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Main characters Leon, Ashley, and Ada
Main characters Leon, Ashley, and Ada

Resident Evil 4 stars Leon S. Kennedy, cop-turned-secret-agent, in a bid to save the president's daughter. The action-shooter is set six years after the destruction of Raccoon City.

The game was released, exclusively, for the Nintendo GameCube on January 11th, 2005. In October, despite a threat of self-decapitation by Shinji Mikami, the game was ported to the PlayStation 2. A port for the Nintendo Wii, utilizing the Wiimote's unique control system, and PC followed in 2007. RE4, in 2011, was released on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. An HD remake, finally, was released in 2014 for PC, and was then later ported to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016.


Overview & Controls

The new over-the-shoulder aiming system in effect.
The new over-the-shoulder aiming system in effect.

Going through what could be considered a gameplay reboot, Resident Evil 4 ditches many of its survival horror traits in favor of becoming a more accessible third-person shooter. Killing enemies is in fact incentivised--in stark contrast to the series's original philosophy--as they will continually drop ammunition and gold - to which can be used to upgrade the player's weaponry. The game's level design is also much more linear in scope and any key items the player comes upon will likely be used up mere moments later. Though the player will still have to solve numerable puzzles across the game.

The series' divisive tank controls are still in effect, though are ameliorated by an over-the-shoulder perspective and this, with the addition of laser sights, improves weapon aiming. Player characters cannot 'run n gun', however, and any attempt at firing a weapon requires that the player must first perch themselves to the ground in classic Resident Evil fashion. Although unlike most shooters, the common enemies the player will come into conflict with--while not technically zombies--are generally slow in movement and almost-exclusively use melee weapons.

A dedicated knife button allows close-quarters combat without an inventory visit, reinforcing a faster pace of action. Switching firearms still requires the player to return to the inventory menu, however. As first introduced in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, simultaneously pressing back and the 'run' button will have Leon do a 180 degree turn.

By default RE4 has two difficulty settings, Easy and Normal. Upon completing the game will a higher setting become unlocked, called Professional Mode. Each difficulty increases the attack & damage modifiers up from the last.

Melee Attacks

Another new mechanic is that of melee attacks. While Leon will forever have his knife available, he can also perform a number of button prompt melee attacks. These are initiated by first stunning an enemy, which is most commonly done by shooting it in the face. This will then allow the player to perform a roundhouse kick. Shooting an enemy in the leg so it'll fall to its knees will also trigger a melee attack, be it a straight-kick or a suplex depending on the type of ganado. Leon is invulnerable amidst the melee attack animation, making it efficient for both offensive and defensive maneuvers.

Inventory Tetris

Leon's Attache Case.
Leon's Attache Case.

Leon's attache case, unlike inventory in the past, is gridded with a number of squares. Items occupy a certain number; the player must arrange and re-arrange weapons, ammunition and herbs, among other things, to best utilize his space. Using, combining, discarding and selling items are all integral to grid management. Larger attache cases can be bought. Treasures, which can be sold to the merchant, and key items are housed in a separate menu.

Health & Healing Items

Another alteration from the previous games is the health system. Leon's health is no longer governed by a series of statuses and is now represented by a quarter-circle that wraps around the ammo icon. The color scheme still persists, with green indicating Leon is in good health, yellow to notify he's in danger, and red as a warning to the player that he is approaching death. When his health goes into yellow or red, Leon will be shown to hold onto his side.

Herbs are once again available for use, as are first aid sprays. The classic green and red varieties persist, although there are no longer any blue herbs as the chance of being poisoned has been removed entirely. Though in their stead is the introduction of yellow herbs, which can be used to marginally increase Leon's health until it fills the entire three quarter circle. However they can only be taken whence they've been mixed with at least one green herb.

The healing properties of herbs is locked, regardless of how much overall health Leon has. This means that at the beginning of the game a single herb can heal most of Leon's current health.

A mixture of herbs and their healing effects (when Leon has attained his maximum health limit) are as follows:

  • Green Herb - On its own will restore 25% of health.
  • Red Herb - On its own does nothing.
  • Green + Green Herb - Mixed will heal the character by roughly 50% of health.
  • Green + Green + Green Herb - Mixed will heal the character completely.
  • Green + Red Herb - Mixed will heal the character completely.

Beyond herbs are eggs the player can collect as well. There are three varieties, each healing a higher percentage than the last, though eggs cannot be combined for greater effects. They are generally found after killing a snake, or by chasing a chicken long enough for it to lay an egg. Chickens are only encountered in the early stages of the game, and eggs can eventually only be acquired by killing a snake.

The three egg types are:

  • White - Roughly heals about 10% of health
  • Brown - Roughly heals about 40% of health
  • Gold - Will fully heal a character.

Secondary Character AI

Ashley Graham

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During key points in the game, the player is tasked with escorting and safeguarding Ashley Graham. She functions as her own character with her own health bar, however she has no means of attack. Instead, the player can choose between telling her to wait or to follow; when told to wait she will stay on the spot until told otherwise. When following she will always trail behind Leon, never getting in the way of his aim, and will also even duck out of the way should Leon's laser sight happen to cross Ashley.

Besides being told to simply wait on the spot, there are a number of trash dumpsters that Leon can tell Ashley to hide in; Leon can then whistle to signal it's safe for her to come out. When in a dumpster she is completely hidden from sight from enemies.

Ashley is just as vulnerable as Leon and can die from only a couple of attacks. Although her health can also be extended much like Leon if she is given a herb mixture to heal containing a yellow herb. While she makes a concerted effort to stay clear of Leon's aim, she isn't invincible to friendly-fire and can be shot by the player. Beyond simply being attacked, Ganado will also often attempt to carry her away; they will be shown carrying her on their shoulder, and should they exit the area then the game will be over. It will only take a single shot to knock the Ganado off balance, dropping Ashley in the process.

There is one occasion where players will actually take control of Ashley. Still without any means of attack, players are to instead crawl under tables to maneuver around enemy encounters. Though she can throw lamps at enemies to set them on fire, it will only temporarily knock them to the ground. Ashley's segment as such is puzzle focussed, though she can also acquire supplies that she'll then give to Leon when she returns to him.

On other occasions Ashley will attempt to operate a piece of machinery while Leon must protect her. This includes her turning a number of cranks, to driving a huge bulldozer. Players will also sometimes require Ashley's help to push forward a large crate.

Luis Sera

During one particular set-piece, players will work alongside Luis to defend themselves within a small house from an onslaught of Ganado. Luis is equipped with a Red 9 handgun and will make a concerted effort to dispatch as many enemies as possible. He will shoot enemies off of Leon if he is grabbed by one and will thank the player in kind if they return the favor. Like Ashley, Luis will duck if is caught in Leon's laser sight.

Luis has infinite ammo and is invulnerable, and will also drop supplies for Leon to collect. However it's possible for Luis to kill Leon. Though while still invincible, if the player shoots Luis five times then a short cutscene will trigger, showing Luis gun down Leon with the words ''Adios, Leon...'', resulting in a game over.


Early in the game, the player will likely notice a dog trapped in a bear trap. If freed, the dog will arrive to help the player against the first El Gigante encounter. While it won't actually attack the monster, it will furiously bark at it, calling its attention away and giving the player ample time to attack. Once the boss battle is over the dog will have disappeared and isn't encountered again.


