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Call of Duty 4 is a first person shooter that takes the action into modern times, a major change for the series. It includes an intense single player campaign and a deep multiplayer experience that allows players to level up and unlock weapons, as well as other things. It was developed by Infinity Ward and released for the Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 and PC. It was later ported to the Mac by Aspyr Media, and also to the Nintendo Wii.


In Call of Duty 4, the player assumes the role of two characters in the fictional war that takes place in the game. Sgt. John "Soap" MacTavish, a member of the British S.A.S. and Sgt. Paul Jackson, a member of the United States Marine Corps. Though missions for both characters take place in different locations they are both fighting toward the same goal; to stop the terrorist forces of Khaled Al-Asad and Imran Zakhaev from using a nuclear weapon they have obtained.

The art of infiltration

The game starts off with the player taking control of Soap, as the newest member of Captain Price's S.A.S. team. This acts as the tutorial mission, allowing players to grasp the basics of the game. This 'mission' also suggests a difficulty level to suit the player's ability based on how well they perform. It should be noted players don’t have to use the option recommended if they wish to use an easier or more difficult setting. After Soap finishes the group's obstacle course, he and other S.A.S. members are briefed for their upcoming mission to board a Russian merchant ship located in the Bering Sea to determine if any cargo contains a nuclear device. Upon entering the vessel and killing the well armed crew they confirm that there is a nuclear device on board, obtaining the manifest to further their investigation. But almost immediately upon verifying the deadly cargo, the ship is attacked by MiG fighter jets forcing the team to escape the sinking ship.

Having looked over the cargo manifest, it is revealed that a Middle Eastern rebel faction and a Russian Ultranationalist faction are working together. Ultranationalist leader Imran Zakhaev wishes to return Russia back into the Soviet Union and rebels against the current government. To avoid any attention, Zakhaev funds a militia in an unnamed Middle Eastern country led by terrorist Khaled Al-Asad. The country president Al-Fulani is sent to be executed personally by Al-Asad on live television.

Soon after the live execution, the S.A.S, aided by Sgt. Kamarov and Russian military are sent to search for an informant named Nikolai. Nikolai appears in all of the games in the series, though his real name is never given. Nikolai's cover is blown when he attempts to work undercover within the Ultranationalist movement. The joint operation is a success, and Nikolai is evacuated on a friendly helicopter. The helicopter is shot down during their travels, though Kamarov, Price, Soap and Nikolai all survive. A friendly AC-130 is called in to provide gunship support, as the Ultranationalist forces rally to find the survivors from the crash.

While Captain Price, Gaz, and Soap were rescuing Nikolai, the United States initiate a full on assault on the Middle Eastern country to stop Al-Asad. Sgt. Jackson, Staff Sgt Griggs, Lt. Vasquez, and the United States Marine Corps search for Al-Asad who might have been located in a television station broadcasting the anti-western propaganda. They fail, as he is never found in the station. It is shown that the station is playing a recording of the speech, as opposed to an actual live speech.

The Marines then help to push Al-Asad's forces out of the capital city. The player fights during the final assault on the remnants of Al-Asad's forces. Central Command comes through and indicates the Navy SEALs have discovered a nuclear weapon in the city, and that the US forces are to fall back and escape the city. During the evacuation, the player's team choose to try and evacuate a crashed AH-1 Cobra helicopter pilot. The evacuation of the injured pilot seems successful, but as the team's helicopter flies away the nuke detonates. The helicopter spins out of control and crashes to the ground, while Vasquez and the rest of the team are badly injured and killed. Jackson survives the initial blast. Severely injured he attempts to crawl away, but in his final moments sees the entire capital's destruction. Jackson dies a few seconds later from radiation poisoning, with all the player's controls restricted to a slow crawl.

Mushroom cloud from the nuclear blast.

