My Video Game Collection: Haiku Edition

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Posted by ZombiePie

I know I'm late when it comes to recognizing your list, but it's pretty awesome to read. Great job!

Posted by JokerSmilez

I find it odd that there are no SNES games on this list. It seems you really like Zelda and Metroid but no Link to the Past or Super Metroid?

Posted by DaemonicGrim

your dedication blows my mind. Fantastic list.

Posted by SpawnMan

An awesome list dude, 
Check out mine some time too please, 
We can be list buds!

Posted by Eljay
@JokerSmilez:  My collection is reflective of the games I owned when the system was current. Growing up I chose the Genesis over the SNES so I had to get my Mario, LTtP, and Super Metroid fixes at my friend's house.
Posted by NickDynmo

Very clever! I love it!

Posted by datarez

That was an awesome list.  Good work.

Posted by doublezeroduck

Well done!!

Posted by ViciousAnchovy

This is how game summaries should be handled.

Posted by FUN


Posted by BBQBram

I lost it at "cartoons make war safe" and read the whole thing, good job sir!

Posted by abdo

Great list. I thought the same about Driver and EBA.

Posted by oscar

I don't like haikus, but I admire your commitment to this great idea.

Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish
Love the Burnout 3 haiku.