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Die Hard Arcade is a 3D brawler developed by Sega was released in 1996 in arcades and later ported to the Saturn. The game is known as Dynamite Deka in Japan and when the game was brought over to the United States, Sega rebranded the game as Die Hard Arcade. While borrowing likenesses from the film series, the game is in no way related to the film. The game features two playable characters, John McClane and a female SWAT member. The actors from the film did not support the game with voice work.


The president's daughter has been kidnapped by terrorists and needs to be rescued. John Mclane and a female SWAT member are sent into a building by helicopter where she is being held in order to save her. Mclane and his partner must battle through hordes of terrorists and defeat the man responsible for the kidnapping.


Die Hard Arcade is an action brawler where you travel room to room and defeat enemies. You are able to punch, kick and grapple enemies, and you can also use weapons. The weapons you can use include pistols, machine guns, shot guns, fire hydrants and numerous others. You are also able to capture and handcuff enemies to instantly defeat them. After you defeat all enemies in a room you will travel to the next destination.

One of the many quick time events

As you go to the new destination there will be a cutscene that usually involves a quick time event. Successfully completing the quick time event allows you to progress, but failure haults your progress and you will fight a group of enemies. Other quick time events occur which usually have the player avoiding obstacles coming their way. When you make it to the top of the building you will face the final boss, but you will fight him twice. The first fight takes place in an office and the second will be on the roof. After defeating the boss you will have saved the presidents daughter. Only if you are playing two player mode you will compete to become the body guard to the president's daughter, which essentially decides a winner between two players.

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