Captain Price, Gaz, and Soap received intel from Nikolai that Al-Asad is hiding out in Azerbaijian, where they finally capture him. During interrogation, Al-Asads phone rings and then Price answers, discovering that it was Zakhaev who supplied the bomb. Price executes Al-Asad and reflects upon a failed assassination he engaged in during 1996, when Price himself was only a Lieutenant. Alongside his superior officer, Captain MacMillan, the two men infiltrate the Ukrainian city of Pripyat after its abandonment due to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

The goal of their infiltration is to eliminate Imran Zakhaev during an arms deal. The two man team make it to a vantage point in a ruined hotel, from which they can see the entire deal. MacMillan identifies Zakhaev, but due to the wind speed the Coriolis effect comes into play (this is the only time in the entire series where wind impacts on bullet travel). Price fires a .50 anti-tank round at Zakhaev, which successfully hits the target. While the shot strikes only an arm, the two men believe that the blood loss will be fatal in itself. They escape the hotel, having to shoot the pilot from a helicopter gunship preparing a strafing run of the hotel.

They flee the hotel, running to an extraction point where they were to be rescued by a helicopter. A hostile chopper attacks, and both Price and MacMillan manage to take out the pilot. The helicopter crashes, hitting MacMillan and rendering him unable to walk. Price carries him through the city towards the extraction point, where they wait for the friendly helicopter to arrive and fight off enemy soldiers who come in droves.

Members of the S.A.S., the Russian military, and the Marine Corps including friend of Sgt. Jackson, Staff Sgt. Griggs, form a joint operation to take down Zakhaev. Their first objective is to capture his son, Victor, in hopes to learn his whereabouts. Victor flees from the attempted ambush, and the team are forced to chase him through a city in order to extract information. Victor makes his final stand on the roof of an apartment block, and Soap is instructed to take his pistol from him. When Soap nears, Victor turns the gun on himself and commits suicide in front of the entire group.

Blaming the western world for the death of his son, Zakhaev plans an attack on the eastern coast of the United States with Russian missiles in order to exact vengeance. The combined US/UK forces arrive at the launch facility, attempting to kill Imran Zakhaev and secure the base. Before they can do so, Zakhaev manages to launch two nuclear missiles towards the US' eastern coast. The team are forced to sprint through the nuclear facility to reach the control room and kill the missiles in the air.

This is an explosion

The joint ops forces successfully disarm the missiles before they reach their targets but are soon surrounded by Ultranationalist forces. All of the surviving soldiers take off in stolen jeeps through the countryside around the nuclear base, with soldiers pursuing them in trucks and other jeeps. They are eventually cornered when an Ultranationalist Hind helicopter fires a missile at the bridge they are on, leaving them unable to escape.

Kamarov's men attempt to arrive and ambush the Ultranationalist forces, though are unable to do so. The team are floored when a gas tanker is blown up. Griggs attempts to pull Soap behind cover but is shot in the throat while doing so, and is killed within seconds from blood loss. The player observes as Zakhaev disembarks from the Hind, and begins to execute members of the team. Zakhaev shoots Gaz in the back of the head, as he attempts to look around.

Kamarov's forces arrive in time to destroy the Hind Zakhaev arrived on. Distracted by the destruction of the gunship, Zakhaev looks around alongside the two bodyguards with him. Price uses the chance to slide his pistol to Soap, who kills the three men while they are unaware. The story continues five years later in the sequel, Modern Warfare 2. There is an extra level, appropriately named "Epilogue," in which the player (it is unknown who the player controls) and a team secure a VIP on board a plane in flight. The mission is notoriously difficult to complete on Veteran due to the tight corridors, limited health, and time limit of only sixty seconds.

Campaign Missions

  1. F.N.G.
  2. Crew Expendable
  3. Blackout
  4. Charlie Don't Surf
  5. The Bog
  6. Hunted
  7. Death From Above
  8. War Pig
  9. Shock and Awe
  10. Safehouse
  11. All Ghillied Up
  12. One Shot, One Kill
  13. Heat
  14. The Sins of the Father
  15. Ultimatum
  16. All In
  17. No Fighting in the War Room
  18. Game Over


Like previous games in the series, Call of Duty 4 also has a multiplayer side, with different adversarial and objective-based modes that range from simple team deathmatch to games where one team must plant a bomb while the other defends the bombing positions. The players in COD4's multiplayer are class-based, and players quickly earn the ability to customize their own class. Aside from choosing a weapons loadout, each class also has three "perks," which are unique abilities that fall into three different lists to help keep them balanced. Perks include the ability to hold more ammunition, faster reload times, the ability to drop a live grenade whenever you die ("martyrdom"), and so on. Players earn in-game support attacks for getting kill streaks, allowing them to turn on radar to see enemy movements, or call in air strikes or chopper support to eliminate enemies.

