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Cate Archer on the No One Lives Forever box art.

Catherine Anne Archer was born in Scotland in late March 1942, however her mother never fully recovered from childbirth and died soon after. Her father then developed an alcohol addiction and eventually committed suicide in 1954, meaning Cate had to be placed in an orphanage. Through her teenage years she was adopted by a number of foster parents, however her stubborn personality meant that she didn't stay in one home for any considerable amount of time. Being alone, Cate developed the knack of getting into trouble, and began a career of petty crimes, and theft. She also turned to theft for which she found she had a particular knack, until in 1958 she tried to steal a watch from UNITY operative Bruno Lawrie. It was unbeknownst to Cate that Bruno worked for the organisation, nor that the watch she was carrying contained a tracker which allowed Bruno to track her to her house. When she returned home to find Bruno there, impressed with her skills he offered her a job working for UNITY to which she accepted.
Cate went on to take on the role of a typical 60s spy movie heroine, fighting alongside UNITY to take down the criminal organisation HARM who were attempting to use chemical weapons for nefarious purposes. Cate was UNITYs first female agent and as such was the victim of much prejudice from both her own organisation and her adversaries, however she has remained determined to prove herself as an anti-terrorist operative.


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