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Oddworld is a planet, seven times bigger than Earth, where all the Oddworld games take place. Mudos, the home of the Mudokons, is currently the only known continent although there are others that have not yet been named. Eastern Mudos is where Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus take place as well as Munch's Oddysee and the Western side of Mudos is where Stranger's Wrath takes place. 
Eastern Mudos is more industrial than Western Mudos, due to the Glukkons becoming an industrial species moving on from their tribal origins after betraying the Mudokuns, whilst Western Mudos, although it does have some industrial buildings, consists mostly of settlements, inhabited by Outlaws and Clakkerz.  

Before being introduced to an industrial society, Mudos was home to native species and tribes, until they were overun by Glukkons and other creatures from other parts of Oddworld, who used and killed them for their own gain, causing them to become extinct such as Meeches, which were used by RuptureFarms to produce Meech Munchies.
It is said that Oddworld has a total of five moons, although only two have ever been shown in the games, which are the Mudokun Moon and the Gabbit Moon.

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