During a late game event, Leon will have air support courtesy of a minor character called Mike. Piloting an attack helicopter, he will provide assistance against the ganado and also against the turret placements throughout the area. If Leon is too close to one of the towers Mike needs to destroy to help Leon advance, he will repeatedly yell for Leon to get out of the way until he does so. Mike is invincible for this segment and has infinite ammo.

On Professional Mode Mike will only shoot down the towers so Leon can progress and will not help with any of the turrets or ganado.

Quick Time Events

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Resident Evil 4, alongside God of War, was a pioneer in implementing QTEs to include some additional interaction within the cutscenes. Thus during many of the game's cutscenes, players will be required to quickly press the on-screen prompts to escape danger. This can vary from pressing/mashing the face buttons (sometimes simultaneously), to pressing the shoulder buttons, to wiggling the left analogue stick. Failure to do so will result in Leon's gory demise, with each failed cutscene QTE featuring a unique death scene.

Outside of cutscenes, QTEs are utilised to escape from an enemy that has grabbed the player, more often than not by wiggling the left analogue stick. While failing to meet the QTE demands mid-gameplay won't always result in Leon's death, it will lead to him taking more damage. As with the cutscenes, dying to an in-game QTE struggle will sometimes 'reward' the player with a unique death animation for Leon.

Shooting Range Minigame

The player, at certain points, gains access to Shooting Galleries. There are four galleries and eight courses in total. The player's tasked with shooting cardboard Ganados while avoiding Ashley's (which deduct points); there is also a Salazar target. There is, occasionally, a Ganado with a lighted stick of dynamite that can be shot in order to destroy all targets within the vicinity.

Each course, amid its action, gives the player a chance to reload; this occurs once per course for about three seconds. Points are awarded for hitting enemy targets, and a certain number of them unlock bottle cap figurines.

Six bottle caps may be won at each range. Upon each completed row of bottle caps, the player is awarded money, starting at five thousand and increasing another five thousand with each row. One bottle cap may be earned by obtaining 4,000 points or hitting all enemy targets, while the other five require earning 3,000 points multiple times. Each course changes its target layout after the player obtains a certain number of bottle caps from it. The bottle caps can be viewed in the Key Item Inventory. Each bottle cap features an audio clip whose quality is similar to actual sound-playing toys.

The points for each target are as follows:

  • Male Ganado: 100 points, 200 for headshot.
  • Female Ganado: 200 points, 300 for headshot.
  • Ashley Graham: Minus 1000 points, minus 2000 for headshot.
  • Ramon Salazar Head: 500 points.


As with the earlier games in the series, Resident Evil 4 requires players use one of the numerable typewriters in the game to save. Only now the player no longer requires any sort of item before hand and there are a greater number of typewriters located throughout the game.

New Game +

Upon completing the game, players can then start a new with all of their upgraded weaponry and such right from the start. However this can only be done on the same difficulty; any attempt at starting a new game on a different difficulty requires that players start over from scratch.


Main Characters

Leon S. Kennedy

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A returning character from Resident Evil 2, Leon has since toughened up a great deal since such times. Now a highly trained government agent, Leon's capabilities and sheer confidence have skyrocketed from his days as a rookie police officer. His effectiveness at his job has thusly lead to he and he alone being appointed the perilous task of saving the President's daughter from a group of cultists.

Ashley Graham

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The president's daughter and the damsel in distress Leon is sent to rescue. Due to her privileged and sheltered upbringing, Ashley has no experience with combat and relies on Leon to do pretty much all of the heavy lifting. Though while she will provide some assistance during key points of the game, Leon must still all the while safeguard her amidst her actions.

Luis Sera

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A mysterious man and a native of Spain. Portrayed with a devil may care attitude, Luis comes across as affable enough, but is clearly hiding something from Leon all the while. Nonetheless, his recurring appearances lead one to believe he genuinely wishes to help both Leon & Ashley in whatever way he can.

His background as a police officer from Madrid has lead to Luis becoming a formidable gun slinger, and on one occasion will work side-by-side with Leon as they defend themselves from an unrelenting horde.

Ada Wong

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The femme fatale from Resident Evil 2 returns to serve much the same role as she did during their first encounter. Despite Ada's motives and allegiances once again being left as a mystery, she will still routinely arrive to provide assistance and in some cases save Leon from certain death.

Ramon Salazar

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A Spanish native of the nearby castle who serves as one of the main antagonists. His small stature along with his somewhat devilish appearance gives Salazar the look of a gremlin. Upon jacking Leon's radio line, Salazar will routinely attempt to belittle Leon, though he is often bested by Leon's own sharp responses, slowly contributing towards Salazar's rising insecurity.

Jack Krauser

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A fellow antagonist, only unlike the rest of the rogues gallery Krauser is not only an American but appears to share a past with Leon. Their departure can't have been on friendly terms, however, as Krauser seems plenty willing to put an end to Leon's life.

Krauser is shown to be incredibly proficient with a knife and his bow, however his abilities surrounding his agility and stamina hint that he may not be entirely human anymore.

Osmund Saddler

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The main antagonist of the game and leader of the Los Illuminados cult. Forever certain of his impending triumph over Leon, even as Leon slowly but surely shoots his way through many of his subordinates, Saddler's over-confidence can only lead to his downfall.

His degree of power cannot be underestimated, however. For while he may move slowly, this but only assures that he has access to a great deal of strength.

As with Salazar, Saddler will eventually hack Leon's radio and will engage in similar such back-and-forth engagements. Though unlike Salazar, Saddler is confident enough to forever keep his cool in the midst of Leon's bravado.


After the events of the T-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City, the evil Umbrella Corporation is dissolved; Leon S. Kennedy, a protagonist of Resident Evil 2, is recruited by the Secret Service. In 2004, Leon is sent to an isolated village in Spain. He is tasked with the rescue of President Graham's kidnapped daughter, Ashley.

Leon is accompanied by two local policemen on his mission. He has radio communications with Ingrid Hunnigan. The trio approaches the village area, watched. Their car stops at a footbridge, which is next to a small house. The policemen, who don't think Ashley Graham is in Spain, don't assist Leon. He enters the house alone. Leon meets a man and asks if he's seen Ashley; the man brandishes an axe, forcing Leon to kill him in self-defense. Leon discovers that a truck has pushed the car into a ravine, killing the policemen. The bridge, which Leon had crossed, is destroyed. Leon contends with more hostiles, averts traps and arrives at a village. From the outskirts, Leon sights the body of one policemen burning in a bonfire. The villagers notice Leon and begin attacking en masse. Leon barricades himself in a house. The villagers, including one with a chainsaw, resolve to enter. A church bell rings; the villagers, eerily, stop and leave. Leon continues on his quest, killing more villagers, dodging boulders and meeting a merchant of arms.

