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The next in a long running series of vehicular action games, Runabout 3D expands on the formula of previous entries with new environments, vehicles, features and goals. Players move through episodes set in specific locations while aiming to complete several objectives. Each episode has a specific goal (following a target, planting bombs or finding other objects) as well as secondary objectives like setting a new fastest time, maximum speed, longest jump and others. Similar to previous titles every object the player hits adds a dollar value to a property damage total which is another way to unlock things. Five difficulty settings alter the requirements and rewards for each episode.


The game includes 15 default vehicles to choose from, each based loosely on real world vehicles. Each can be customized with user-defined paint jobs and players can tweak numerous settings including downforce, steering, suspension, and more. A series of items can also be unlocked and equipped to add unique abilities including nitro boosts, traffic-clearing police sirens, regenerating health, and a roof-mounted shark that allows vehicles to covertly drive around under the street (!?).

  • GAM 1500 - the iconic Dodge Ram from the Runabout series
  • Patrol 1
  • Veepa 400 - a Vespa 400
  • Scooter
  • Dodgen 500 - a Shelby GT500
  • Pinks ‘59 - a Cadillac Series 62
  • Line Bus - NABI 416
  • H-DAVIS - a Harley Davidson Sportster
  • F1 BLUEROD - Ferrari F60
  • Honjo NR288 - an NSX with the rear of a 288 GTO
  • Spy Car - possibly an homage to recent Spyhunter games
  • Power Foot - Bigfoot
  • Bulldozer
  • Tank 10
  • Standcycle - a Segway lookalike

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