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Comix Zone is a game where you're fighting inside of a comic book while moving from panel to panel. You are able to use the environment to your advantage by knocking explosive boxes at enemies, or by ripping a piece of paper and turning it into a deadly paper plane. You have a trusty sidekick in the form of your pet rat, Roadkill. Roadkill had the ability to stun enemies and can help find hidden items/solve puzzles. You aren't limited to fighting with your hands though, you pick up various items throughout the game such as: bombs, grenades, knives and more. The game takes place across three episodes (split into two parts) and each episode ends with a boss fight. The game features multiple endings based solely around the outcome of your final fight with Mortus.

Comix Zone is considered to be a cult-classic for it's unique comic book idea and style. It was released rather late in the Genesis' life cycle and because of that it didn't sell well. It has more recently been re-released on the Wii's Virtual Console and as a part of both the Sega Genesis Collection (PS2/PSP) and Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (360/PS3). Most recently the game was ported to XBLA as part of Sega's Vintage Compilation promotion.


You play as Sketch Turner, a starving artist who gets sucked into his newest comic (Comix Zone) during a lightning storm. At the same time Mortus, main villain of his comic, manages to escape and now Sketch must find a way back to the real world. Mortus plans to free himself completely by killing Sketch while he's inside the comic and he does this by sketching in enemies among other things. When Sketch initially wakes inside of Comix Zone he meets Alyssa Cyan, a general who believes Sketch is their savior. Sketch is a bit reluctant to fight, but he knows that he doesn't have much of a choice. As he fights through the comic book he will inevitably have a final showdown with Mortus. What happens next is completely in your hands.


  • Episode 1: Night of the Mutants
  • Episode 2: Welcome to the Temple
  • Episode 3: Curse of the Dead Ships


Music for the game was composed by Howard Drossin.

Special Notes

  • Comix Zone was originally designed with a 6-button controller in mind and that is the way it's meant to be played. With a 6-button controller the X/Y/Z buttons each correspond to a separate item slot and the C-button is used for blocking (by default), or a special action which can be selected in the options menu. On a 3-button controller the C-button is used to cycle through items and pressing the A-button will use the highlighted weapon (blocking is automatic).
  • If the player kills all the enemies in a panel and repeatedly press down on the d-pad, Sketch will fart.
  • When the attack button is held, Sketch will tear a piece of paper from the background of the comic and fashion it into a paper plane, which he then throws at enemies and destructible objects. This action consumes a portion of his life.
  • Sketch's rat (Roadkill) can find hidden weapons, pull levers, and electrocute enemies - doing a small amount of damage. A particular enemy in the game has a phobia of rats that can be exploited.

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