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Get the slaves away from the gas and snap them out of it.

Created by Oddworld Inhabitants under the direction of Lorne Lanning. Released in November 1998 to the same critical acclaim (notably for its wonderful 2D graphics and graphically stunning cutscenes which were entertaining as well) as the first title.

A cinematic platformer with a dark sense of humor, Abe's Exoddus is considered a bonus title in the Oddworld series because it is not part of the main quintology.

While Abe's Exoddus maintains the core gameplay of the original, it also includes numerous additions such as quick saves, mudokons with different emotions and conditions which alter gameplay (for example, blind mudokons will follow the sound of Abe's voice until he tells them to stop, even if it means their death, while angry mudokons will spitefully activate traps that endanger Abe) and the ability to posess a wider array of things including Paramites, Scrabs, Glukkons and even Abe's own farts after drinking the potent and noxious SoulStorm Brew.

Abe travels through several areas including the Necrum Mines, FeeCo Depot, Slig Barracks and Bonewerkz before infiltrating the SoulStorm brewery itself, rescuing enslaved Mudokons and sabotaging the work of the Magog Cartel's invasive industries along the way.


Abe leading his followers to the Necrum Burial Grounds.

Abe's Exoddus takes off where Abe's Oddysee ended. Abe, the protagonist of the first game and floorwaxer-turned-renegade liberator of the Mudokon slaves of RuptureFarms, returns home to a hero's welcome from all the Mudokons he successfully rescued. During the celebratory furor, the clumsy Abe trips and is knocked unconscious. He is then visited by a vision from the "Three Weirdos". The Weirdos tell Abe about a new threat posed by the Magog Cartel, the corporate alliance responsible for the operation of Oddworld's various invasive and morally questionable industrial enterprises. Abe learns the Cartel is using legions of Mudokon slaves to mine Necrum, the sacred Mudokon city of the dead, in order to collect their bones for some unknown purpose. So clandestine is the operation that the Glukkons have taken to stitching shut the eyes of a number of their Mudokon workforce to prevent their schemes from being known. The Weirdos explain they are the spirits of those disturbed bones, and beg Abe to travel to Necrum to put an end to the Cartel's exploitation.

"We're not supposed to be here!"

Abe and a group of enthusiastic Mudokons set out across the desert to find the Necrum Burial Grounds and free the slaves. Though Abe is determined, his band of followers quickly tire of travelling across the desert. Just as they are about to give up and go home, they hear a noise in the distance getting closer and closer. Suddenly, a monolithic train screams past them as it hurtles its way into the Necrum Burial Grounds. With new-found hope, Abe and his buddies set off and follow the train. When they finally arrive at the Burial Grounds (now rebranded Necrum Mine according to an "Under New Management" sign bolted to its newly barricaded entrance) they climb the fencing and enter. Just as they get in, Abe loses his footing, slips and falls down a set of cliffs, cutting him off from the rest of the group and beginning the first level of the game.

After navigating his way through a portion of the Necrum Mines, Abe stumbles across his buddies who have subsequently been corralled and put to work as miners themselves. Rescued from this, the group decide to celebrate by partaking in the drinks offered freely by a nearby SoulStorm vending machine. Abe refuses to drink any, reasoning that "If the brew's made by Glukkons, it's probably bad for us", much to the chagrin of his thirsty compatriots. The toxic nature of the addictive brew soon becomes apparent as Abe's friends become ill and unable to escape. Inspecting a bottle of the brew, Abe discovers - to his horror - that SoulStorm Brew is made from the Mudokon's own bones. Abe resolves to journey to the Soulstorm Brewery itself in order to stop production of the dangerous drink which has convinced scores of Mudokons, desperate for their fix, to be wilfully enslaved for the promise of all the brew they can drink. In reality, the Mudokons are given nothing, and are frequently tortured for their tears - another essential ingredient of SoulStorm Brew.