Multiplayer gameplay

Players also have levels of experience, and getting kills or completing objectives in multiplayer games gives experience points. Going up in level unlocks additional weapons and perks. The player level tops out at 55, at which point players either keep all of their unlocked gear or opt for "prestige mode," which rolls everything to level one, but displays a new icon to other players to broadcast the choice to unlock everything all over again. There are ten total levels of prestige.

In April 2008, a downloadable pack of 4 maps was released for the PS3 and 360 versions at a price of $10. The maps included are: Creek, Broadcast, Chinatown, and a bonus map named Killhouse. Killhouse is mostly comparable to Shipment; the map can only be played on the modes Team Tactical and Cage Match. As a testament to the game's following, over one million people purchased the add-on on the Xbox 360 in the first nine days after its release. The PC version of the game received the map pack for free upon the release of the v1.6 patch in June 2008.

Another interesting element to the game is challenges. To help boost your XP and get to the highest rank, Infinity Ward has put challenges in. Each challenge will give you some experience points ranging from 50 to 1000. For most challenges you have to get a certain amount of kills or headshots with a gun. Other challenges consist of calling in 30 air strikes or survive for an entire match. When you rank up you unlock more challenges making it easier to get to the next rank. Some challenges have I II III next to them signifying what stage of the challenge you're on. The more advanced a challenge stage is, the harder it is to complete it and/or the more time consuming it is.

Multiplayer Game Modes

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare features 13 different game modes.

On the consoles these are:



4-8 Player Straight up slayer. Every man for himself, kill everyone. Score limit of 125 points with 5 points for a kill.

Old School Free-For-All

4-8 Player Straight up Deathmatch. Every man for himself, kill everyone. No classes, weapons are pick ups, health increased, no health regeneration and jumps are higher. Score limit of 125 points with 5 points for a kill.

Cage Match

1-vs-1 Deathmatch. 10 points for a kill with a score limit of 100.

Team Based

Team Deathmatch

6-vs-6 Straight up team deathmatch. Use teamwork to eliminate enemy players and reach the score limit of 750 points by earning 10 points per kill. Being one of the defining modes of the first-person shooter experience, Team Deathmatch typically has the highest number of players online.

Mercenary Team Deathmatch

6-vs-6 Team deathmatch with random teams. No parties allowed. Use teamwork to kill enemy players and reach the score limit of 750 points by earning 10 points per kill.


Up to 16 players trying to capture and hold 3 different flag locations placed around the map. There are three flags, identified as A, B, and C. A and C are close to their team's respective spawns, so much of the fighting ensues over Flag B. Should A or C be captured the spawns could be shuffled.

Ground War

9-vs-9 Big team games. Team Deathmatch & domination. Score limit is 1000 in Team Deathmatch with 10 point kills. Score limit is the same in Ground war domination as it is in regular domination.
Objective Based


6-vs-6 A neutral bomb is placed in the middle of the map and teams attempt to take the bomb and destroy the enemy's objective. The bomb carrier can be seen by all players. To win a team must plant the bomb at the enemy's objective and prevent the opposing team from defusing the bomb. If you die, the respawn time is seven seconds per respawn. This enables the other team to get a better chance of planting the bomb at the objective and holding it.


6-vs-6 A neutral base is marked to capture in the level. Each team fights to capture and hold the headquarters. You earn points by holding the headquarters but the team that holds the headquarters does not respawn if they are killed whilst holding the HQ. All players on the holding team will respawn once the HQ is destroyed by the enemy or after 60 seconds when the HQ is moved. Score limit of 250, 5 points are earned every 5 seconds a team holds the HQ.

