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Two different "-isms": A-ism on the left and V-ism on the right

Street Fighter Alpha 3 continued Capcom's traditional 2-D fighting game style but added a few more options over its predecessor. The game uses the standard Street Fighter control scheme featuring three kicks and three punches of varying strength and a joystick for movement and blocking. Special and super moves are performed by inputing specific combinations of attack buttons and joystick motions. The game also includes some basic recovery moves and some counters performed by precisely timed button presses and joystick motions. Street Fighter Alpha 3 introduced multiple fighting styles for the player to choose from named A-ism, V-ism, and X-ism. Each style affects which super moves a character can use, which special actions a character can perform, and in some cases which attacks the characters has available.

Fighting Styles


A-ism is similar to the fighting style used in Street Fighter Alpha. A character is given a green super gauge with 3 levels. When a player executes a super move, a section of the super gauge is drained equal to the strength of the button used to perform the super move. For example, a super move executed using a light attack button drains one level of the super gauge but the same super move executed using a heavy attack button depletes 3 levels of the super gauge. The damage of the super move corresponds to how much of the super bar was depleted to use it. A-ism also allowed the player to block in the air and perform tactical moves, such as Alpha Counters.


V-ism is similar to the fighting style used in Street Fighter Alpha 2. The player is given a blue super gauge with a dividing middle line and a percent level. Instead of super moves, V-ism uses custom combos. When the player simultaneously presses 2 attack buttons of the same level, e.g. light kick and light punch, the character enters a custom combo mode for a limited time where normal and special moves link together easily and allow the player to explore new ways of juggling opponents. The strengths of the attack buttons pressed change the pace at which moves would follow each other in custom combo mode. Light attacks repeat quickly, medium attacks move a little faster, and hard attacks made the moves follow each other at a slower pace. If a character is interrupted during a custom combo they lose 50% of their super gauge which shortens the amount of time they could perform a combo by half. V-ism can be used with some character to set up infinite combo loops creating anger among some arcade players.


X-ism is similar to the fighting style used in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. A player receives a single red super gauge with no break and no levels. The player also only receives one super move rather than the multiple offered to A-ism. The player also loses the ability to perform Alpha Counters and block in the air. To make up for these losses the character is given increased strength. Super moves carry so much punch that some players gladly gave up some of their characters defensive abilities.

Home Port Exclusive Game Modes

World Tour

In World Tour mode a player chooses a fighter and then levels up the fighter by winning stages set in different countries around a virtual map. Each spot on the map has different rules and different opponents for the player to overcome. After completing a stage a character earns experience points based on how well they performed in the stage. For instance, if a character were to perfect a fight he would gain more experience than if they ended the round with a sliver of health remaining. The character advances in level in two separate areas their overall level and their level in a specific "-ism". Every few levels a character receives bonus skills that allow for super meter regeneration or other nice additions. Depending on which of the three "-isms" the character has equipped they gain different skills that help boost their selected fighting style. A character also gains points that can be applied to raise offensive power or defensive power. However, for every point added there is also a point removed from the opposite stat. Advancing to the end of world tour mode unlocks Guile, Evil Ryu, and Shin Akuma as playable characters.


Console Version Extra Characters

Portable Version Extra Characters*

Cheats For Home Ports

  • Alternate Intro

    Log in 48 hours of game time.
  • Classic Mode

    Log in 3 hours of game time, then on the character select screen press select to trigger.
  • Dramatic & Final Battle Modes

    Beat the game on the highest difficulty with any character.
  • Team Battle & Survival Modes

    Finish World Tour with a Fighter lever 10 or higher.
  • Evil Ryu and Guile

    In World Tour make your fighter reach level 30 and 31.
  • Shin Akuma

    In World Tour make your fighter reach level 32, then battle Shin Akuma. On the character select screen select Akuma by holding L2 and pressing X.

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