Leon comes face to face with Bitores Mendez, the village chief, who knocks him out. Leon awakens and finds himself tied to Luis Sera. He is an ex-cop from Madrid who had researched for Los Illuminados. Leon, one by one, discovers Sera's notes and the role of Lord Osmund Saddler. He controls the villagers; a parasite called Las Plagas transforms them into Los Ganados ("livestock"). Saddler has injected Plagas into Ashley, Luis, and Leon, and their fates are not unlike the villagers. Saddler plans to have Ashley, once transformed, infiltrate the United States. This would allow Los Illuminados to take over. Leon, resolute, resumes looking for the president's daughter. He arrives at a lake, where he sees Ganados disposing of the body of the second policeman. It is eaten by a monstrous, mutated lizard, Del Lago. Leon faces the creature, managing its slay with harpoons. He collapses in a lakeside cabin. He has nightmares, due to complications from his infestation. He discovers the location of Ashley and doubles back to the church in the village.

On his way, he faces El Gigante, an enormous troll-like creature. A dog, if freed earlier, will assist Leon during the fight. Leon arrives at the church and saves Ashley. Saddler appears, announcing that the parasite is growing inside of their bodies. The two escape and head for the extraction point. They find themselves, however, barricaded with Luis in a cabin. They defend against a large number of Ganados. Luis parts ways with Leon. The helicopter that was supposed to retrieve the two heroes, unfortunately, is shot down. Hunnigan reports that a second one should be incoming. Leon sights a castle nearby and deems it an optimal hiding place. To access the castle, however, Mendez's glass eye is necessary. Leon confronts Mendez in a barn. Mendez transforms into a monster, but Leon attains the eye. Ashley and Leon enter the castle.

They discover that the castle is the religious center of Los Illuminados. Monks, using catapults and other medieval weapons, try to kill Leon and capture Ashley. One of Saddler's top men, the castle's castellan, Ramon Salazar, jams all of Leon's communications. This prevents communication with Hunnigan, although Salazar frequently calls Leon to taunt him. The two fight through the castle. Ashley starts coughing blood and, in her panic, she runs into a trap. Leon must save her again. He meets ex-colleague Ada Wong, who already saved himself from Mendez. Ada has a private agenda (she's working for "the Organization") and remains enigmatic with Leon. Before Leon can wrest any information from Ada, she escapes. Leon spots Ashley, just out of reach. Luis arrives, flashing two antidotes and the mysterious "Sample", which Saddler needs, as Ada (per order of Albert Wesker). Unfortunately, Luis is impaled by Saddler before any exchange occurs. Leon swears to avenge Luis. He frees Ashley, who treks alone through the castle and then reunites. They set off again. Ashley, shortly, is captured by Novistadors.

Leon makes his way to Salazar, killing Verdugo, Salazar's "right hand" and chief bodyguard. He's informed that Ashley has been taken to a research facility on a nearby island. Salazar transforms into a giant, mutated creature. A boss fight commences. Leon rides to the island with Ada and fights Saddler's heavily armed Ganados. He finds Ashley, finally, along with the "Sample" and a machine, which uses electricity and radiation to destroy Plagas within a host. Ashley and Leon free themselves of infestation and attempt to leave; they are confronted by Saddler. He transforms into a crab-like monster and attacks. Leon, with the help of Ada, manages to kill Saddler. They end the threat of Los Illuminados, once and for all. Ada does, however, steal the "Sample" from Leon and sets the island blow. Leon and Ashley have three minutes.

The two manage to escape on a jet ski, just seconds before the island blows. From the impact, Ashley is flung from the vehicle; Leon briefly searches for her, and then picks her up. As Leon does so, he says, "Let's go home". In agreement, Ashley responds: "mission accomplished". A scene is shown of the two traveling into the ocean, Ashley asks Leon: "After you take me back to my place, how about we do some overtime?". Leon politely refuses.



Throughout Resident Evil 4 the player will come across a travelling Merchant, who will offer new weapons and items for the player to purchase. The player can also sell anything that isn't a key item (apart from the knife) to the Merchant and upgrade weapons via interacting with him. At first, the Merchant’s weapons and upgrades will become available at set times throughout the game; however, on a second game, everything will be available from the start.

Below is a complete breakdown of all the weapons, their upgrade costs (in parenthesis) and statistics: firepower, firing speed, reload speed, and magazine capacity. Exclusive upgrades are also detailed. Note that on the scale of Firepower stats, a "1.0" is considered equal to the damage of a single bullet from Leon's default pistol without any upgrades, and all weapon damage is compared to this.



LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
21.2 (7,000)0.40 (5,000)1.47 (5,000)13 (4,000)
31.4 (10,000)0.33 (12,000)0.87 (12,000)16 (6,000)
41.6 (15,000)
51.8 (18,000)
62.0 (20,000)

Notes: The Handgun's exclusive upgrade increases the likelihood of one a one-hit kill by fivefold.


LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
21.1 (10,000)0.40 (10,000)1.47 (8,000)13 (8,000)
31.3 (15,000)0.33 (20,000)0.83 (18,000)16 (10,000)
41.5 (20,000)
51.7 (25,000)
61.9 (35,000)

Notes: The Punisher has the unique attribute of allowing each shot to penetrate one enemy and hit another one behind the first target. The Punisher's exclusive upgrade will allow the penetration of up to five enemies at once.


LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
21.8 (15,000)0.47 (10,000)2.20 (6,000)10 (6,000)
32.0 (20,000)0.40 (15,000)1.67 (10,000)12 (8,000)
42.4 (24,000)
52.8 (28,000)
63.7 (45,000)

Notes: The Red9's exclusive upgrade will raise its firepower to 5.0 on the GameCube and to 6.5 in other versions. The weapon resembles a Mauser C96.


LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
21.8 (10,000)0.40 (10,000)1.47 (8,000)18 (8,000)
32.0 (15,000)0.27 (20,000)0.83 (15,000)21 (10,000)
42.3 (20,000)
52.7 (25,000)
63.0 (35,000)

Notes: The Blacktail's exclusive upgrade will raise its firepower to 3.4.


LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
21.2 (15,000) 1.47 (6,000)18 (7,000)
31.4 (17,000) 0.87 (15,000)21 (10,000)
41.6 (20,000) 24 (12,000)
51.8 (25,000) 27 (16,000)
62.0 (35,000) 30 (20,000)

Notes: Matilda is an unlockable weapon, available after beating the game. Its exclusive upgrade will increase its ammo capacity to 100.



LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
24.5 (15,000) 2.43 (7,000)8 (8,000)
35.0 (20,000) 1.50 (15,000)10 (10,000)
46.0 (25,000) 12 (12,000)
57.0 (30,000) 15 (15,000)
68.0 (45,000) 18 (20,000)

Notes: The Shotgun's exclusive upgrade allows full firepower at all ranges.

Riot Gun

LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
25.5 (20,000) 2.43 (7,000)9 (10,000)
36.0 (24,000) 1.50 (20,000)11 (12,000)
46.5 (28,000) 13 (15,000)
57.0 (32,000) 15 (20,000)
68.0 (50,000) 17 (25,000)

Notes: The Riot Gun's exclusive upgrade raises its firepower to 10.0. The weapon resembles an M1014.


LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
27.0 (25,000) 2.40 (8,000)14 (10,000)
38.0 (28,000) 1.50 (15,000)16 (12,000)
49.0 (32,000)
510.0 (40,000)
612.0 (60,000)

Notes: The Striker's exclusive upgrade increases its ammo capacity to 100.


