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Holy Shit. 3

You know, as long as I've been anticipating the release of this game on the Xbox Live Marketplace, I did not expect this. Monday Night Combat is not just a great downloadable game, it is a great game in general. What's on tap here is almost enough to rival the likes of every other multiplayer juggernaut that thrives on the 360, and it has far more value than its $15 price tag warrants.  Let's start with the modes. While the most publicized DotA like mode Crossfire is in full effect, that isn't a...

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"Bacon makes you better at everything" 0

Combat sports have existed for centuries, but never like in Monday Night Combat. Starting up the game, you find yourself greeted with an extremely polished and yet incredibly off the wall tutorial that involves a contestant in the extravagant game that is Monday Night Combat. This theme of incredibly campy sporting events is present throughout as an exaggeration of how sports exist in modern times. The game makes  a joke of nearly everything as the entire premise of the game is one in which co...

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More Unique Than You'd Think 0

Despite frequent claims to the contrary, Monday Night Combat is more than a Team Fortress 2 ripoff. This quirky amalgamation of genres may  take some getting used to for seasoned shooter vets who are used to gunning for the highest kill count, but those who stick with it will find a surprisingly deep and rewarding shooter under the candy coated visuals.    The premise behind the latest Summer of Arcade release is that in the future, cloned soldiers will do battle in corporate-sanctioned arenas ...

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You Do Not Need to be Good At Shooters to Love This Game 1

What is there to be said about this game.  Its design is a combination of 3rd-person team based shooting (a la TF2), tower defense, a loot hoarding.   What makes the game play so enjoyable about this game is that one does not have to be good at shooters to be a good player in this game. As is the case with TF2 one can play as a support player and focus their energy on defending the base, escorting your team's bots, or buffing up your team members.  In fact in order for your team to be successful...

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Are You Ready For Some Combat? 0

Monday Night Combat (MNC) is a game that, in my opinion, is easy to dismiss based on looks alone.  You have the Team Fortress 2 art style and zany character depictions, class based combat, upgrade options, and custom class abilities so nothing new there.  How about adding tower defense into that...and what would you say about dashing in a little third person shooting as well?  Yeah, this book cannot be judged by its cover.   I won't go into any sort of detail about classes as you can easily Go...

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Revenge of the arena shooter: this time...on a console? 0

This game combines qualities of some extremely loved games.  The shooting feels like Unreal Tournament, the Custom Classes and endorsements (the three power-ups you choose for your character) feel like a Modern Warfare game, and the classes feel like Team Fortress 2.  Also, to my knowledge, it combines the gameplay of Defense of the Ancients, which to those uninformed, is an incredibly popular Warcraft III mod that spawned 3 full retail PC games like it in the past year or two.  And let's not fo...

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The TF2 Clone That Isn't a TF2 Clone 0

One look at Monday Night Combat and one thing jumps to your mind, "It's a Team Fortress 2 clone!". This really isn't the case, however. Monday Night Combat is a fast-pace addicting little mulitplayer game that just shares TF2's basic art style and general class system. If anything, it shares more of it's concepts with Defence of the Ancients as opposed to TF2.    The always difficult choice. The primary game mode in Monday Night Combat, Crossfire, involves you defending your base, known as...

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Post-apocalyptic future night's alright for fighting 0

The Summer of Arcade has certainly simmered down, as there exists a real lack of excitement over the impending releases in my mind. Maybe we peaked early with the semi-avant-garde Limbo, and are now reduced to retreading of old material. Take the redux of an 11 year old arcade boat racing game, or the bizarre repackaging of assets from the last 13 years of Castlevania games, or the return of 14 year old Lara Croft, who should have sagging chesticles at this point in her career. And what does it ...

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Play the Sport of the Future, Today! 0

Monday Night Combat is a multiplayer focused game that features two modes of play and a great cast of classes to control. Both modes of play allow you to level up and earn money, which is used to purchase call signs and custom slots that enable you to choose the perks you want for your favorite classes.    Assualt and Assassin talkin about their gameplan Blitz is a cooperative mode that supports four players taking on waves of enemy robots as they attempt to destroy your Money Ball, a golden ob...

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We've hit the JackBot! 2

An excellent class orientated Third-Person-Shooter for those familiar with this style or even for those who are completely new to it. Monday Night Combat (MNC) is one of the newer Xbox Live Arcade games that is getting people more into the idea of purchasing a downloadable game over retail. And to me, that's a major plus.  Even though the different number of classes is limited to 6, players get a wide range of ways to "tweak" or enhance their character's role with various endorsements/perks that...

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Well Worth the money 0

I got Monday Night Combat about a month ago and have played over fifteen hours of it this game is a beautiful blend of different types of game play. As long as both teams know what there doing or both are on the dame skill level this game can get into some pretty intense matches. It is well worth the fifteen dollars and the hard drive space on you Xbox. They have also recently put out some free DLC that add one new map to the crossfire mode and one new blitz mode for free. The new blitz mode wil...

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Everyone knows its a TF2 clone, but i don't care 0

 I said it in the title, its a TF2 clone. With a mix of DOTA and and generic third person shooter. But it is still a good game, it has a very cartoonish look that works for the game. The shooting is satisfying although incomprehensible at the start you slowly get the knack for it, (side note: if 2 people are shooting at each other in this game they can both die at the same time, which is awesome) and the melee is nice and fluid but it does take some time to get used to the minor delay for the an...