Search & Destroy

6-vs-6 The attacking team must plant a bomb at one of 2 bomb plant sites to win, the defending team must either kill every member of the attacking team before they plant the bomb or they must defuse the bomb once it has been planted. For the attacking team to win they must either kill every member of the defending team or plant the bomb and prevent the defending team from defusing it before it detonates. The first team to win 4 rounds wins the match. Teams swap sides after 3 rounds

Team Tactical

3-vs-3 Smaller team games. Team Deathmatch, Domination, Sabotage, Headquarters and Search & Destroy.

Hardcore Team Deathmatch

6-vs-6 Same as team Deathmatch but with limited HUD, Increased bullet damage and friendly fire is on. Score limit of 750 with 10 points for a kill. A player will lose 10 points for a team kill but this does not decrease the teams total. Respawn times are subject to how long you lived and how many enemies you killed. If you kill no-one and last two seconds, you will most likely have a longer respawn time than somebody who lived longer and had more kills. If you kill your teammate, you will have to wait longer to respawn than normal.

Hardcore Search & Destroy

6-vs-6 Same as Search & Destroy but with limited HUD, increased bullet damaged and friendly fire is on. The first team to win 4 rounds wins the match. Teams swap sides after 3 rounds. Players lose 50 points for a team kill. Once you die, you don't respawn until the next round, even if you are killed by friendly fire.

Hardcore HQ

Hardcore HQ requires a lot more than just spamming the HQ position with grenades and running in guns blazing. Hardcore HQ encourages more tactical gameplay and communication to win with increased damage, no HUD elements, and friendly fire on.

On February 26th 2009 the Hardcore Headquarters playlist was added, this is the only one of the 7 playlists announced by Robert Bowling the Director of Communications/Community Manager for Infinity Ward to be released so far.

Available Weapons, Equipment, And Attachments

The following is a list of the available weapons in the game including their maximum and minimum amount of damage that their bullets can do. It should be noted that these stats are gathered from the game menus, and the menus are known to be incorrect, though are included for completion:

Assault Rifles

NameIn-Game StatsFire ModeImageInformation
M16A4Accuracy: 10/12
Damage: 7/12
Range: 9/12
Fire Rate: 9/12
Mobility: 8/12
Semi Automatic (3 Round Burst)
As a starting weapon in the game, the M16A4 sees plenty of usage. It is powerful, highly accurate, and has minimal recoil. It is a popular long-range assault rifle, though it is rarely used with standard iron sights since they are relatively obstructive when compared to the available alternatives.
AK-47Accuracy: 6/12
Damage: 9/12
Range: 9/12
Fire Rate: 6/12
Mobility: 8/12
Fully Automatic
The AK-47 is one of the most popular assault rifles in the world, and it is no exception within the game. It is one of the first two assault rifles available, along with the M16A4. Although its recoil is no match to the M16's laser-like bursts, its high damage, good single-shot accuracy, and fully automatic fire rate, make it a popular weapon on the battlefield.
G3Accuracy: 11/12
Damage: 9/12
Range: 9/12
Fire Rate: 4/12
Mobility: 8/12
Semi Automatic
The G3 is a German-made rifle, boasting high power and iron sights similar to the MP5. It is semi-automatic and is typically more common than the M14 in online play due to a number of reasons, though the lower recoil is a common reason. In the campaign it appears as fully automatic, though does not in multiplayer for balancing reasons.
G36CAccuracy: 8/12
Damage: 7/12
Range: 9/12
Fire Rate: 7/12
Mobility: 8/12
Fully Automatic
The G36c is a compacted version of the H&K G36 rifle, and is similar to the Bushmaster ACR in Modern Warfare 2 due to its lower damage but extreme accuracy. It is often compared to the M4 Carbine.
M4 CarbineAccuracy: 9/12
Damage: 5/12
Range: 9/12
Fire Rate: 9/12
Mobility: 8/12
Fully Automatic
The M4 Carbine is similar to the M16A4 in looks, though comes with a foregrip under the barrel. In addition it also experiences more recoil due to its fully-automatic firing pattern.
M14Accuracy: 9/12
Damage: 9/12
Range: 9/12
Fire Rate: 4/12
Mobility: 8/12
Semi Automatic
The M14 is semi-automatic, and highly powerful. It visually looks similar to the M21, though has different damage and a 20-round magazine. It is normally used with the Red Dot Sight since the iron sights are very unpopular. In Hardcore mode this is less of a problem, meaning that it is frequently seen with a silencer.
MP44Accuracy: 6/12
Damage: 9/12
Range: 9/12
Fire Rate: 3/12
Mobility: 8/12
Fully Automatic
The MP44 is a bonus reward weapon in the game, intended as a homage to the previous WWII guns in the series. It is the final new gun unlocked, since the Gold Desert Eagle is a reskinned model of the same gun. The MP44 acts like a poorer version of the AK-47 but due to its usage difficulty, lack of attachments and perception as an older weapon it is used by some players.