Broken Butterfly

LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
215.0 (25,000) 3.00 (15,000)8 (15,000)
317.0 (30,000) 2.33 (20,000)10 (20,000)
420.0 (35,000) 12 (25,000)
524.0 (50,000)
628.0 (70,000)

Notes: The Broken Butterfly's exclusive upgrade raises its firepower to 50. The weapon resembles a Schofield Model 3.


LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
230.0 (62,000) 1.53 (20,000)10 (30,000)
335.0 (78,000) 0.93 (30,000)14 (40,000)

Notes: The namesake of this weapon is a reference to Killer7. It has no exclusive upgrade.


LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
235.0 (40,000) 2.87 (25,000)4 (15,000)
340.0 (50,000) 1.83 (50,000)5 (20,000)
445.0 (70,000) 6 (25,000)
550.0 (90,000) 8 (35,000)
660.0 (120,000) 10 (50,000)

Notes: The Handcannon is an unlockable weapon; it becomes available after the Mercenaries minigame is beaten with all characters, with five stars on each level. The Handcannon's exclusive upgrade is unlimited ammo and an increase of firepower to 99.9.


Bolt-action rifle

LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
25.0 (10,000) 3.23 (8,000)7 (6,000)
36.0 (12,000) 2.33 (18,000)9 (8,000)
48.0 (20,000) 12 (12,000)
510.0 (25,000) 15 (18,000)
612.0 (35,000) 18 (25,000)

Notes: The Rifle's exclusive upgrade raises its firepower to 18.0; this is powerful enough to kill Regenerators, saving the player the need to hit their leech targets.

Semi-automatic rifle

LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
28.0 (15,000) 1.90 (9,000)12 (10,000)
39.0 (18,000) 1.33 (18,000)14 (12,000)
411.0 (24,000) 17 (15,000)
513.0 (30,000) 20 (20,000)
615.0 (40,000) 24 (25,000)

Notes: The Semi-automatic rifle's exclusive upgrade decreases its firing speed to 0.40 on the GameCube, and to 0.80 in all other versions. This weapon resembles a PSG1.

Misc. Weapons


LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
20.5 (7,000) 1.93 (5,000)50 (7,000)
30.6 (14,000) 1.17 (15,000)100 (15,000)
40.8 (18,000) 150 (20,000)
51.0 (24,000) 200 (25,000)
61.2 (35,000) 250 (35,000)

Notes: The TMP's exclusive upgrade raises its firepower to 1.8.

Chicago Typewriter

LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity

Notes: The Chicago Typewriter is an unlockable weapon; it becomes available after the completion of Assignment Ada on the GC; after Separate Ways on the PS2 and Nintendo Wii; or after both minigames of the PC.

Mine Thrower

LevelFirepowerFiring SpeedReload SpeedCapacity
24.0 (25,000) 2.53 (18,000)7 (25,000)
36.0 (45,000) 10 (40,000)

Notes: The name of this weapon is incredibly misleading, and can be better described as a sticky grenade launcher. The Mine Thrower's exclusive upgrade enables heat seeking on its sticky "mines" and increases blast radius.



No Caption Provided

Long gone are the slow, shambling zombies of the series, and in their stead are the Ganado. While still rather slow in movement, the Ganado are much more intelligent and capable than your average zombie. They are shown to work in groups, can wield a variety of weaponry, climb ladders, and will make an effort in keeping their head clear from the player's laser sight. Though while they are of a much greater intelligence than zombies, their infected state via a nerve-attached parasite leaves them to act rather sluggish and are much slower to react than an ordinary person. But on the flipside they don't respond to pain quite as vividly as a person would. A shot to the face will make them temporarily stagger in pain, but only for a few seconds before they return to their advance.

They have few defensive abilities and will generally attempt to swarm the player via their larger numbers and sheer aggression. Though to account for the player's inability to move & shoot, they will rush towards the player only before slowing down to walking speed when they reach a certain proximity. As such, the Ganado still retain numerous zombie-like qualities despite being of a much more aggressive design.

No Caption Provided

Aiming for the head is still a suitable tactic, and may result in the head being completely destroyed, though shooting other regions can be beneficial as well. Players can shoot their arm to make them drop their weapon should they have one equipped, and if a Ganado is in mid-sprint then shooting their legs will have him topple to the floor, leaving him extremely vulnerable to attack. Ganado won't bite players, but if one gets close enough then they'll grab and attempt to strangle the player character; Leon's health will begin to deplete all the while this is happening. Wiggling the stick will eventually knock them away, and may even result in destroying their head amidst the animation, though if the player fails the QTE then Leon will be thrown to the floor dealing a sizeable amount of damage.

If a Ganado has a weapon, it will often use it as a melee weapon, but will sometimes instead hurl it at the player - to which can be shot out of the air by the player. Once thrown the ganado will then pull out another from its back pocket.

There are three distinct varieties of Ganado, one for each of the three main environments of the game. While they all largely function the same, they each wield different weaponry.

Villager Ganado

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These are the ganado that populate the beginning village segment. The villager ganado are the weakest variant in the game and wield a series of rudimentary weapons, such as pitchforks, hatchets, sickles, and sometimes dynamite.

The villager Ganado will make a late game reappearance in the Mines near the final stretch of the Castle environment.

Cultist Ganado

No Caption Provided

The Ganado that patrol the castle owned by Ramon Salazar. The Cultists can withstand much more damage than the villagers and wield more effective weaponry. These range from scythes to flails, and are also sometimes equipped with wooden shields. The shields can be shot through with a single shotgun round, but can otherwise prove to be a danger when multiple are advancing unto Leon while equipped with shields. The shields themselves can be used as a weapon as well, which will knock Leon to the ground.

As with the villagers they will sometimes throw their scythes, which have the potential to decapitate Leon killing him immediately. Should they throw their scythe they will from them on rely on their regular melee attacks and will not equip another.

For ranged they rely on crossbows. They don't deal a lot of damage per shot, but are instead meant to harass from afar. Only one shot can be fired at time before they must reload at least. Some Cultists will also be encountered while equipped with an RPG launcher. Such encounters are extremely rare, however.

Certain ganado cultists are wearing a golden skull or jackal mask, whom are completely invincible to shots to the head. Some are also shown to be wearing red robes as opposed to black; any who wear red are of a higher position and will always drop a valuable jewel upon their death, though they also require more punishment to kill.

Militia Ganado

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These are the final ganado variety the player will face. They're the strongest of all types and are the most aggressive. Their weapons consist of many of the same as the other types, such as crossbows, dynamite, flails, shields, and occasionally RPGs. Though they also have cattle prods which deal a heavy amount of damage even over other melee weapons. Some are also shown to be wearing a helmet, which like the cultist masks means this ganado is invincible to any shots to the head.

There is a type of militia ganado that is much taller and heavily armored than the rest. It is armored over much of its torso and most of its head, and wields a huge hammer. Its movement is slower than that of a regular ganado, but its attacks deal more damage and it can withstand more damage before dying.

Ganado Plagas Mutations

At a certain point in the story, the las plagas parasite will sometimes be shown to burst out of its host after the ganado has received a certain amount damage. Whether a ganado will mutate or not is random, though upon doing so all previous damage is made redundant and the ganado will have regained full health.

Plagas A

The most common plagas among all ganado. The plagas A is a small, bulbous collection of eyes and tentacles, one of which will stretch out to reveal a sharp axe-like end that it'll use to strike at the player. Shooting the plagas is the primary means by which to now kill the creature, as well as to force the axe tentacle to recede back for a split-second.

