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The Ammo Box is a mainstay of most gun-oriented games. In many games, the placement of an Ammo Box could spell the difference between victory and defeat.  No virtual soldier can go into battle without certainty that there will be plentiful boxes of ammunition waiting for him in the battle field.

The Ammo Box does not, necessarily, have to be a box.  These deposits could be in the form of a box, another similar weapon, a bag, or loose rounds.

While no soul alive can deny the usefulness or the necessity of the Ammo Box, it is in the area of plausibility that they raise eyebrows.  For games that strive for realism, having large collections of ammunition laying in the middle of a battlefield may break the illusion.  Also, the virtual soldiers never seem to question why the guns that their enemy use contain ammunition that is identical to the gun that he is using.  They also never question why they do not have to bend over and pick up the ammunition, but instead simply stand over it, and all of the bullets, cartridges, etc simply float into the weapon at hand.

The Ammo Box is truly an enigma that may just help enough to negate all of the confusion of which they are the source.

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