Submachine Guns

NameStatsFire ModeImageInformation
MP5Accuracy: 10/12
Damage: 9/12
Range: 5/12
Fire Rate: 8/12
Mobility: 12/12
Fully Automatic
The MP5 is the starting SMG, offering a good blend of power and accuracy. Many players find it ideal for these stats, and it is one of the more common weapons in online gameplay for this reason. The iron sights are similar to those of the G3, though they are bigger.
SkorpionAccuracy: 11/12
Damage: 9/12
Range: 3/12
Fire Rate: 9/12
Mobility: 12/12
Fully Automatic
The Skorpion is the first SMG unlocked, and it is also the least popular most of the time. The Skorpion is highly accurate but has very low damage outside its range. Inside its range it is the most threatening weapon in the game, alongside a shotgun. It is the same as the Klobb from GoldenEye
Mini-UziAccuracy: 9/12
Damage: 9/12
Range: 5/12
Fire Rate: 10/12
Mobility: 12/12
Fully Automatic
The Mini-Uzi fires quickly but has low damage and mild recoil to counter balance this. The Mini-Uzi is seen as one of the more difficult weapons to use but due to the 32-round magazine, it is regularly fitted with a silencer or Red Dot Sight.
AK-74uAccuracy: 8/12
Damage: 10/12
Range: 5/12
Fire Rate: 7/12
Mobility: 12/12
Fully Automatic
The AK-74u, alongside the MP5, is by far the most common SMG seen. The iron sights are similar to those of the AK-47 in-game, but are slightly different. Statistically the AK-74u is almost identical to the MP5, but it is seen more regularly in eSports leagues.
P90Accuracy: 9/12
Damage: 7/12
Range: 5/12
Fire Rate: 11/12
Mobility: 12/12
Fully Automatic
The P90 is the last SMG unlocked, and offers high rate of fire alongside its 50-round magazine. Due to the size of the magazine the P90 has the largest capacity of any SMG in the game by a considerable margin.

Light Machine Guns

NameStatsFire ModeImage
M249 SAWAccuracy: 8/12
Damage: 5/12
Range: 9/12
Fire Rate: 9/12
Mobility: 4/12
Fully Automatic
RPDAccuracy: 7/12
Damage: 9/12
Range: 9/12
Fire Rate: 6/12
Mobility: 8/12
Fully Automatic
M60Accuracy: 8/12
Damage: 10/12
Range: 9/12
Fire Rate: 3/12
Mobility: 4/12
Fully Automatic


NameIn-Game StatsFire ModeImage
W1200Accuracy: 3 / 12
Damage: 11 / 12
Range: 2+ / 12
Fire Rate: 2+ / 12
Mobility: 12 / 12
Pump Action
M1014Accuracy: 3 / 12 Damage9+ / 12 Range2 / 12 Fire Rate
4 / 12 Mobility: 12 / 12
Semi Automatic