Plagas B

Plagas B are first encountered when going up against the cultists, but also appear amongst the Militia Ganado. This plagas resembles a small sort creature, though once it gets close will rapidly increase in size and attempt to bite the player character's head clean off. As with Plagas A, shooting the plagas itself will force it to recede away for a split-second so as to halt its instant-kill attack.

Plagas C

The final plagas mutation. Plagas C is first shown to be a bunch of skittering legs, which will shoot acid at the player from a distance. After it receives enough it damage, it will then separate from its host completely and operate independently as a sort of arachnid-like creature. Though once it's become separated it is now extremely vulnerable and will die by but a few handgun shots or knife swipes.

Plagas C will on very few occasions be encountered independent of any host.

Chainsaw Ganado

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An extremely dangerous mini boss enemy of sorts. As their name implies, Chainsaw Ganado are equipped with a chainsaw, which is an instant-kill should they get close enough to Leon. Besides their powerful offensive capabilities, Chainsaw Ganado can withstand a much higher degree of damage than regular ganado. Though they'll be knocked to the ground like any other, and as such can be stunlocked so long as the player has the ammunition. A Chainsaw Ganado will always drop a valuable jewel upon their death, if not 10,000 gold.

There are two cosmetic varieties of Chainsaw Ganado, though they each share the same properties. Chainsaw Ganado are only encountered in the village and mine environments of the game. An alternate name for the Chainsaw Ganado is 'Dr. Salvador', as that's the name for the Chainsaw Ganado bottlecap. While they wear a burlap sack over their head, it doesn't increase their head defense. Chainsaw Ganado will also never mutate.

There are a pair of sisters that wield chainsaws as well which are encountered during one specific segment of the game. Despite their different appearance they still function the exact same as a regular Chainsaw Ganado.


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Vicious dogs that have been infected with las plagas. Colmillos are extremely dangerous as is and will launch at the player and attempt to maul them, requiring the player to rapidly waggle the analogue stick to escape. After so long they will unleash their plagas parasites, which burst out of their back and can then be used as a long range series of whips. Though unlike ganado plagas mutations, for Colmillos the plagas is bound to expose itself regardless of how much it has taken before hand.

These creatures are only encountered in two locations, being the graveyard outside the church and the castle maze.


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Strange, insect-like creatures that somewhat resemble the chimera from the original Resident Evil. Novistador have two varieties. The first is completely invisible and will attempt to ambush the player, though when it attacks the player has a split-second chance to press a button prompt to counter the ambush. When they've been attacked they'll temporarily lose their invisibility, though can still regress back into it in order to escape and try again. It primarily attacks by slashing when up close or doing a dive-kick when further away, which if hit will knock Leon right to the ground.

The second variety is always visible, though they have the ability of flight. They also have an additional attack to where they'll grab Leon and vomit acid all over his face, requiring the player to wiggle the analogue to escape from their grasp.


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A recurring mini boss enemy during the castle segment. Garradors are tall creatures equipped with a large claw on each hand. While they may be completely blind, they have highly acute hearing. Upon noticing the player it will rush to their vicinity and madly swing around the area. Their other most notable attack is their charging lunge attack, to which will kill a player instantly should they get caught by it. It may alternatively lead to the Garrador getting its claw stuck into a wall, allowing the player some easy shots at its plagas weak-point located on its back.

When attacking with explosives such as grenades, it may then fall over onto the ground with its back exposed, again allowing for some easy potshots.


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Suits of armor that are inhabited by las plagas parasites. Some are encountered amidst QTEs, to which will strike down at the player before then crumbling to the floor. Though some are encountered as enemy units, which will use whatever weapon the suit is equipped with--be it an axe or sword--to attack the player. Due to their armor they are highly resistant to damage and can be difficult to make flinch. After enough damage the plagas will burst from the helmet, revealing itself. Damage dealt to the plagas is now the most effective, though the creature is still highly resistant to flinching all the same. What plagas type that'll burst out of an Armadura can be between each of the three A, B, and C varieties.

These creatures are only encountered during a couple of instances in the castle.


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One of the most formidable enemies in the game. Regeneradors are first made known during the Island segment of the game. As their name implies, they have the unique ability to regenerate any and all wounds the player inflicts. The only way to permanently kill a regenerador is to kill the plagas parasites within. Players can simply keep shooting at the creature in the hopes of hitting one, though by this point players will have access to a thermal scope to attach onto their semi-auto sniper rifle. With this players can pinpoint exactly where the parasites are. There are usually between 3-4; on Professional Mode there is always one on its back. The way to note if the player has shot one of its parasites is if the regenerador's whole body temporarily wobbles and expands. Once all parasites have been killed it will explode.

Regenerador's attacks are extremely powerful. It will primarily attack by getting close to the player to then rapidly munch on Leon's neck, requiring the player to wiggle the stick to escape. Though while it will at least walk slowly towards the player, its leg can be temporarily destroyed to slow it down even further. However its range of attack will actually increase without its legs, as from there it will leap off the floor a surprising distance to bite the player as before.

There exists an alternate variety to the regenerador called an Iron Maiden. Its one distinctive difference is that its body is comprised of a number of spikes, and if close enough will extend all of its spikes simultaneously at the player.

A sure way to note if a regenerador/iron maiden is within the vicinity is its distinct breathing that can carry across the whole area.

Gatling Gun Ganado

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Otherwise known as ''J.J'', gatling gun ganado are an infrequent mini boss that is encountered amidst the militia ganado. They have available a gatling gun with infinite ammo, which has a high range of attack. If the player is caught within its stream, it will only count as a single attack with a few brief seconds of invulnerability, allowing the player a chance to escape the weapon's range. If he can get close enough, he can also use his gatling gun as a melee weapon to knock Leon to the ground.

Gatling Gun ganado are pretty resistant to damage, though they can be temporarily stunned after enough shots to the head - this will not trigger a melee attack button prompt, however. Their red beret can also be shot off thisaway as well.

Boss Battles

Del Lago

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The first boss of the game, though one that is fought outside of the main gameplay design. Leon is instead riding a small dinghy boat with access to an unlimited supply of harpoons. After its anchor accidentally gets stuck on the creature, the boat is thusly pulled along the river. Players still have some control of the boat all the while and must thusly try to steer it away from the debris in the water, otherwise the collision will deal damage. All the while this is happening, the player can also throw harpoons at the creature. Though the animation for such is relatively lengthy and only allows the throwing 3-4 harpoons before it dives underwater.

During certain periods, Leon will completely lose track of the creature as the boat comes to a standstill. However it isn't long before waves begin swarming towards the boat; the screen will post arrows on the screen to point the player to the direction of the creature. Once it gets close enough it'll open its mouth, revealing the las plagas parasite; damage to this area is higher than anywhere else, and is necessary to halt its advance otherwise it'll slam into the boat dealing a high degree of damage.

Once enough damage has been done, the game will shift to a cutscene depicting Leon's leg being caught on a string of rope that's being pulled by the monster. The player must now mash the alternating face buttons in order for him to successfully cut the rope off.

