Games with personal meaning...

These aren't necessarily my favorite games as much as they are games that hold a place in my heart for one reason or another. Some of these games are downright bad, but they are of some importance to me. The games are in no particular order... AT ALL. It's a video game scrapbook of sorts. Remembering and writing all this stuff from my life has proven therapeutic, and I would recommend anyone that feels a emotional attachment to gaming make their own list!

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Posted by Jost1

You're right, that's an awesome list. I should make one myself

Posted by mylifeforAiur

Great list! It's clear that you put a lot of effort into making the list,  labour of love perhaps, good stuff ;) 

Posted by Lilyvalley

I might just steal your idea - good job!

Posted by TerraDelu
@Lilyvalley: Please do, and let me know when it's done!
Posted by MajorMitch

You sir have a great taste in games! I like the personal touch to the list, and how you embrace the fact that factors outside of games (friends, family, school, etc) affect our enjoyment of them.

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 This is one of the best lists I've read (although I'm only two-thirds through - I'll finish it up later [edit: done]).  It's great to see how games fit into someone's wider life.  Thank you for opening up and allowing us to get a glimpse of that.

Posted by el_tajij

This is a great list and I am most definitely going to steal this idea! :D

Posted by sanzee

Fucking stellar list man!

Posted by HypotheticalSolution76

It's amazing to see a list of 63 games like this and all of them make up your "gaming DNA." The most important observation that I take away is that in most situations, you had either a friend or family member who got to enjoy it with you. I'll have to spend time thinking of a list too like what others have said. CONTRA was big in my life. FINAL FANTASY on the NES. Games on the Nintendo helped me as a kid to bond with my stepfather. And for real, we're real close, and gaming helped that bond. Truly, great job dude. Inspiration for other gamers. 

Posted by EpochError

One of the more interesting lists I've seen on the site. We all have things we associate with games, whether it's a specific event or a person or even a food. I played Super Mario World with my dad a lot when I was little and those memories still bring a smile to my face. 

Posted by Tizzzzzz

This list got me thinking about a lot of stuff in my gaming past. The only really strong memory I have of gaming with other people is River City Ransom with one of my best friends; I also have strong memories of playing X-Men with him at the Asheville arcade but River City Ransom was like a nearly daily event for possibly a whole year.  
As I started to get older and didn't form the "games I played with friends/family" kinds of memories anymore, it started becoming more what music I was listening to when replaying random RPGs or something. I intensely associate Final Fantasy IX with The Mars Volta, especially with Pandemonium, and it was a weirdly cool fit. I really enjoyed the music in that game but I had just bought De-Loused in the Comatorium and was listening to it constantly, and it had a cool otherworldly sort of vibe to it that really fit FFIX in a way that I now can't divorce from my memory of the game. Every time I hear Cicatriz ESP I start thinking about the rotating elevators in Pandemonium and it kind of weirds me out but I wouldn't really have it any other way. 
I have some more bizarre associations from when I was younger--Duck Tales for the NES with The Doors, Super Mario Bros. 2 with Pink Floyd, FRIGHTENINGLY appropriate in retrospect--but that's because my dad would come home from work and listen to those bands while he relaxed and the music traveled throughout the house.  I guess the music memories are the strongest I have; while I played a lot of games with a lot of friends as I was growing up we usually didn't have "go-to" games or anything, the closest being the aforementioned RCR.
Outside of that the games that are really important to me are largely insular as far as their impact. The Sierra education-tinged adventure games were very important to me as a kid but it's because I was starting to latch onto adventure games and learn about this genre that was largely unexplored on consoles [although I've come to realize there are some really bizarre console adventure games out there like Beavis and Butt-Head on the Genesis and Pac-Man 2]. I don't have any particular associations with those games, I just know they're important to me. It's more fun for me to think about the games that cross into other mediums somehow, just I guess as some testament to how games can affect me. Final Fantasy IX is better to me because of The Mars Volta and vice versa.
In other words I enjoyed the list! Made me think about the things I associate with games and was a pleasant read. Might have to make one of my own, now that I'm thinking about it far too much.

Posted by Habast

Awesome list, man!
One thing I'm wondering, though... What were your socks doing on your ass? XD (Orange Box)

Posted by TerraDelu

@Tizzzzzz: Man, though I wish I could, I just can't listen to music when I play games. Just recently I played A Link to the Past again (for the 100th time or so) and I thought this time through, I would listen to the Bombcast while I play. I just couldn't do it. I would either make dumb mistakes, or notice that I haven't been paying attention to the podcast for the last few minutes. Even puzzle games like Dr. Mario I can't even put on regular music: it just throws me off somehow. I wish my brain wasn't such a fucker about this though...

My brain associates music with certain "feelings" (emotions, yes, but I more mean like "it feels like a barbeque") and smells. It's funny that you specifically mentioned De-Loused, because that album feels and smells like cutting the grass at my parents house. That was my go-to housework album for a long time after it came out. The Garden State soundtrack and Sparta's second album smells and feels like hurricane Charlie. Journey and Janes Addiction smells and feels like driving back from San Francisco after seeing Gogol Bordello with my girlfriend. Bikini Kill and Le Tigre feel and smell like delivering pizza with my friend Lu. The list goes on and on.

Going through all this really makes me want a Whiskey music site even more!

Posted by TerraDelu

@Habast: hahahaha well, it's a somewhat obscure Mr. Show reference. I just can't keep myself away from that shit.