Sniper Rifles

NameStatsFire ModeImage
M40A3Accuracy: 9+ / 12
Damage: 9+ / 12
Range: 12 / 12
Fire Rate: 2+ / 12
Mobility: 8 / 12
Bolt Action
M21Accuracy: 7 / 12
Damage: 8 / 12
Range: 12 / 12
Fire Rate: 6 / 12
Mobility: 8 / 12
Semi Automatic
DragunovAccuracy: 7 / 12
Damage: 9+ / 12
Range: 12 / 12
Fire Rate: 6 / 12
Mobility: 8 / 12
Semi Automatic
R700Accuracy: 8+ / 12
Damage: 11 / 12
Range: 12 / 12
Fire Rate: 2+ / 12
Mobility: 8 / 12
Bolt Action
Barrett .50 CalAccuracy: 7 / 12
Damage: 11 / 12
Range: 12 / 12
Fire Rate: 4 / 12
Mobility: 8 / 12
Semi Automatic


NameStatsFire ModeImage
M9Accuracy: low/med
Damage: low
Range: close
Fire Rate: n/a
Mobility: 12 / 12
Semi Automatic
USP .45Accuracy: low/med
Damage: med
Range: close
Fire Rate: n/a
Mobility: 12 / 12
Semi Automatic
M1911Accuracy: low/med
Damage: med
Range: close
Fire Rate: n/a
Mobility: 12 / 12
Semi Automatic
Desert EagleAccuracy: low/med
Damage: med
Range: close
Fire Rate: n/a
Mobility: 12 / 12
Semi Automatic




There are a total of 22 perks available for use once they have been unlocked in Multiplayer. The 22 perks are split into 3 different groups. You can only use 1 perk from each group and if you choose to use a Grenade Launcher or Grip attachment on your weapon you will not be able to choose a perk from section 1.

Section 1 Perks

C4 x2Gives you the use of 2 explosive packages that can be detonated remotely.
C4 x2
Special grenades x3Gives you 3 special grenades in your inventory instead of 1. This perk cannot be selected if you are using smoke grenades as your special grenade.
Special Grenades x3
RPG x2Gives you an RPG-7 and two rocket propelled grenades for use alongside it.
RPG-7 x2
Claymore x2Gives you two trip detonated mines. Typically ideal for snipers or for covering doors and ambushes.
Claymore x2
Frag x3Gives you 3 grenades in your inventory instead of 1.
Frag x3
BandolierGives you up to 3x more ammo.
Bomb SquadAllows you to spot enemy explosive devices by placing a visible skull above them.
Bomb Squad

Section 2 Perks

Stopping PowerIncreases weapon damage to 140%.
Stopping Power
JuggernautTakes 75 % of the damage that is dealt by explosives or bullets.
Sleight of HandReloads take half the normal time.
Sleight of Hand
Double TapIncreases rate of weapon fire to 135%.
Double Tap
OverkillAllows you to carry two primary weapons instead of a primary and a pistol.
UAV JammerStops you from becoming visible on the enemy's radar when they call in UAV.
UAV Jammer
Sonic BoomIncreases damage dealt by explosives to 125%. This applies to all explosives such as C4 and the grenade launcher.
Sonic Boom

Section 3 Perks

Extreme ConditioningDoubles the amount of time you can sprint for.
Extreme Conditioning
Steady AimMakes hip fire 35% more accurate.
Steady Aim
Last StandAllows you to drop to the floor and pull out a pistol before you die. If you are using overkill and last stand it defaults to the M9 when you go into last stand.
Last Stand
MartyrdomAllows you to drop a grenade with a 2.5 second fuse once you die.
Deep ImpactIncreases your ability to shoot through walls and surfaces.
Deep Impact
Iron LungsDoubles the amount of time you can spend holding your breath whilst using a sniper rifle.
Iron Lungs
Dead SilenceDecreases the amount of noise you make whilst moving.
Dead Silence
EavesdropAllows you to overhear the enemy's voice chat within a 30 meter radius.