Before the battle begins, Leon can potentially witness a short cutscene depicting one of the Spanish police officers that drove him here being dumped in the water to be eaten by Del Lago by heading up the alternate pathway. Upon reaching the boat, players can also shoot the river from their position, which will result in a unique death scene of Del Lago bursting out of the water to devour Leon.

El Gigante

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What is perhaps considered to be one of the game's most iconic boss battles. The El Gigante is a recurring boss that can be fought across the game up to three times, though only two are mandatory. El Gigante is huge, lumbering monstrosity, that uses sheer brute strength to kill anything that stands in its way.

First Battle

The first time Leon encounters the beast makes for the second boss encounter in the game. El Gigante is fought amidst a roughly circular arena, with some nearby huts that contain some additional supplies. However they are easily trounced by El Gigante should players attempt to take shelter for too long inside one.

El Gigante attacks with sheer brute force, as it stomps towards Leon in its attempt to grab and then squeeze to death. Should this happen the player needs to wiggle the stick to escape its grasp, with Leon stabbing its hand with his knife dealing minor damage in the process. If the player attempts to run underneath his legs, he will then do a swift kick forward - potentially knocking the player over to the ground if caught by it. It will also pick up a huge tree log and will horizontally swing to and fro; the player will be given a QTE prompt to avoid the attacks.

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Due to its size it's easy for the player to deal damage to it, though it's rather resistant all the same. Grenades work well in particular, as do flash grenades as well in temporarily halting his advance allowing the player to fire at him safely. After sustaining enough damage, it will then keel over in pain as a giant las plagas parasite bursts out of its back. From here the player can shoot at the plagas, run up and press the button prompt to initiate a QTE where Leon slashes at it with his knife, or both. So long as the player knows to start running towards it to initiate the QTE, it's possible to get in some shots without sacrificing the QTE chance. After about three such occurrences El Gigante will finally fall to the ground dead.

Should the player have freed the dog from the bear trap much earlier in the game, it will then arrive to provide assistance for the battle. It won't attack El Gigante but will instead bark at it to gain its attention, allowing the player a prime opportunity to unload into it.

Second Battle

The second battle plays out similarly as above beyond a few differences. The first is that the player is currently escorting Ashley Graham, who can also be killed by El Gigante. Furthermore, the battle arena this time is much slimmer than the first, with it being near impossible to get around the advance of El Gigante. The one upside is that there's a boulder precariously resting above; if timed right, the player can potentially shoot the boulder so it will land on El Gigante, dealing a significant degree of damage.

This boss encounter is technically optional, as the player is allowed to choose between two pathways to proceed. The other of which will instead send the player through a gauntlet of ganado. Though at the same time it's possible for the player to clear out both pathways for the sake of acquiring more gold and supplies.

Third Battle

The third and final fight against El Gigante is mandatory like the first. Though what differs here is that the player is forced to fight two El Gigantes simultaneously. To even the odds, players can instead head to the switch and pull it, opening up the large grate that, if timed right, will send one of the El Gigantes into the molten lava below. If players don't close the hatch, however, it's possible for the dying El Gigante to give one last attack before it dies.

Players can instead try to beat them both, which while more difficult also results in double the rewards, as the one that is sent into the lava takes its loot with it.

The arena is more circular like the first, and there exists a ladder the player can climb to reach a pulley, which can then be used to send the player to the opposite side of the arena, potentially making some distance between them and El Gigante.

Bitores Mendez

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The ''Big Cheese'' as Luis referred to him. Bitores is as first depicted as an incredibly tall person, though his true las plagas form is revealed for this boss battle.

The plagas takes the place of his spine, extending his already impressive height even further. He also has four new, lengthy appendages appointed on to his back, giving him a fair range of attack.

Mendez is made up of two stages. The first has him slowly walks towards the player, while using his back appendages to attack from afar. The battle arena is largely pretty small and makes it very difficult to run past him without fear of getting attacked. Though there is an upper level the player can climb one of the three ladders to, which contains additional supplies as well as a temporary haven from Mendez. Though even if he can't get up there, his appendages can and will attack the player if they stay up there for too long.

His primary weak spot is his new plagas spine, which after so much damage will then collapse along with his legs. This then initiates Mendez's second phase, to where he'll rely on his plagas appendages on his back to swing about throughout the area. This gives him an increased level of mobility. He will now attack by slashing with his own hands, and can keep track of the player much more acutely, such as by now leaping to the upper level of the area. Mendez's weak point is now his head, to which grenades and the few red explosive barrels located around the area work especially well.


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Salazar's ''right hand'', Verdugo is one of two mysterious creatures that serves Salazar. The first part of the battle has Leon attempt to avoid its attacks from the ceiling via QTEs. After reaching the console to turn the power for the elevator on, the room goes into lockdown. Then after turning the button on to try and unlock the door, Verdugo finally makes its appearance.

At this point the player is unlikely to kill Verdugo and must try to survive until the door opens. Once that happens the player can then attempt to wait and survive until the elevator is powered with more room to maneuver, thereby skipping the boss. Verdugo is nigh immune to regular gunfire, and must first be encased in nitrous oxide if the player aims to kill it, or wants to at least stall it while the elevator makes its descent. Fortunately there just so happens to be a number of NO canisters within the vicinity. Whence frozen the player is to unload whatever they have into it before it breaks out of the NO. Verdugo will routinely hound the player amidst the wait and many of its attacks require a successful QTE prompt to avoid.

Verdugo's patterns will remain as such, and the player is to continue utilising the canisters if they wish to kill it. Though there are only so many canisters available, and if they are all used up and Verdugo still lives, it's advisable the player must instead flee. Fleeing, however, will leave the player with zero rewards, whereas killing it will reward players with a unique treasure.

Ramon Salazar

Now at the halfway point, Salazar and his remaining henchman allow themselves to be enveloped by a humongus plant-like creature.


Upon completion of the game, the player is awarded with the content described hereunder:


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A single completion on any difficulty will reward players two new costumes, though only one is available on the original GameCube version. All ports thereafter include the second. The first is Leon's classic RPD uniform from Resident Evil 2, and the second is a 1930s mobster outfit. While wearing the mobster outfit and equipping the Chicago Typewriter, Leon will flip his hat when players attempt to reload the infinite ammo tommy gun.

Either costume will also change other character's appearances as well. When wearing the RPD uniform, Ashley's outfit will have changed to a sort of clubbing outfit. When wearing the mobster outfit, Ashley will be shown wearing a suit of armor, which not only makes her completely invulnerable to damage but also makes her so she's too heavy to be carried off by a Ganado. Ada Wong's outfit will change as well, though she only has the one alternative outfit, being the special-ops outfit she wears in Assignment: Ada.

Assignment: Ada

Assignment: Ada is a non-canonical and single-player. Ada Wong assaults the island base in search of five Las Plagas vials. There are no save points, however, it is significantly shorter than the main game. Upon collecting all vials, Ada battles mutated Krauser. The battle is unlike Leon's only in the setting (bridge), allowing less space to maneuver.

The Mercenaries

This minigame stations the player in an area wherein he must survive before chopper pick-up. The goal is to gain points by defeating enemies before time expires. There are five characters and four areas to choose from. Each character starts with different weapons, while each stage is equipped with ammo boxes, bonus timers, and time extenders. Three areas are redesigns from the main game, and the fourth is new.


