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A gruff, crude grunt, the Tank has the highest defense in the game. He carries a powerful flamethrower for short-ranged and mid-ranged combat and an accurate railgun for long ranges. He can also hover in the air by double-jumping.

Default Endorsements

  • Gold: Armor
  • Silver: Health Recovery
  • Bronze: Reload Speed


  • Jet Gun - A short range flamethrower that does massive damage up close and sets enemies ablaze for continuous damage. Secondary fire is an attack known as the 'Death Blossom Spin' where the Tank spins around rapidly, burning everything near him. This attack uses up his remaining ammo clip, forcing him to reload.
  • Rail Gun - A powerful long range weapon with precise aiming and the ability to penetrate through enemies. Secondary fire performs the Tank's grapple attack.

Skills and Upgrades

  • Product Grenade - Standard frag grenade. The first upgrade allows it to temporarily blinds enemies with advertisements. The second upgrade allows it to split into four separate grenades on impact.
  • Tank Deploy - Deploys the player into a stationary turret which takes less damage, recovers health faster, and increases the range of the Jet Gun. The first upgrade improves health recovery while the second upgrade adds ammo regeneration.
  • Jet Charge - Powerful charge that knocks enemies away. The first upgrade improves the damage done by the charge while the second upgrade knocks down enemies upon impact.
  • Tank - Passive upgrade that increases maximum health and health recovery.

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