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A red dot sight is used as a modern replacement to the traditional ironsights. A small piece of plastic or glass with a small red dot placed in the center is attached to the weapon to aid in sighting a target. To be used effectively, a red dot scope must still be lined up with the barrel of the gun and sighted down by the soldier, much like the standard ironsights, but the red dot provides full visibility around the target area, as opposed to ironsights, which only allow you to see above your target. In addition, a red-dot sight can be easily recalibrated or placed on a magnified scope, something difficult to do with ironsights.

One major advantage the red dot sight has over all other forms of sight is that it has no parallax with the weapon it is attached to giving it the ability to stay on target even when the operator of the weapon is viewing the sight off axis. This allows the operator a greater degree of freedom when using the weapon. It is achieved through projection of a red dot via a lens or lens array.

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