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The lab.

Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers is one of many successful collaborations between Disney and Capcom. It is the video game adaptation of the popular Disney cartoon by the same name.

Much like the cartoon, the game revolves around Chip, Dale, and their companions in the Rescue Rangers: Monterey "Monty" Jack, the female mechanic Gadget Hackwrench, and the housefly Zipper. The game takes either Chip or Dale through several varied locations on their quest to stop the evil, suit-wearing feline "Fat Cat".

Gameplay / Mechanics

The game is a basic platformer much in the same vein as other Capcom action/platforming games like Mega Man or DuckTales. The game utilizes the diminutive size of the characters to create large environments. Before the quest to stop Fat Cat and rescue Gadget is over the player will see the garden stage, the kitchen stage, the casino, the factory, a huge tree and many more. The player selects them from a Bionic Commando like map and all will involve jumping on huge things in the environment like books, cash registers or trashcans. The game features both single-player or 2-player Co-op. Chip/Dale can also collect Flower "cards" that will often require some searching under boxes to find them all.

Stage 1, Neighborhood. Chip has picked up an apple.

The game also draws on the success of Super Mario Bros 2, specifically the mechanic of picking up and throwing stuff. The same mechanic is in Rescue Rangers where Chip or Dale can pick up objects like apples (or the small boxes that are always scattered around the levels) and throw them at the enemy to stun or knock them out. They can also throw their co-op partner. Similar to New Super Mario Bros Wii, this mechanic is more often humorously used for competition than cooperation, throwing the partners into enemies or off cliffs. Zipper the bee acts as the invincibility star. On the rare occasion when the player finds him, they can mow down everything in their path.

The game includes many big bosses and defeating them often includes picking up objects and throwing them at their weak spots. The final boss fight pits the players against Fat Cat himself, where Chip and Dale must dodge the remains being flicked from a cigar while throwing a ball at Fat Cat's face.

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