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$15 for any night of the week. 0

Microsoft's Summer of Arcade is a premiere filter for XBLA quality; while some games are hit-or-miss depending on the audience (Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, Hydro Thunder), it's a good bet that at least one of the games released during this time period is going to be hyped and sought-after. After Limbo's somewhat unexpected success and subsequent cult following, Monday Night Combat took the stage as the game on everyone's radar. Getting a game into the Summer of Arcade lineup is an achieve...

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Best XBLA Release of the Summer 0

So far, the Summer of Arcade releases have been pretty decent (with the exception of that Castlevania stinker).  Limbo blew me away with its presentation and style, Hydro Thunder and Lara Croft have been wonderful multiplayer experiences, but none of the releases have held a candle to Monday Night Combat in terms of replay value and straight-up fun.  One major factor Monday Night Combat has going for it is its light-hearted nature.  I played Limbo because it was basically pegged as a serious g...

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A DotA, TF2 love affair 0

I downloaded this game a few days ago expecting a clever little distraction, but what I got was much more.   For a downloadable game, it's surprisingly deep. The two game types in the game play incredibly different from each other. One involves blasting bots with your buddies while the other involves keeping enemy players away from your moneyball,  and both involve strategically building your defenses and your skills.  At it's very core, the game revolves around the moneyball. If that's destroye...

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Best....Load....Screen....Ever! 0

 posting this on behalf of my close friend Kimerex who doesn't have an account here yet.       The ideas represented in Monday Night Combat aren't by any stretch of the imagination new. If you are looking for something groundbreaking in terms of gameplay, this will not be that game. Honestly not many games out or even coming out will be that brand new, never before seen game. This is starting to make me focus more on the amount of effort put into the "personal touch" side of things. How much eff...

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A Great Console Game Masterfully Ported 0

Monday Night Combat is a third-person team-based shooter created by Uber Entertainment, previously released on Xbox Live Marketplace. Being a straight up console-to-PC port job, many believed that the transition would be harsh, but Uber has made sure those fears would be put to rest. Everything just comes together so well, making this an easy game to recommend.Gameplay is very interesting, combining a team-based attack/defense game with a slight strategy element. Each team is given computer-cont...

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CAUSE COMBAT IS ALWAYS MORE FUN ON A MONDAY NIGHT.   Monday Night Combat is an charming pick up and play team based third person shooter set in a futuristic game show environment, clearly inspired by the likes of Team Fortress 2 and Defence of the Ancients. This latest Xbox Live Arcade release is able to create a cocktail of both, resulting in a complex yet approachable shooter, one that contains a good amount of depth for those looking to personalize their characters abilities and skills. Even ...

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Monday Night Addiction 0

Monday Night Combat is a game that allot of people can get addicted to with its fast pace and class selection system its gives TF2 a run for its money but they only thing holding it back is the lack of customization. But never the less if you played TF2 and are looking for something new and fun MNC is it a cross of tower defense and 3rd person shooting MNC is sure to hold your attention for some time....

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Would love to play if I had an Xbox 360 0

I played this game at my friends house and had a lot of fun with it. It feals like they have incorperated many elements from other games in this title. Monday Night Combat has a class system similar to games like Team Fortress 2. There are also npc bots that walk on a set path to the enemy base. This is allot like Leage of Legions, or Dota. This is a reely cool mix. I could see myself having alot of fun with this game if I could play it on the PC....

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Combat for the whole week 0

Monday Night Combat takes multiplayer action to the next level. its smart class system and game modes make it an obvious choice for gamers looking for that next challenge on the XBLA. Monday Night Combat drops you into a tutorial right off the bat to let you know whats going on. you will play as a soldier here, but there are actually 6 classes for you to choose from. From an Assassin (my personal favorite) to a Support Character (Who helps repair robots and can heal you and your teammates), all ...

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not just TF2 1

 i walked into this thinking i would just get a tf2 clone but instead i get a tf2 clone and a tower defense game but you know im fine with it. its great and fun and good and great and fun and goood     i walked into this thinking i would just get a tf2 clone but instead i get a tf2 clone and a tower defense game but you know im fine with it. its great and fun and good and great and fun and goood i walked into this thinking i would just get a tf2 clone but instead i get a tf2 clone and a tower de...

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One of XBLA's best. 1

Typically when we think about multiplayer games the obligatory Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield come to mind. It was a shock to me that a $15 arcade game can not only pack a incredible amount of value but be a serious contender for your competitive play time. Monday Night Combat is a well-constructed shooter all around that proves downloadable console games can compete with the big boys. This game is a total blast that will easily ke...

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Tuesday Morning Review. 0

I won't lie I brought Monday Night Combat doing in like the Team Fortress 2 hat zombie I am, but did I find a fun game. Lemme say as far to its similarity to TF2 Monday Night Combat only goes as far as cartoony characters and changing of equiptment, but gameplaywise its different, theres 2 modes Blitz and Crossfire. In Crossfire its tower defense where you guide your robots to the enemies moneyball so they can destroy it as well as defending yoru own moneyball (which works as like a control poin...

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Let's get ready to rumble! 0

Music can be argued hasn't really been completely innovative for awhile. With Pro Tools, keyboards and synthesizers and samples, the days of old where the Beatles and Queen had to experiment and somehow cram all their tracks is kind of gone. Likewise the days of movies and their relationship with digital effects when the days of Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 and Star Wars which generated "holy ****, how'd they do this?" to "oh it was digital". Granted, that doesn't lessen the quality of a band's m...

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