Upon starting Mercenaries, Leon is the only selectable character. To earn additional characters, the player must earn four stars on each stage. The village stage unlocks Ada Wong; the castle unlocks Krauser; the military base unlocks Hunk; and the water-world unlocks Wesker.

An unlockable weapon, the Handcannon, may be earned by attaining five stars on every level with all five characters. To earn a five star rating, the player must earn 60,000 points.

Below is a complete list of characters and their starting weapons, grenades, ammo, and health. Hand to hand moves are also detailed, in addition to each stage's boss.

Leon S. Kennedy


  1. Blacktail – Power = 2.7 / Reload Speed = 1.47 / Firing Speed = 0.40 / Capacity = 21
  2. Riot Gun – Power = 7.0 / Reload Speed = 1.67 / Firing Speed = 1.53 / Capacity = 13
  3. Ammo – 30 Pistol Rounds / 10 Shotgun Rounds
  4. Grenades – None
  5. Health – 1 First Aid Spray

Hand to Hand:

  1. Headshot – Roundhouse kick
  2. Knee shot – Thrust kick to villages, suplex on soldier types and monks

Ada Wong


  1. Punisher – Power = 1.9 (exclusive, rounds go through 5 enemies) / Reload Speed = 1.47 / Firing Speed = 0.33 / Capacity = 20
  2. Semi Auto Rifle (scoped) - Power = 15 / Reload Speed = 1.90 / Firing Speed = 0.80 / Capacity = 12
  3. TMP – Power = 1.0 / Reload Speed = 1.93 / Reload Speed = 1.93 / Firing Speed = 0.10 / Capacity = 100
  4. Ammo – 30 Pistol Rounds / 100 TMP Rounds / 5 Rifle Rounds
  5. Grenades – 3 Incendiary Grenades
  6. Health – 1 First Aid Spray

Hand to Hand:

  1. Headshot – Fan kick
  2. Knee shot – Heel kick

Jack Krauser


  1. Bow – Power = N/A / Reload Speed = N/A / Firing Speed = N/A / Capacity = N/A
  2. Ammo – 30 Arrows
  3. Grenades – 3 Flash
  4. Health – 1 First Aid Spray

Hand to Hand:

  1. Headshot – Double heel kick
  2. Knee shot – Knee to face
  3. Mutilated arm – RB to activate, X to attack, B to cancel (X360)



  1. Custom TMP – Power = 1.0 / Reload Speed = 1.17 / Firing Speed = 0.10 / Capacity = 100
  2. Ammo – 50 TMP Rounds
  3. Grenades – 3 Hand Grenades
  4. Health – 1 First Aid Spray

Hand to Hand:

  1. Headshot – Neckbreaker
  2. Knee shoot – Rugby kick

Albert Wesker


  1. Handgun – Power = 2.0 (exclusive, headshots are five times more likely) / Reload Speed = 0.87 / Firing Speed = 0.33 / Capacity = 25
  2. Semi Auto Rifle – Power = 15.0 / Reload Speed = 1.90 / Firing Speed = 0.80 / Capacity = 24
  3. Killer7 – Power = 30.0 / Reload Speed = 1.53 / Firing Speed = 0.70 / Capacity = 10
  4. Ammo – None
  5. Grenades – 4 Hand Grenade / 1 Incendiary / 3 Flash
  6. Health – 1 First Aid Spray

Hand to Hand:

  1. Headshot – Thrust punch
  2. Knee shot – Chikyo Chagi (downward kick similar to Kazuya’s Tsunami kick from Tekken)

Stages and Bosses

VillageCastleMilitary BaseWater World
Bella SistersGarradorsChaingun GeneralSuper Dr. Salvador

Separate Ways

Included in the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii versions, Separate Ways is an additional 3-5 hour campaign. Separate Ways follows Ada through the whole game and consists of 5 chapters, each taking place in a different section and time of the game. Players are given a small stash of weapons and ammo and can purchase (but not upgrade) weapons from the merchant. All the treasures from Leon's campaign also exist in Ada's, and in some cases are key items in her quest. Each chapter is preceded by a cutscene and ends with Ada giving a short audio report on a character vital to that chapter.

In Chapter 1, Ada has been tasked by Wesker to retrieve the Las Plagas sample. She arrives in the village at around the same time as Leon. Ada observes Leon in trouble during his skirmish with the villagers; in order to stop them from attacking Leon, she must quickly get to the church and ring its bell.

In Chapter 2, Ada has learned that Luis is in possession of the sample, but has gone missing. Ada needs to find him ASAP. She starts in Bitores Mendez' (the village chief's) house and must work her way back to the cabin, where Leon finds Luis. When she reaches the cabin, she finds that Leon and Luis have just been captured by Mendez. She backtracks to Mendez' house, just as Mendez and Leon meet in the hallway. Ada saves Leon from being killed by Mendez. Mendez gives chase to Ada, and tranquilizes her. Ada wakes up on the bloody altar found near the lift area, where she is about to be sacrificed by the villagers. She escapes, takes the lifts back and fights an El Gigante. She runs into Luis, finally, who was exiting the cabin where he and Leon had their late night hold-off from the villagers.

In Chapter 3, Ada is still in search of the sample held by Luis. The chapter starts at Leon and Ada first meeting, which was in the room overlooking the castle's garden maze. Ada flees Leon into the maze, and resolves to find Luis and the sample. Wesker orders Ada to kill Leon on sight, so Ada makes a pact to not run into him, as she does not want to hurt her former acquaintance. Ada does end up in the room of the castle where Leon finds Ashley in the shackles; she hides behind a column, as Luis is murderer by Saddler, in front of Leon. Saddler takes the sample from the corpse of Luis and escapes. Wesker tells Ada that there will be another time to retrieve the sample.

Ada unleashing fire at the docks.
Ada unleashing fire at the docks.

In Chapter 4, the game jumps ahead to the Island, where Ada and Krauser have become distrustful of each other. Krauser is ordered to do the job Ada couldn't do: kill Leon. Ada has to hurry to the room where Krauser and Leon fight, in order to stop Krauser. This chapter is the first to take place in an new section of the game: a ship dock littered with turrets and cannons. Ada hurries through the locale, and after a small scare on one of the ships, she stops the fight and saves Leon.

In Chapter 5, the final chapter, the mission is simple: retrieve the sample. Taking place at the very end of the game, Ada is making her way through the camp Leon had fought through with the help of his helicopter buddy, Mike. After she kills the straggler soldiers, she's confronted by Krauser again. This time, however, he wants to fight Ada. This fight takes place after Leon had "killed" Krauser; however, he is just as tough as he was in the Leon fight. Ada dispatches him. She makes her way towards the room where Leon and Ashley ran into Saddler. Ada interrupts their confrontation and makes the two run away. Ada faces Saddler, who is in a more human form than Leon is later exposed to. After the battle seems over, Ada grabs the sample; yet, she is captured, this time by Saddler. She wakes up just prior to Leon and Saddler's final fight. Leon releases her. Ada stands back as they fight, noticing a rocket launcher. Ada hurries to the launcher, and throws it to Leon, who uses it to destroy Saddler once and for all. Ada takes the sample from Leon, sets the island to self-destruct, and escapes on a helicopter. She returns the Plagas sample to Wesker, however, it is revealed a fake; Ada hands the real sample to an unknown, rival organization.

