Peculiar Japanese Games I Love

Deadly Premonition is not my first peculiar, janky or oddball Japanese game, I've loved them for years! Here is a growing list of some of my favorites as I remember them and/or add pages for them!

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Posted by Apathylad

No Mister Mosquito? Son, I am disappoint. 

Posted by ShawnS
@Apathylad: it is perpetually expanding. I hadn't gotten to that or Mad Maestro yet! Thanks for reminding me!
Posted by Video_Game_King

I've my doubts you'd like Ore no Ryouri if you could understand it; judging by the title, it's a cooking sim.

Posted by ShawnS

@Video_Game_King: oh I've played it and loved how bizarrely committed it is to being a cooking sim. It's just so ultra dense with Japanese that I couldn't understand how to properly ladle the ramen noodle stock or chop my green onions fine enough.

Posted by medacris

I absolutely love Katamari Damacy and WarioWare (although I could never track down a copy of Twisted!), and Oendan's Americanized cousin, Elite Beat Agents, is pretty sweet. Awesome list!

Posted by ShawnS

@medacris: thanks! If you ever find Twisted at a decent price, get that! It's got one of my favorite WarioWare moments (probably more now, it's been a while)!

Posted by peritus

This list just increased my "to play" list!

Posted by ShawnS

@peritus: Ha! Excellent, what in particular? I just looked back through this list that's been growing for years and, man, I have some weird stuff on here.

Posted by peritus

@ShawnS: The one im most interested in is Ribit king, never heard of that before and it looks kind of fun ;p

But also all of those "disaster " games look cool.

19 and 20 also look super weird, id like to find those aswell!

Posted by ShawnS

@peritus: Ribbit King's also on PS2, not sure which would be cheaper to get right now. I don't think it ever became super rare and it's definitely an under-the-radar game so collectors shouldn't have driven up the price. It's totally worth $30 though, we barely ever get off the first course but it's so full of madness and random, stupid 'Frog in One' shots.

The Disaster games are really cool too, but they were getting hard to look at even when they came out. I usually see Raw Danger at local shops for less than $3 and there's no real connection to Disaster Report so don't worry about playing in order or anything. And yeah man, both Ouendans are so, so great. I have cried with joy over those games many times.