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Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is the first title in the Oddworld series of games. Originally released in 1997, the game is a side-scrolling 2D platformer that places an emphasis on lateral thinking and solving puzzles. The game was well-received by reviewers, who praised its innovative Gamespeak function and its graphical style. It has spawned multiple successful sequels.


The player first meets Abe, a slave in the meat processing factory Rupture Farms 1029. Abe is a Mudokon, and he with many other Mudokons are slaves to Molluck the Glukkon the owner of Rupture Farms 1029. Abe is a floor waxer for the meat processing plant, and one night he overhears a board meeting.

The board meeting

During this board meeting, Abe overhears the board members talking about their lack of resources for their food. To solve this problem, Molluck proposes to take his Mudokon slaves, and make them into a new product: New N' Tasty Mudokon Pops.

Abe manages to escape from Rupture Farms, but accidentally falls off of a cliff. He awakens at the bottom of the cliff with the large moon in sight. Abe see's that a Mudokon handprint is on the surface of the moon. Immediately afterward, a giant floating head appears in front of Abe, and tells him that his name is Big Face.

Big Face tells him that he must rescue the other Mudokons from Rupture Farms, before they are made into food. To do this, Abe must travel to the Monsaic Lines and If Abe is able to complete the tests of both temples, Big Face will give Abe a 'scar' on Abe's hand that will allow him to become a powerful being called a Shrykull.

Abe returns to Rupture Farms 1029 after both scars are given to him by Big Face. Once Abe returns to Rupture Farms, Abe can rescue at least 50 Mudokons before going to defeat Molluck. Once the player goes to face Molluck, Abe is captured, tied up, and is not able to use his Shrykull Powers. Molluck decides to throw Abe into a prison cell before making him into the first Modokun Pop.

Big Face talks to the other Mudukons and asks them whether or not they want to free Abe or not


Abe's Oddysee has two endings, dependent on the number of Mudokons Abe rescues:

  • If Abe rescues more than fifty Mudokons (like Big Face asked him to do), then the Mudokons will rescue him from Molluck. The Mudokons will use their power of lightning to knock out Molluck, and then Big Face will teleport Abe, and the other Mudokons out of Rupture Farms into the forest.
  • If Abe does not rescue more than fifty Mudokons, Big Face, and the few Mudokons that escaped from Rupture Farms will not help Abe, and let Molluck put him into the meat grinder in the factory.


Gamespeak commands

One of the most innovative aspects of Abe's Oddysee's gameplay was the inclusion of the Gamespeak feature. Using Gamespeak, the player is able to interact with, amuse and irritate nearby NPCs. The primary function of Gamespeak in Abe's Oddysee is for Abe to communicate with his Mudokon co-workers and lead them to safety. It can also be used to encourage Mudokons to assist in the solving of puzzles.

Possessing creatures such as Sligs brings with it an alternate set of Gamespeak commands specific to that creature. This is largely for entertainment purposes in Abe's Oddysee, but would go on to become an important aspect of puzzle solving in its direct sequel, Abe's Exoddus.


The original score for Abe's Oddysee was composed by Ellen Meijers and Josh Gabriel.

Track #Song TitleRunning Time
01GT Interactive Logo00.09
02Oddworld Inhabitants Logo00.11
04So Get Over it!00.11
05This is RuptureFarms03.42
08Barrel Ride00.25
10Slig Action01.05
11Free-Fire Zone03.28
12Abe's Moon01.29
13Monsaic Lines05.45
14Entering Paramonia00.18
16Entering the Paramonian Temple00.16
17Paramonian Temple03.45
18Paramonian Slig Action01.07
19Paramonian Nest02.15
20Paramonian Trials Completed00.24
21Entering Scrabania00.18
23Entering the Scrabanian Temple00.20
24Scrabanian Slig Action00.56
25Scrabanian Temple02.48
26Scrabanian Nest02.42
27Scrabanian Trials Completed00.23
28Shrykull Revealed00.18
29Board Room00.17
30The Factory Halts00.21
32Bad Ending00.29
33Good Ending01.23
34Bonus Ending: teaser00.31

PC System Requirements

  • Pentium 120 MHz (Min.), Pentium 166 (Rec.)
  • SVGA hicolor (16 bit)
  • 4x CDROM
  • 8MB RAM (Min.), 16MB (Rec.)
  • 100% Sound Blaster compatible sound card (Min.), Wavetable sound card (Rec.)

Digital Re-release

The game was re-released on various digital distribution services like PSN, Steam and The Steam release coincided with the release of the OddBoxx, an Orange Box inspired promotion which included Abe's Oddysee, Abe's Exoddus, Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath HD.

HD Remake

A full-blown HD remake in a 3D engine was announced in 2012. Being developed by Just Add Water and entitled New 'n' Tasty! following a public competition in which fans could vote for the name of the remake, New 'n' Tasty will feature enhanced graphics that run at a higher resolution than the original game and updated game-play to account for the new scrolling camera which has replaced the original game's screen-based level design.

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