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Title screen

Christmas NiGHTS is an extended demo of the original NiGHTS: Into Dreams. Featuring identical gameplay, it gives you the opportunity to play as either Claris Sinclair or Elliot Edwards (as well as the game's namesake, NiGHTS) in the level "Spring Valley" reskinned to match whatever season it is in real life. (Determined by the Sega Saturn's internal clock.) Like the original NiGHTS into Dreams, the ultimate goal of the level is to fly around and reclaim the four "Ideya" spheres that have been stolen from you. After collecting an Ideya from an ''Ideya Capture'' you must return to the Ideya Palace at the start of the level to be graded on your performance and to start your quest for the next one. Collect all four, and you face off against a boss: in the case of the demo, a giant winged lizard called Gilwing.

Christmas Nights is a Christmas-themed reskin of Spring Valley from Nights into Dreams, plus a new 2nd version of that stage.

Unique to Christmas NiGHTS is a bevvy of holiday-themed goodies - the biggest of which being the title's namesake; if the Sega Saturn's internal clock is anytime within the month of December, the entire demo transforms to feature an all-new Christmas-based storyline and visual style, in which Elliot, Claris, and NiGHTS are tasked with retrieving the missing Christmas Star for the city's giant Christmas Tree display. Christmas NiGHTS's version of Spring Valley is completely revamped with holiday graphics and music, and NiGHTS itself is decked out in a Christmas costume. Playing Christmas NiGHTS at any other time of the year will simply result in the game referring to itself as "NiGHTS: Limited Edition".

Sonic had a little too much nog.

Completing "Spring Valley" as either Claris or Elliot will reveal an icon-matching Memory minigame. Match two icons and you unlock that specific extra. Which extra you unlock corresponds to which icons you matched. The extras in Christmas NiGHTS are surprisingly extensive for a demo, including things such as concept art image galleries, archival video of NiGHTS into Dreams trailers from the Tokyo Game Show, enhanced music players, tools to analyze your save data and progression from the full retail version of NiGHTS into Dreams, and even a bonus mode where you play as Sonic the Hedgehog running around Spring Valley with 3D gameplay, ending with a custom boss fight against Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. (Which turns out to be a reskinned version of one of the bosses from NiGHTS into Dreams, although playing as Sonic instead of Nights provides a gameplay twist.)

Christmas is saved!

Complete Spring Valley as both Claris and Elliot in a single sitting and the ending to the storyline will play out, complete with wishes of a "Merry Christmas".



Character select screen.


  • Spring Valley (This is in fact an all new stage, although the same environment.)


  • Frozen Bell, for Link Attack Mode. (But only MARE 1 is used. The full stage remains exclusive to NiGHTS into Dreams.)
  • Although not a new stage, Sonic can be unlocked and played as in Spring Valley. (His gameplay is similar to playing as the kids Claris and Elliot, but Sonic is a bit more powerful than they are.) This mode is called ''Sonic into Dreams''.

Unlockable Presents

Unlockable content in Christmas NiGHTS includes...

NiGHTS Museum

  • This makes up the bulk of the unlockables in Christmas NiGHTS. There are 15 image galleries total.

Karaoke Mode

  • The main theme song of NiGHTS into Dreams, "Dreams Dreams", plays with viewable lyrics and various audio altering options.

Link Attack Mode

  • Try to keep your "link combo" going as long as possible in the first section of Frozen Bell, from the full version of NiGHTS into Dreams.

Time Attack Mode

  • Collect all the items in the first section of Spring Valley as quickly as possible.

Melody Box

  • Listen to all the 20 different variations of each song from all the levels in NiGHTS into Dreams.

Nightopian Collection

  • Check the moods of all the hundreds of little Artificial Intelligence creatures that populate the levels in your save file for the full version of NiGHTS into Dreams.

Movie Files

  • View both the Tokyo Game Show 1996 and Summer Special 1996 trailers for NiGHTS into Dreams.

''SONIC into Dreams''

  • Run around Spring Valley as Sonic the Hedgehog as you race against the clock to complete the level on foot.


  • Unlocked by playing on April Fools Day, this option allows you to play as Reala, a boss character commonly known as NiGHTS's evil twin from NiGHTS into Dreams.

Christmas NiGHTS

  • After completing Christmas NiGHTS, you are given the option to play it at any time of the year.


Christmas Nights asks the player to confirm the time and date.

The music for both NiGHTS into Dreams... and Christmas NiGHTS was composed by Naofumi Hataya, Tomoko Sasaki, and Fumie Kumatani. The game contains one vocal track:

  • "Dreams Dreams", by Akira Sasaki with vocals by Curtis. King Jr., and Dana Culitri


  • The concept of changing seasons and holiday-themed costumes for Christmas was something SonicTeam wanted to implement in the main NiGHTS into Dreams game, but did not have time to.

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