After explosively sabotaging operations in the Necrum Mines, Abe finds himself stranded in the jungles of Necrum proper, having been forced to leave his friends behind. After contending with a local infestation of Fleeches, Abe journeys through the Mudanchee and Mudomo vaults, two once-sacred Mudokon temples. The Mudanchee vaults, inhabited by Scrabs, have been long-defiled by the Glukkons, while the Mudomo vaults are unrecognisable owing to the extensive nesting of Paramites. By completing trials within the once-sacred vaults, Abe earns the ability to heal Mudokons sick from brew.

From left: Phleg, Aslik and Dripik discuss the threat of "That Abe Guy"

Returning to the collapsed remains of the Necrum Mines, Abe cures and finally rescues his band of friends before stealing aboard transportation to The FeeCo Depot, an industrial freighting company used by the Magog Cartel to ship its abhorrent products across Oddworld. As Abe does so, unbeknownst to him, three top-most executive Glukkons anticipate his arrival: General Dripik, commander of the Slig Barracks; Vice President Aslik, administrator of the Depot; and Director Phleg, owner of Bonewerkz, the manufacturing company responsible for turning excavated bones into products. The trio decide to tighten security across all of their operations to deter Abe, already infamous among the Glukkons as the notorious "terrorist" responsible for the destruction of RuptureFarms, from infiltrating SoulStorm Brewery. The executives triple-lock the main security gates which lead to the brewery, and announce that it may only be opened with direct confirmation from each of the three high-ranking Glukkon executives.

"Disarm the main gate! Do it!"

Abe's quest therefore takes him through the infiltration of each of the trio's corporate institutions, freeing slaves and doing damage where he can before possessing each Executive and tricking Slig security into disarming the main security gate. Along the way, numerous news broadcasts made by the Magog Cartel, viewable on telescreens, depict the chaos and panic spread among the Glukkon executives as they become increasingly hysterical about their inability to capture the elusive Abe.

"It's not fair! We had twice ze flavor!"

Once the Glukkon executives are possessed and killed, all that remains is for Abe to infiltrate the SoulStorm Brewery and assassinate the Glukkon Brewmaster while overloading the brewery's boiler causing an irreparable explosion and haulting all production of SoulStorm Brew. The outcome of this final leg of the quest is dependant on how many slaves Abe managed to free along the way. If Abe has saved enough Mudokons to earn the good ending, a cinematic shows the Glukkon Brewmaster, unable to turn the valve of the boiler, lamenting the loss of his malicious creation while a crawling slig, also incapable of turning the valve cries, "We're screwed! Pants! Pants! I need some pants!" before the Brewery explodes in a devastating inferno. If Abe has not saved enough Mudokons and instead earns the bad ending, he is thwarted in the attempt and taken to be tortured. The Brewmaster, leering over Abe as his tears are collected for a special batch of brew, demands a Slig to "PUMP IT UP!" as Abe is electrocuted to death.

"We knew there had to be more of us out there... and we were gonna find them."

In the epilogue of the good ending, Abe returns home, now to a sea of rescued Mudokons who cheer and celebrate over the return of their hero. Abe reflects on his many victories, but concedes that there are still many Mudokons across Oddworld who have not escaped the clutches of enslavement under the yoke of the Magog Cartel, and with resolve he promises to free his remaining brethren. As Abe and his followers raise their paws to the giant moon that orbits Oddworld, the scene is interrupted by a final Magog Cartel news broadcast which announces that Abe, "the mastermind behind the destruction of RuptureFarms" is also responsible for the closure of SoulStorm Brewery. The Slig newscaster asks viewers to "stay tuned for more on this story as it develops," before stating "this message is brought to you by", at which point the Oddworld Inhabitants Logo and theme encompasses the screen and the credits begin to roll.


There are two different endings in the game depending on how many Mudokon slaves the player rescues.

  • If Abe saves 0-149 slaves, players get the bad ending.
  • If Abe saves 150-300 slaves, players get the good ending.
  • Additionally, if all 300 Mudokons are saved, the player is rewarded with a concept art gallery, and if 276 Mudokons are killed, Abe is sent back to the FeeCo Depot with permanent invincibility.


There is a vast range of enemies in Oddworld. Here is a brief description of them.