Professional Mode

Completing the game on Normal difficulty unlocks Professional mode, in which enemies have increased health, attack speed and power. Enemy drops likely contain more money but less ammo and quick time events require quicker mashing and reactions.

Once the player has completed professional mode, they unlock the Plaga Removal Laser 412 (P.R.L. 412), a laser rifle that has infinite ammo and can one-hit-kill almost every enemy and boss. The weapon can be acquired freely from the Merchant in a completed game. On the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or new Steam PC version, the player gains the achievement "A Heart of Steel" for completing professional mode.


Resident Evil 4 was first announced in 2001. It went through a long development period, during which various versions of the game were scrapped. One of its earlier builds was regarded as too great a departure from the series and was retooled and re-branded as Devil May Cry.

No Caption Provided

A later version bore a greater resemblance to the previous Resident Evil's, retaining fixed camera angles and a focus on exploration and puzzles. Although when Leon aimed, the camera would switch to RE4's over-the-shoulder perspective. This version premised Leon's injection with the progenitor virus (as opposed to the parasite, Las Plagas) which caused hallucinations, introducing a psychological element to the game. Due to a ghostly apparition that wielded a hook for a weapon, this version has been coined the Hookman Build. Paul Mercier can still be heard providing the voice for Leon's cries of pain when attacked, and many of the build's sound effects originated from the 2002 Resident Evil remake, such as the handgun firing, footsteps, and locked door sound effects. QTEs were shown to already be in effect for this build; the suits of armor that will attack Leon whence he gets close enough is another aspect that made it into the final release.

While initially directed by Kazuhiro Aoyama, who is otherwise best known for directing Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, troubles in development forced the build to be scrapped and for Mikami to then take over. He further believed that the Hookman build's themes were too 'supernatural'. Due to the poor sales of the Resident Evil remake back during its exclusivity on the Gamecube, Mikami opted to steer the series into a more action-focussed design.

Differences between Regional Versions (JAP, U.S. and PAL)

Other than the game being called BioHazard 4 in Japan, there is a more subtle difference between the versions concerning Ashley Graham, as her breast size was increased overall for the game's US and PAL release. In addition, the Japanese version cuts some scenes featuring Dr. Salavador, the chainsaw Ganados, because of gore and violence.

The differences in the PAL version are found in mercenaries mode. Throughout each stage, the enemy counts and triggers are lowered, and rifle ammo will only appear in quantities of two and three, instead of three and five.


Resident Evil 4 was a large departure from the past Resident Evil games. Capcom stated that Resident Evil sales had been declining for some time, and that gamers - and even the producers themselves - were tiring of the old Resident Evil formula. Capcom took the risks involved with making changes, and the game was a blockbuster hit.

It sold millions of copies, more than any other Resident Evil game at the time, and became one of the highest rated games ever. It sold so well that Capcom ported the game to the PS2, ending the "GameCube Only Deal". It was, moreover, ported to the PC and then again to the Nintendo Wii. The PC port, while receiving positive reviews, was criticized for its sub-par keyboard controls, lack of mouse support and low quality cut-scenes. Because of Resident Evil 4's reception, its controls were kept and improved in Resident Evil 5, pushing the action further.


Despite Mikami's intention of making Resident Evil 4 a Gamecube exclusive, the game ended up receiving more ports than any other game in the series. The HD remake released on Steam in 2014 is officially considered the "definitive edition" of the game.

PublicationGameCubePlayStation 2PCWiiPS3Xbox 360

PlayStation 2

Released on October 25, 2005 in North America, the PlayStation 2 features a brand new scenario called "Separate Ways", an exclusive campaign for Ada Wong. While nothing much was changed in translation, the PS2 version was criticized for its inferior graphics.


The first PC port of Resident Evil 4 was developed by SourceNext in Hong Kong and published by Typhoon Games. It was released in Japan on May 15, 2007, with March releases in Europe, North America and Australia, all of where it was published by Ubisoft. This port contains the bonus features from the PS2 version, such as "Separate Ways", the P.R.L. 412 laser cannon, and a second set of unlockable costumes for Leon and Ashley, as well as an easy difficulty level. It also supports multiple widescreen resolutions. The shadow and lighting issues were fixed in the first and only patch for the game, Version 1.10.

Surprisingly, the PC port does not support the mouse.

Nintendo Wii

In May 2007, a re-release version of BioHazard 4 made its way to Japan. This did not include any new features, save a trailer for Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles; however, it did retain extras from the PlayStation 2's version and the GameCube's visuals. Widescreen is anamorphic. This version allowed for aiming with the Wii's IR functionality.

The game is compatible with multiple controller schemes, including the following.

  • Wiimote/Nunchuck
  • Classic Controller
  • GameCube Controller


In July 2009, an iPhone version of Resident Evil 4 was released on the Japanese iTunes App Store. It came to the U.S. store, too; however, it is a drastically inferior, boiled-down level-based version of the game, much more arena shooting than adventuring. Capcom later created an iPad version.

Xbox 360 and PS3

On March 23, 2011, Capcom confirmed that Resident Evil 4 HD and Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD would come to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network as two separate downloads, on September 20, 2011 and September 27, 2011. Though it was also released as a disc compilation called the BioHazard Revival Selection, but only in Japan.

The HD version features all the extras from the previous releases.

Steam Version, PC

In January 2014, Capcom announced a new Steam version would release February 27th, 2014. It featured a visual overhaul, sixty frame per second, optimized wide screen, Steam achievements and trading cards, worldwide leaderboards, full-controller support, native keyboard and mouse support, subtitles in common languages and all content from previous versions. If the player pre-ordered, he received eighty pages of digital art and sixty-two songs in the official soundtrack.


  • Resident Evil 4 includes many references to the Luc Besson movie, Léon: The Professional. Not the least of which is of course Leon Kennedy sharing a first name, but also the burst-fire handgun Matilda, which references the Natalie Portman character of the same name, and the unlockable difficulty setting 'Professional' referring to Léon's subtitle.
  • The dog that Leon can save from a bear trap early in the game has a striking resemblance to Hewie from the survival horror game of the same year Haunting Ground.
  • The Merchant character's famous ''Whatta ya' buyin''' line has been referenced in innumerable games since, including Bayonetta and Dust: An Elysian Tail.
  • Nine years after the release of Resident Evil 4, Mikami directed The Evil Within, which in itself is seen as a sort of spiritual successor to RE4 with many references therein to his previous work. However the game's reception was much more divisive than what RE4 saw.

PC System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 2000
  • CPU: Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 1.4 GHz (single core)
  • RAM Memory: 256MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 7GB
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible card with 128MB RAM with Pixel Shader 2.0 support
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • OS: Windows 2000
  • CPU: Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 2.4 GHz (single core)
  • RAM Memory: 512MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 7GB
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible card with 256MB RAM with Pixel Shader 2.0 support
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible

Ultimate HD Edition

  • OS: Windows XP/ Vista®, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz or better, AMD Athlon™ X2 2.8 Ghz or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GTS or better, ATI Radeon™ HD 4850 or better
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Standard audio device
  • OS: Windows Vista®, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Quad 2.7 Ghz or better, AMD Phenom™ II X4 3 Ghz or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 or better
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c

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