There are 55 ranks in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. To progress through the ranks you must earn XP. You earn XP by getting kills, capturing objectives, completing challenges and pretty much anything you do in MP will earn you XP. You start off at rank 1 with only a few weapons available to you and you do not have some perks that you will obtain as you progress through the ranks. Every three ranks the rank changes (The ranks in between these have numbers, e.g. Private I, Private II, etc.)

  • Level 1: Private
  • Level 4: Lance Corporal
  • Level 7: Corporal
  • Level 10: Sergeant
  • Level 13: Staff Sergeant
  • Level 16: Gunnery Sergeant
  • Level 19: Master Sergeant
  • Level 22: Master Gunnery Sergeant
  • Level 25: 2nd Lieutenant
  • Level 28: 1st Lieutenant
  • Level 31: Captain
  • Level 34: Major
  • Level 37: Lieutenant Colonel
  • Level 40: Colonel
  • Level 43: Brigadier General
  • Level 46: Major General
  • Level 49: Lieutenant General
  • Level 52: General
  • Level 55: Commander

Prestige Mode

  • Prestige mode is only included in the PS3 & 360 versions of the game. It is unlocked when a player reaches a total of 125490 XP.
  • You do not lose your place on any leaderboards if you enter prestige mode, you also do not have to re-unlock playlists you have unlocked previously.
  • Prestige mode allows a player to reset their rank and lose all their perks, weapons and camouflages they have unlocked whilst reaching level 55.
  • The only thing that prestige gives you is a new symbol next to your GamerTag or PSN ID each time you enter it.
  • You can enter prestige mode a total of 10 times.
  • There have been several rumors that reaching 10th prestige level 55 allows you to use 2 gun attachments at once, these rumors are not true, the same goes for reaching 10th prestige Level 55 and completing every single challenge in the game. The only thing you get is the gold cross symbol next to your Gamertag or PSN ID.

Multiplayer Maps

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare originally shipped with 16 multiplayer maps. A few months after the games release Infinity Ward made another 4 maps available for download on the PSN and XBLM known as the Variety Map Pack. The maps included in the map pack are Broadcast, Chinatown, Creek and Killhouse.

Original Game
A smaller urban map offering prime locations from which to throw frag grenades, due to the nature of the different sides of the road. Both sides are able to provide covering fire from opposite sides, meaning that entrapment is often avoided by using the other side of the map instead.
A construction site in a Middle Eastern locale, including damaged buildings as well as a building under construction. This map is often seen in professional eSports leagues. Two mounted machine-guns provide fire across two different corridors of attack, making for a difficult fight should these guns be used effectively.
An Eastern European map located in the Ukraine or a former Soviet nation, Bloc features two opposing apartment blocks. Typically snipers fire across from building to building, though this can provide opportunities to rush and flank opponents in buildings as well as also to push and control both apartment blocks.
Bog - Difficult, dark map that has spots of foliage and uneven ground. Class choice to counter the other team is advised.
Crash - One of the favorites, Crash is a very well designed medium sized map that caters to numerous play styles over any mode.
While Crossfire initially appears to be a long sniper's playground, the buildings on either side of the map allow for closing the gap with enemies very quickly, meaning many different weapons can prove effective in the area.
Countdown - A huge open map, ideal for snipers.
District - A long alley along the top and side of the map are largely useless, as the best action takes place amongst the market stalls in the two central areas.
Downpour - Sloping map set on a Russian farm. Very dangerous to stay in one place for too long.
The favorite map for sniping as it very large in size size and covered in shrubbery. Considered one of the best maps, but those favoring short-medium range classes may suffer. Close range engagements are typically brief skirmishes, centered around the buildings and prime vantage points for snipers.
Pipeline - Plenty of sniper spots to be found surrounding these two large warehouses beside a derelict railway line.
The smallest map in Call of Duty 4, Shipment is difficult to do well on due to the chaotic nature of gameplay. In Hardcore mode in particular, dying on this map is a highly regular activity. When an airstrike is inbound it is advised to not spawn for a few seconds, since it is possible to die from one strike more than once.
Showdown - Ideal for campers, a small, self contained map with lots of corners to hide around.
Strike - Big town area that has something for everyone. Tightly designed, air strikes can be devastating.
Vacant - Big warehouse with a lot of narrow corridors that makes for some difficult tactical choices.
Wet Work - Long ship caught in a storm. Sniper spots at either side, but it's difficult to get a good line of sight in amongst the containers.
PC Only
Winter Crash
A free remake of the existing map Crash, though with a winter theme and snow. Winter Crash was the only free map for Call of Duty 4, and was a PC exclusive. It was added to the game alongside other tweaks and updates made in Update 1.4.
Variety Map Pack
Broadcast is based upon the television station shown during the mission 'Charlie Don't Surf', though has been modified to work as a multiplayer map. Players outside the station are able to find a number of different entrances and many people avoid the conventional corridor entrance to add unpredictability to the map.
Chinatown is a reskin of Carentan from Call of Duty 2, featuring a chaotic map design with many vantage points for snipers, as well as routes for rushers and flankers to take out the snipers. Grenades can be incredibly effective in Chinatown since many people stay close to windows, which make prime targets for explosives.
Creek is a dried up riverbed, with housing on one side and a farm on the other. Set in Eastern Europe, Creek is an ideal map for snipers due to the amount of shrubbery around the area, acting as natural camo alongside the ghillie suits.
Killhouse is the smallest map in the Variety pack, coming second to Shipment in overall size (or lack of it). Killhouse seems to be set within a training ground in the UK, which makes it the only map in the entirety of the game to be set outside of Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