Pants! I need some pants!
Crawling Sligs - Sligs without pants or a harness. Despised by Glukkons, Mudokons and especially other Sligs, they are complete cowards and when threatened they rush to find a pair of pants. Depending on which Pants vendor they come across, Crawling Sligs can become standard walking Sligs or Flying Sligs.
Here boy!

Sligs - The primary security force for all Magog Cartel structures. Dim-witted and cowardly in the face of their Glukkon masters, the Sligs are cruelly treated and treat their mudokon captives cruelly in turn. They use mechanical pants and normally are equipped with a machine gun. Often lazy, some Sligs can be found sleeping on the job - a vulnerable state that Abe can exploit through sneaking and possession.
Somethin' smells!

Flying Sligs - Same as Sligs but instead of using the mechanical pants they use mechanical harness with a grenade launcher.
Slogs - a Slig's best (and only) friend. Fast attacking creatures used as guards and back-up for Slig patrols.

Sloggies - Baby Slogs. Younger, smaller and not as fast as a full grown Slog. They can still take a nasty chunk out of Abe.

Fleeches - Fleeches are a popular domestic pet for the Glukkons, but they inevitably grow too big and are subsequently flushed down the toilet. Colonies of these vicious creatures now infest Oddworld's underworld.

Slurgs - Pathetic, useless slug-like creatures. Alone, they are not a threat to Abe, but when stepped on they make a high pitched screech alerting anything in the area, normally Fleeches.
Paramites - Fast, efficient hunter carnivores. They'll make short work of Abe, or anything else that looks like a tasty meal. Paramites are not aggressive when encountered alone, unless Abe backs them into a corner. In groups of two or more, however, Paramites become ferocious and organised hunters.
Scrabs - Scrabs are highly territorial and incredibly hardy predators that originated from the desert. Scrabs have beaks powerful enough to snap bone. Even when encountered alone a Scrab will make short work of Abe's fragile body, but due to their extremely territorial instinct two Scrabs will always fight each-other before the survivor turns its focus onto Abe.
Glukkons - The big dogs of Oddworld. They own and control the Magog Cartel - or at least, they are the highest of its ranks encountered by Abe. Glukkons are inherently greedy, industrious, ruthless and only care about themselves. Their legs are worthless stumps, forcing them to walk upright on their hands supported by long spindly arms. They are therefore unable to perform most tasks by themselves, instead commanding Sligs to do things for them. They cannot attack Abe directly, but the status of Glukkons ensures they are never far from armed protection - by merely shouting for help they can often summon Sligs to their aid.

Greeters - A tin can with a huge smile. First used as self-promoting vending machines until they severely malfunctioned, they now act as security guards after discovering they had the habit of electrocuting their customers.

Munch's Oddysee tease

Comin' Soon!

Upon completion of Abe's Exoddus and viewing the final cinematic the next game in the series; Munch's Oddysee was shown simply as a title and a Mudokon speaking the words: "and don't even think about running it on your measly 32 bit system!"

The game would be later released on the 32-bit Xbox.

It was also mentioned in the manual for the game.

Oddworld Inhabitants finally released both Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath on PCs in a compilation titled The Oddboxx on December 20, 2010.

Another reference to Munch was a sign in a later part of Exoddus which read 'Vykers Labs, Coming Soon'. The Vykers Labs are a location in Munch's Oddysee run by the Vykers, a creepy bunch of lanky purple skinned tripod creatures that enjoy experimenting on captured animals.


On the 13th April 2015, Lorne Lanning made an appearance on the Kinda Funny Games stream hosted by Colin Moriarty and Greg Miller. During the show Lorne revealed that Just Add Water was planning to begin production on a "full, ground-up remake" of Abe's Exoddus, presumably in the style of Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty. However, as the project is still in the planning stages, no dates or other material are yet available.

PC System Requirements

  • CPU Type: Pentium
  • CPU Speed: 120 MHz
  • RAM: 16 MB
  • Graphics Type: SVGA
  • Graphics Resolution: 640x480
  • Color Depth: High Color

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