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Powerslave is a console remake of Lobotomy Software's previously PC exclusive, Build engine first person shooter. Unlike the PC release, the console version runs in a custom engine named, "SlaveDriver" and contains entirely new levels and a more open gameplay structure over the original game's generally linear progression between levels. The game's ammo system also differs from the original game, with ammo for all weapons being drawn from a single "weapon power" pool. The player can replenish weapon energy by collecting blue orbs from around the environment.

Despite the major changes to the gameplay, the storyline remains identical to that of the original release:

Unknown forces have taken over the ancient city of Karnak and spreading turmoil throughout the neighboring lands. No one has returned from the joint forces sent in by the major world powers and the new power seems near unstoppable.

The only known information about the crisis stems from a lone villager that was found wandering half dead in the desert. With his dying breaths, he spoke of fierce alien creatures destroying the cities, eating the women and children, and enslaving the men. Victims were tortured, skinned, dismembered, and mummified while still alive. Even the mummified body of the great King Ramses was unearthed and stolen.

The player assumes the role of a man chosen from the best operatives around the world to infiltrate Karnak and destroy the enemy forces. While flying in, his helicopter gets shot down in the Karnak Valley, not far from Ramses' Tomb.


  • Tomb of Ramses
  • Karnak
  • Karnak Sanctuary
  • Sobek Pass
  • Sobek Mountain Shrine
  • Amun Mines
  • Set Palace
  • Set Arena
  • Cavern of Peril
  • Nile Gorge
  • Thoth Treasure Reliquary
  • Heket Marsh
  • Sunken Palace of Khnum
  • Deserted Slave Camp
  • Selkis Path
  • Selkis Burrow
  • Magma Fields
  • Horus Peak
  • Canyons of Chaos
  • Kilmaat Colony
  • Kilmaat Haunt
  • Kilmaat Arena


  • Terrainian
  • Giant Piranha
  • Anubis Zombie
  • Hawk
  • Omenwasp
  • Mummy
  • Bastet
  • Magmantis
  • Kilmaat Sentry
  • Set
  • Selkis
  • Kilmaatikahn


  1. Machete
  2. Pistol
  3. M60 Machine Gun
  4. Amum Bomb
  5. Flame Thrower
  6. Cobra Staff
  7. Ring of Ra
  8. Manacle


There are six key items acquired throughout the game, each of which grants the player with a new ability:

  • Sandals of Ikumptet
  • Sobek Mask
  • Shawl of Isis
  • Protective Anklets
  • Kilmaat Scepter
  • Horus Feather

Additionally, there are:

  • Symbols (Keys)
  • Transmitter Pieces
  • Life Vessels
  • Health and Ammo Refills
  • Invisibility
  • All-Seeing Eye

Differences Between Saturn and Playstation Versions

  • The Sacred Manacle behaves differently inbetween versions. The Sega Saturn version has a Sacred Manacle that shoots a spread of non-homing bolts which each do incredible damage each, but can only be used 4 to 5 times total. The Playstation version's Sacred Manacle shoots out a number of homing bolts depending on how long the fire button is held, and can be used more times than the one in the Saturn version.
  • The Sega Saturn version has a few powerups which were not available in the Playstation version.
  • Weapon power and Health power is more rare in the Saturn version.
  • Team doll locations are in different locations in both versions, because of the differences between the two versions levels.
  • The Playstation version doesn't allow bomb boosting (intentionally using an Amun Bomb at close range to gain more height from a jump) because of the physics of the SlaveDriver engine in that version. To compensate, 'Dolphin' and 'Vulture' modes were given to the player after a certain number of team dolls were collected.
  • Finding all the Team dolls in the Sega Saturn version unlocked the 'Death Tank' game for that version. The Playstation version does not have any reward for finding all the Team dolls, however it was going to play a role in extra stats or equipment for the cancelled prequel, Powerslave 2.

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