My Childhood! In List Form! About Games!

I started gaming at the round age of six. Some could say I was introduced pretty late, with some 1989'rs being born with a controller in their hand. Which then lead to their mum being abducted by the CIA to further investigate her miraculous ability to birth out gadgets. My first ever game was Pacman on some console I still can't remember the name of. I think it might have been a console specifically for Pacman, and it still stands as the only occurrence of me playing games with my mum. Even at the young age I think I done better than her... clearly gaming wasn't her destined forte'. In any case while my mums gaming halted there I carried on to the luxurious PS1.

From then a simple past-time quickly escalated to then becoming a common occurrence within my day-to-day activities, and was the most effective strike towards turning me into a complete recluse. But repercussions aside, I have myself a massive amount of fond memories neatly dipped into nostalgia that leaves the PS1 as one of my all time favourite consoles. During then, however, I did still downgrade in a sense to the Sega Megadrive II, and would also go on to share my PS1's dust shadow alongside a Sega Saturn. This all accumulated to a gosh darn damn load of games, and loads that built around my childhood and kept me safe in my little bubble. Before the mid-teen reality then popped it completely and plunged me into a World where the pause button is always broken!

This may not completely culminate my entire childhood of games, and I most certainly played a lot more during those days, but these are the ones that I so dearly loved and played to absolute death and beyond. And speaking of death, the list will predictably begin with:

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Posted by MatPaget

Finally finished reading it! 
You've inspired me to do the same, my friend!  
It'll be available sometime in fiscal 2012!

Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

Awesome list! We apparently had the same childhood.

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@birdflu777: Cheers! And a most blessed video game childhood you must have had then. X)

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Well... tbh I only read the 3 RE's and the broken sword entrys. For Resident Evil It was also there when I was a kid, I remember playing the original when my uncles friend brought it over and when I played it I never forget that game, classic. When 2 came around I got it out as soon as possible and really Enjoyed it over and over, excellent game. With Resident Evil 3 Nemesis was a real threatening monster, following me throughout Raccoon City and smashing each successive door I ran through away from him, that was unforgettable. I played Broken Sword: Shadow Of The Templars 6 Months ago and was throughly engaged, it really is one of the best adventure games out there, the Visuals, Story & Characters were Exceptional, a real example of a classic adventure game.

Posted by Toxin45

Well this is okay

Posted by drsalvador

I'm making at list similar to this and I swear dude you have like nearly half of what I've picked as well, possibly more haha. My list isn't finished yet but give it a glance to see what you think :)

Posted by drsalvador

Btw I completely agree with you on Jedi Power Battles, but honestly I don't think I could bring myself to play it today.

Posted by Yummylee

@drsalvador said:

Btw I completely agree with you on Jedi Power Battles, but honestly I don't think I could bring myself to play it today.

There's a lot of games on here I wouldn't want to touch again, because I know it would douse all of the nostalgia and force me to face the harsh reality of either how bloody awful they actually are, or at the very least how poorly they've aged. Cheers for the recommendation btw!

Posted by HellknightLeon

This is an awesome list. I love thinking back at the games I grew-up on. Lot of the ones on this list stick with me to this day and remind me how cool the 80s-90s were for gamers.