System Requirements

As written on the back cover of the box (please note only the minimum requirements are given)

Minimum System Requirements: Software Requirements:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista (Windows 95/98/ME/2000 are unsupported).
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0c (included).
  • 3D Hardware accelerator card required - 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 128MB hardware accelerator video card and the latest drivers.
  • 100% Windows XP/Vista compatible mouse, keyboard and latest drivers.
  • 6x DVD-ROM Drive.

Hardware Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz / AMD 64 2800 / Intel and AMD 1.8Ghz dual core processor or better supported.
  • RAM: 512MB (Windows XP), 768MB (Vista).
  • GPU (Video card): Nvidia GeForce 6600 or better or ATI Radeon 9800 Pro or better.
  • Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card.
  • HDD: 8GB of uncompressed free hard disk space (plus 600MB for Windows XP/Vista swap file).

Multiplayer Requirements:

  • Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported.
  • Internet play requires broadband connection and latest drivers.
  • LAN play requires network interface card and latest drivers.

Mac system requirements:

  • CPU: Intel dual core processor
  • Ram: 1GB (2 is recommended)
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce (comes in most desktop macs and the mac book pro / only the 2009 mac books and up have an Nvidia graphics card
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c
  • HDD: 7GB of free space on hard drive

Latest patch

The latest patch for the PC version is patch 1.7 that was released on June 30th 2008. The patch is 37.24MB in size but please note that one must already have patch 1.6 installed prior to installing patch 1.7 since patch 1.6 is the map pack and is 162MB in size. All patches are available through the Infinity Ward website.

Xbox 360 Installation

Installing the Xbox 360 version of the game to the hard drive requires 6.5GB of free space.

Wii Version

The Wii version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, eventually subtitled "Reflex Edition," was delayed to November 10, 2009 to allow Treyarch to finish Call of Duty: World at War. Because the IW Engine which ran Call of Duty 4 was not compatible with the Wii, Treyarch had to completely remake the engine for it to run on the console.

Since the Wii's RAM was lower than the other consoles, the game could not load full levels at one time like the HD versions did. Treyarch instead segmented the levels so that different parts could "stream in" as the player progressed through the level.

Real-time lighting was dropped in favor of pre-baked lighting effects, using colored textures and polygonal shadows to create the illusion of real-time lighting to both save on budget and time. Wii Speak support was also not added, although the game's full online multiplayer mode remains intact. Using inspiration from games like The Conduit, the Wii remote controls were fully customizable.


The Wii version of COD4 was criticized as being a sub-par port of the original game.

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