a fare. The clock is constantly ticking down; the player will have to dodge cars and hit jumps to get around as quickly as possible. The game also has several abilities the player can use during gameplay. One of them is the "Crazy Drift", performed by pressing reverse then the drive button while turning the car--it's useful for getting through tight corners. The other is the "Crazy Boost", performed by pressing the reverse then the drive button quickly--it's a good way to speed the car up.

Crazy Taxi includes many real-world brands and franchises like Tower Records, Pizza Hut and Fila. Many assume that the inclusion of these were paid advertising, in fact SEGA paid to include these brands. Kenji Kanno, "We really wanted to make the player feel like they were driving in the real world, and felt that including the franchises was a good way of achieving this".


B.D. Joe

B.D. Joe

B.D. Joe is a gleeful man who greatly enjoys his job. He wouldn't give up his taxi for anything in the world. Except maybe a more pimped out taxi. Which he would then probably go driving around picking up customers. Well, can't fault the guy for being dedicated.

  • Plate #: 2HOP260
  • Age: 25



Axel is cool dude with an attitude. He seems pretty nice, but can be bossy when in a hurry. He sports green, spikey hair and shows off his six pack o' abs. Which makes him awesome by 1999 (arcade release) standards.

  • Plate #: 1NOM155
  • Age: 21



Gena is a sassy gal who could drive a man crazy, but would rather drive fools around town for some cash!

  • Plate #: 5EXY5155
  • Age: 23



Gus may not be as young as the other cabbies, but experience comes with his age. This man has one focus, and that is making that money.

  • Plate #: ONLY777
  • Age: 42

PSP Release

After the initial Dreamcast and Arcade release, the game was bundled in with Crazy Taxi 2 and published on Sony's PSP as Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars.

Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network Release

On June 10th, 2010, it was officially announced that Crazy Taxi would be hitting Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. Along with the obvious achievement and trophy support, the game features higher resolution graphics, surround sound, and leaderboards. This release will also feature 2 avatar awards (yellow and white T-shirts with the game logo on them).

The updated Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network releases of Crazy Taxi do not feature the original releases soundtrack and is instead replaced with other songs.


Crazy Taxi featured a total six songs in the Arcade and Dreamcast releases. Four during gameplay, one for the menu, and one for the credits.

  • The Offspring - All I Want
  • The Offspring - Way Down The Line
  • The Offspring - Change The World
  • Bad Religion - 10 In 2010
  • Bad Religion - Them and Us
  • Bad Religion - Inner Logic

PC System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows 98, Me, XP or 2000

Processor: Pentium III 500MHz

Memory: 64MB RAM (128MB recommended)

Video Memory:16 MB

Sound Card: DirectX 8

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