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The story of The New Zealand Story takes place in the Zoological Garden of New Zealand's North Island. The two kiwis Tiki and his girlfriend Phee-Phee live happily together with the rest of the colony, until one day Wally Walrus comes to town. Wally captures the defenseless kiwis and carries them off to cages hidden in zoos and parks all over New Zealand. Trapped, they can only await their fate of being eaten by the Walrus!

Luckily, while Wally is busy thinking about kiwi meals, Tiki manages to escape from his cage and plans to save his girlfriend Phee-Phee and the rest of the colony. A race against time begins as Tiki battles with Wally's friends in the maze-like worlds of New Zealand's zoos, so that he can finally reach the evil Walrus and save his friends.


Lives, Continues and Scoring

You start the game with 3 lives. You can get a bonus life at 50,000 points and every additional 20,000 points after that. You lose a life when Tiki is hit or you when you run out of oxygen. You do not have to start the level from the beginning, though. You can resume your game directly where you died. At the beginning of the game you do not have any continues, but after completing stage 2-4 and 4-5 you are awarded a continue.

Each time you destroy an enemy you gain 150 points. Additionally, enemies drop bonuses after being defeated. The bonus items are worth 100 extra points and in some cases you also get a special power from them.

Bonus items include:

  • Fruit: These only give 100 extra points
  • Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Bomb, Laser Gun, Plasma Ball.
  • Joystick: This one is only useful for riding balloons. It allows you to control the balloon in a more sophisticated way than you normally can. It allows you to stay in mid-air (you normally have to go either up or down) and change the direction left, right, up and down.
  • Book: The book immediately destroys all enemies on-screen.
  • Potion: The potion grants Tiki temporal invincibility.
  • Stopwatch: All enemies are immobilized for a limited amount of time.


Tiki has four basic abilities: he can shoot his bow, walk, jump and swim.

Jumping can be alternated in height by holding down the button longer or shorter.

When swimming, Tiki only has a limited supply of oxygen. He can attack enemies from the water when coming up for air by squirting water at them.

Tiki is furthermore able to fly with the help of balloons. Balloons can be found scattered around the levels or he can steal them from enemies. There are six different kinds of balloons in total. Each of them has different characteristics.


There are 21 levels in total. All the levels are set in real life locations in New Zealand.

The game begins in Auckland, then passes through Rotorua, The Waitomo Caves, Wellington Strait, Cook Strait and Hammer Springs to the fi nal confrontation with Wally at Mount Cook. In every level you have to save one of your kiwi friends, until you finally reach your girlfriend Phee-phee. The enemies, however, are not your only problem: There is a time limit for every level. If you are too slow the Time Dragon will descend.

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