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    Ooo, a rare GB wall post appearance! Thanks! It was a good one. ^_^
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    The world of Fallout is off the rails now. Hot diggity dang.

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    Sparkly how long does it take for a game to reviewed and added to the site? I currently submitted a mobile game that I stream on twitch and want the game to actually be a category to select. Thanks.
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    :DI really like showing this dumb thing to people. It's so great.

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    @bisonhero said:Oh man, @sparklykiss, you get a callout in this podcast. WHAT RESTAURANT/BAR DID YOU DIRECT THE BOMB CREW TO? We must know.It was some Mose's Roses place, I think? Maybe? Even *I* don...

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    @damodar: @generalbison: I think these ideas should be combined for Dan's Ultimate Kraft Brew. Or you could put gas station nacho cheese into a Bud Light bottle and with a few markers you've got Buddy...

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